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Yes You Can apply HTV on Burlap! Learn how!

It is so easy to apply htv on burlap!! Follow this step by step tutorial on how apply vinyl to burlap to make farmhouse decor!

Hi Friends!  I just finished an easy and fun project that I can use to decorate any time of the year!!  

I made 4 banner strips by applying HTV on burlap that I can then attach to a wood box DIY (click for tutorial) I made to change the look of it. This was a pretty easy project that didn’t take very long.  I know you can do it!

htv on burlap


There are a few different ways you can decorate burlap.  For this project, I applied heat transfer vinyl with my heat press.  You can also buy or make stencils and paint the burlap or cut out stencils from freezer paper as I did here.

To apply HTV on burlap you’ll need:







It’s not exactly the same one I used since I have different fonts on my computer now, but it’s yours for FREE!  Just download, upload into Cricut Design Space, ungroup it twice, and then you can manipulate, resize, and change colors of whatever you’d like!

Using Iron-On Vinyl in Cricut Design Space

Let’s get started!!  First design what you want on your vinyl in Cricut Design Space.

I did simple sayings and pictures for each season but I might make some other ones in the future for birthdays or any other parties we might have.

cricut design space

Then get your mats ready.  Make sure you toggle on the “mirror” setting, set to Iron-On setting and place heat transfer vinyl shiny side down.  After they are cut, weed everything out.

cricut mats heat transfer vinyl

heat transfer vinyl cricut

Cutting and Fraying Burlap the Easy Way

Cut your burlap to an inch longer than what you want because you’ll need room for the frayed edges.  If you’ve never worked with burlap before, the easiest way to get a straight line is to pull out one of the strands.  

Find one that goes all the way to the other side and pull it out.  The fabric will squish on itself but pull it straight and keep pulling the fabric out.


working with burlap

Then if you have more than 1/2 inch of edge left, trim it down.

cutting burlap

Then pull the extra strands on the side off and you are left with fringe!

fringe burlap

I applied a small dab of Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant to each corner to make it a little hard so it doesn’t easily pull apart.  You can also stitch all the way around the edges to seal it.  Since I’m not handling these too often, I didn’t feel the need to do that.

fray fabric burlap

Next, on to applying the vinyl.  Warm-up your heat press or EasyPress and then press the bare burlap first to get the moisture out of it.htv on burlap

To find the center, I fold the burlap in half and gently press it to form a crease.  I also fold the HTV in half to find the center and line the two up.

heat press burlap vinyl

heat transfer vinyl htv on burlap

I lay the HTV on burlap, lining up the middles.  I set my heat press to 310F and pressed for 20 seconds. 

Then I took the backing off, put a Teflon sheet over it and pressed it again for about 20 seconds.  Then I turned them over and pressed again for about 20 seconds to make sure they were nice and sealed.

heat press burlap HTV

That’s it!!  Now I can switch these out on my DIY wooden box or use them as decor anywhere.  The possibilities are endless on what you can make! Hop on over to get inspired on my roundup of how to decorate with a wood box year-round.

I made this (click) rustic burlap DIY Christmas sign with the same method!  Check out the tutorial and get the FREE SVG cut file.  You can make different burlap signs and switch them out during the year!DIY farmhouse Christmas decor

I used the same method and wood box to create this beautiful Easter decoration (click here for tutorial!)

diy wooden box

htv on burlap

I have an Ultimate Resource for Cricut ideas if you’d like to check it out (click here!)

Want to save it for later?  You can PIN it now if you’d like!  Thanks so much!

What would you put on them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Thanks for creating with me!

leap of faith crafting



applying vinyl to burlap





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