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Advent Calendar Gift Ideas From Kids to Adults!

Advent calendar gift ideas for kids, dogs, adults, and filler ideas. Start a fun tradition of counting down the days until Christmas day!

Advent calendars can be a fun and memorable tradition for anyone during the holiday season. With so many different advent calendars to choose from I thought I’d share some top rated and fun ideas I found.

Curious to know how advent calendars started? They actually started as poster boards filled with chocolate but have evolved into so many different kinds such as a DIY homemade advent calendar, toy based, wooden, tree shaped to a kindness calendar.

Advent calendars are used to countdown to the big day (AKA Christmas morning!) starting on December 1st! It’s a lot of fun for all family members to have their own advent calendar (or at least for each child!)

First, let’s talk about some great advent calendar gift ideas and then I’ll give you a list of my favorite advent calendars to purchase for anyone and everyone!

advent calendar ideas fillers

Advent Calendar Ideas

You can definitely make your own advent calendar from as easy as writing numbers on a poster board and taping candy on to making a gorgeous wood advent calendar if you are good with tools.

But what if you are not the crafty type? You are in luck! There are a ton of cute and easy Christmas calendars out there. Some are reusable so you won’t have to buy a new one next year, and some are specific to the year.

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Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Depending on the size and what advent calendar you have, you’ll need to fill each day with little gifts. You can put in 24 totally different things or 24 of the same item, just different variations!

Here are some great options of fun things to put in for each day:

Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Girls and Boys

Filler Ideas for Adults

Advent Filler Ideas for Dogs and Cats

Advent Calendar Ideas

Simply click on the Go to Amazon button to learn more about each Christmas advent calendar.

Empty Advent Calendars

If you are wanting to use some of the advent calendar filler ideas from above, then you'll want an empty calendar where you can put small gifts.

Lego Advent Calendars

Now moving on to already filled advent calendars. In case you don't want the pressure of having to come up with advent calendar gift ideas yourself, these ones are already done for you! (but a little more expensive and you can only use it for one year!)

Lego advent calendars are probably the most popular Christmas countdown calendars you can find and have become a holiday tradition for a lot of families!

There is a wide variety of sets and they keep coming out with new ones. If you have a lego lover in the house (who doesn't??), one of the following will be well loved!

Funko Advent Calendars

If you have a Funko pop fan, consider one of these! The cute little large-headed figures are super cute.

Disney Advent Calendars

Disney fans, you are in luck! There are quite a few super cute Disney themed advent ideas that won't break the bank!

Advent Calendar for Boys

The following list are advent calendars marketed towards boys, but they could be for any child!

Advent Calendar Ideas for Girls

Some fun advent calendars more geared toward girls.

Toddler Advent Calendars

Need for the littles in your life?

Adult or Family Advent Calendar Ideas

Can't leave all the fun to the children! Here are some fun ideas for the entire family or for adults.

If you have any other favorite advent calendar or filler ideas that you use to countdown to Christmas Eve, I’d love to hear them!

advent calendar gift ideas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!

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