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About Me

leap of faith crafting

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet world!

My goal is for you to find your craftiness within! We all have it, even if we don’t think we do. I’m here to help you make easy and cute DIY decor, plan parties, create crafts and remodel your house without breaking the bank! It is possible and I’m here to show you how! I hope you find inspiration in the projects I share and get you moving by the step by step tutorials.

If you love to create and save money, you will find right at home here! It is possible to have a cozy and beautiful home without spending a lot of money. I am a penny pincher and am always looking for a coupon or a deal before I shop so I will share these tips with you throughout my tutorials.

A little bit about me… My name is Amy and I’m a mother of three, a crafter, a volunteer, a DIYer, and a retired Optometrist. I took a leap of faith and quit my job and career to stay home with my children and explore my next life chapter. I wasn’t always a crafter. I am a science and math nerd so it took me a while to leash the creative side of myself. So, I get it! If you think you could never do anything like building a table or signs, I was you. I think the real drive for me was that I am cheap. I would look at expensive things that I wanted in my house and think “I can figure out how to make that” and I did! It’s a very satisfying feeling to look around your house and know that you built the majority of the decor and some of the furniture! I hope to help you have this same feeling!

I have been married to my amazing hubby since 2002 and we have lived in Northern California since then. My kiddos will go to the same high school that I did! I am an introvert and a homebody. An ideal day for me would be to cuddle up with my kiddos on the couch, drink some hot cocoa, and watch some movies. I am a book and dog lover. 80s music is constantly playing on my Echo and you will often find me singing and dancing in my kitchen. I am in constant search of finding something I’m passionate about to put my all into. I love to craft with my Cricut, paint things, find ways to do things for cheap, and listen to my children laugh. I hope you enjoy some of my projects and craziness that goes on in our life!

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