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DIY Budget Friendly Decor Using Tiles and Adhesive Vinyl!

Want to make some easy Cricut projects?? Putting vinyl on a flat tile is one of the easiest projects you can make and there are so many ways to personalize it!

I’m so excited we are into the fall holidays!!  Confession time… I like when the Halloween decorations go down, Shh!  I’m not a big Halloween decorator, but I do appreciate people that go all out.

I save my time for Christmas decorating.  With that in mind, I have started making a few Cricut projects for Christmas…woo hoo!  I LOVE making Christmas crafts!!

There are a lot of easy Cricut projects and I think one of them is applying vinyl to a tile.  The possibilities of Cricut tile ideas are really endless since you have a blank canvas to put anything on.

You can make your own DIY Christmas decor or give a personalized one for gifts.

Make sure to read my Ultimate Resource Guide of Cricut Ideas to get a ton more ideas of what you can do with these amazing machines.

easy Cricut projects

Tips for Applying Vinyl to a Large Tile

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I posted a bit ago about applying vinyl to a tile and showed you a bunch of Cricut tile ideas, but that was for a 12×12 tile.  For this larger tile, I used a different method to keep everything straight.

It’s known as the hinge method and you can use it on almost any surface. It’s the same method I used to apply vinyl to a tumbler. (It’s another easy Cricut project!)

This was a leftover tile we had from remodeling our bathroom – I love not having to spend any money!  Just like all the other projects with vinyl, start off by cleaning the tile with rubbing alcohol to get all the grease and dirt off.

Cut out your vinyl decal with your favorite cutting machine, like my Cricut Explore Air, or you can buy a decal off Etsy.  

Weed off all the extra vinyl and apply transfer tape across the entire vinyl image and scrape it down. This is my weeded decal with transfer tape on top.

applying vinyl to large tile

Line up your decal where you want it and then place a strip of blue painter’s tape down the middle of it to hold it in place.

applying vinyl to large tile with painter's tape

Pull up one side of the transfer paper with the vinyl stuck to it until you reach the blue tape.

applying vinyl to large tile with transfer tape

While holding the tape up, cut the paper below it.

applying vinyl to large tile with hinge method

Then pull the tape back over and smooth it down while you lay it on the tile.  Use a Cricut scraper to press down the vinyl onto the tile.

easy Cricut projects
scraping down vinyl on large tile

Then remove the blue painter’s tape.  Your decal is secure from the other side!  

Peel off the rest of the paper from the vinyl, smooth it down while you lay it on the tile, and again scrape it onto the tile.

applying vinyl to large tile
easy Cricut projects with vinyl
applying vinyl to large tile for Christmas decor

Then pull off the transfer paper and admire your beautiful new tile!

pulling over transfer tape of tile
nativity Christmas decor

I can’t wait to display this soon!!

O Holy Night DIY Christmas sign

Other Easy Cricut Projects

Need some more easy Cricut projects??

Check out my tutorial on how to make personalized glitter ornaments here.  Or if you love making ornaments make sure to browse through my roundup of over 150 DIY Christmas ornaments to make!

diy glitter ornament tutorial

Learn how to apply vinyl to tumblers or mugs (same steps!)

personalized tumbler

Learn how to make these bunny signs – it’s really easier than you think!  You can use this method for any silhouettes not just for Easter!

DIY Easter wood sign table decor

These large DIY scrabble wall tiles are pretty easy to make too and they look so cool up on the wall!

DIY Large Scrabble Wall Tiles tutorial

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

applying vinyl to large tile pinterest

Please share some pictures if you make your own!  I’d love to see your creativity.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a great day!

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