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How to Add Fonts to Cricut Design Space on iPad

Learn how to add fonts to Cricut Design Space on iPad with the help of a free App. Step by step and video tutorial on downloading fonts on Ipad for Cricut.

I have had a lot of questions on using an iPad with Cricut Design Space and the one I get the most often is how to download fonts on the Ipad to use for Cricut.

Honestly, I don’t use my iPad much when I work with Cricut Design Space (except for cutting things I’ve already designed), but I know a lot of my readers do so I wanted to figure out an easy way.

Plus my daughter has recently started using Procreate on the iPad to make fun files for all of you so, and once you install a font on the iPad you can use it on every app on the tablet!

adding fonts to ipad for cricut

I googled and read a bunch of ways on how to install fonts and figured out a way that I think seems the most straightforward so I have step by step picture tutorial for you below plus a full video tutorial.

Make sure to turn on the video volume at the top or side of the post to listen to what I’m doing!

How to Download Fonts on an iPad

Unfortunately downloading fonts on an iPad is not as straightforward as it is for laptops or desktops. You need an app to help but luckily there is a free one!

If you are wanting to turn your Cricut into a craft business and sell your products, you’ll need to make sure you are using fonts that have commercial use licenses with them. Also, make sure to read each individual license, they are all different on how many end products you can sell using them.

Make sure to check out my post on how to download fonts to laptops and where to find free or cheap commercial use fonts.

Ok, so the first thing you’ll need is iFont app. It’s a free iOs app. Go to your app store and search for iFont and install it by clicking on “Get”.

how to use ifont app

Side note: make sure your iPad has the latest updates installed. Mine would not install it until I updated it.

Then using the Safari app (I tried Google and had a hard time getting it to work) go to a website you want to download a font from. I love getting $1 fonts and free fonts from and so this is where I went to.

If you click on the three lines on the side you’ll see a drop-down menu that says Free Fonts. Click on that and you’ll get a list of the current free commercial use fonts that are available.

fontbundles free fonts

For this example, let’s install Fruit of Heaven. In the video, I show you how to install one of the other free fonts.

how to download fonts on ipad for cricut

You’ll need to create a free account to download the fonts. You will be prompted to create one if you are not already logged in after you click on the font.

I am already logged in, so a button that says Download Now shows up. Click on it.

how to download fonts on ipad for cricut

Then click Download when you get the pop up screen.

how to download fonts on ipad for cricut

How to Use iFont App

So now you need to go into the iFont app. Go back to your home screen and find the iFont app and click on it.

Then click on Font Finder on the bottom. You will get a screen like this. You can see there are other options to go to free personal use sites if you want. But we want to find a font we just downloaded so click on Open Files.

how to download fonts on ipad for cricut

You will get a pop up screen and can choose Recents or Browse. Click on Recents and the font that you just downloaded should be at the top. You can see the Fruit of Heaven zip file at the top. Click on it.

how to download fonts on ipad for cricut

All of the files in the zip will pop up. Since we only want the font itself, I unchecked all the other boxes and only left the Fruit of Heaven Regular checked. Then click Import to iFont.

how to use ifont app

Now click on the Installer button at the bottom of the iFont app. You’ll see the font show up with an Install button. Click on it!

install fonts on ipad ifont

Then you’ll get some popup screens. Just click Allow.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

Then close out of it once it says Profile Downloaded.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

And click on Done.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

How to Add Fonts to Cricut Design Space on iPad

So now you are done using the iFont app. Tap out of it and go into the Settings app on your iPad. Usually, it will have the wheel icon.

At the very top, you’ll see Profile Downloaded. Click on the arrow.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad settings

The font that was just downloaded will pop up. Click on Install. Then you’ll be asked to enter your iPad passcode.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad install
how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

You’ll get some warnings, but no worries. Just click on Install.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

Click on Install again.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

Now the profile is installed! Click on Done.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad done

You’ll notice all the fonts that you have downloaded recently on the Settings screen.

fonts on ipad downloaded

Now you can use the downloaded fonts in Cricut Design Space!

Open up Cricut Design Space. If it was already opened, make sure to refresh it or close it. Fonts will not show up until you completely go out of it and then back in.

Click on Insert Fonts and then on System. All of the fonts in your iPad system will show up. Scroll down until you find the one you installed. For me, it was Fruit of Heaven.

downloaded fonts cds ipad

Design anything you want with it to cut with your Circut Explore, Cricut Maker or Cricut Joy! If you need inspiration, make sure to browse through my Ultimate Guide of Cricut Ideas.

how to add fonts to cricut design space on ipad

Just a reminder that the download fonts do not save to a Cricut cloud, they only download on that specific tablet or computer. If you go to another computer, you will have to install the font there also if you want to open up and use CDS on it.

If you are a font lover like I am, I recommend purchasing the yearly Creative Fabrica access for only $59 where you’ll have access to millions of font styles with a commercial use license!

  • Get 10 Credits for Free – Once you download the 10th credit or after a month, you’ll be charged the monthly subscription fee of $9. So if you don’t want to pay at all only download 9, then cancel your subscription. Or pay the $9 for a month and download as much stuff as you want during that month, and then cancel before the month is over! That’s what I did before I just decided to buy the full year since I use them so much!!
  • Get a full year for $59
  • If you’d like to save this tutorial on how to install fonts on the iPad simply hover over the top left of the image below and Pin It now!

    how to download fonts on ipad

    Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!



    Monday 23rd of August 2021

    Wow, wow and wow. I have tried everything to no avail. Worked perfectly. Thank you. Instructions were great and pics helped a ton.

    Leap of Faith Crafting

    Saturday 28th of August 2021

    So glad it helped!


    Sunday 28th of March 2021

    I don’t know How in the world you figured out all of these steps, but you did an awesome job. Giving the step by step instructions were very beneficial to me. I normally use my desk top, but sometimes I try and use my IPad. I greatly appreciate your instructions. Cheryl Alabama is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to