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All About Me Worksheet (FREE PDF!)

Instant download to print this cute all about me worksheet to get to know students or for baby books, bulletin board style!

I have a ton of new printables to share with you and this first one is a great way to keep track of your kid’s favorites year after year.

When I was young I had a book that asked me a few questions about my favorite things and what I was into at the beginning of a new school year and I still like to look back on it! I can’t believe I really wanted to be an actress??!!

This all about me printable is great for home use and also a perfect way for teachers to use at school to get to know their students!

free printable all about me

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How to Use All About Me Printable

As I mentioned before, there are a few different ways to use these printable worksheets.

If you are a teacher, learning about your students is a fun activity to do during the first week of school. Print out enough sheets as the number of students in your class.

Depending on the age of your students, you can have the printable pages out during morning time, do them as part of lesson plans during the day, or (my favorite!)send them home to have your students fill out at home with the help of their parents.

Parents usually love doing this type of worksheet page with their kiddos at the beginning of the year because it’s easy and fun! Kids love talking about themselves and writing an answer in a blank space is much easier than a math worksheet, lol!

They can help them find a favorite picture to print out and attach. And if they have young students, the parents might have to write in what the kids say.

You will learn so much about your new students including their birthday, favorite color, favorite food, and a little bit about their family, pets, and what they love.

Some teachers will opt to have their students make personal introductions and present their favorite things to the class so everyone can learn something new about a friend.

favorite foods

Then at the end of the year, you can bring them back out and have your students see what stayed the same and what changed over the year. Send them home on the last day of school so they can hold on to them!

Teachers- make sure you check out all of our other free worksheets to use with students including dinosaur connect the dots, color by number printables, and Christmas worksheets.

If you are a parent, then using this All About Me PDF every year is a fun way to have your kiddos keep track of things! I know as a Mom, I forget to write things down all the time. Well, with my first, I was pretty good, but by the third, I didn’t record anything and can barely remember…eek!

free all about me printable

So these printable worksheets are a simple activity and easy to do with your children at the start of the school year. Plus you might be surprised by their answers!

During the middle school and high school years, you might have a harder time getting your teenagers to fill out the activity sheet, but you never know, my senior still does hers!

Keep them all in a binder or folder so when they are in high school you can pull them out and do the “aaah, look how cute and sweet you were!!”

If you want to know more about your teacher, I have a my favorite things form for teachers to fill out so parents can get to know them better too!

All About Me Worksheet PDF Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

Simply click on the free download button below to instantly download the PDF file of the all about me printable. The free worksheets are in color, but you can print in black and white also.

Print the school worksheets out on white copy paper and hand them out to your students as a first day of school activity. Or if you are a parent, print out enough to give to your child every year and then keep them in a scrapbook or binder.

all about me printable

If you’d like to save this worksheet template for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

all about me printable

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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