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Autonomous Desk Review: A Dream Standing Desk for Any Multitasker!

Have you been wondering about standing desks? Learn all about this amazing Smart Desk that is perfect for my home business!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve changed my working area many times. I keep trying to find that perfect setup that will allow me all I need to do during the day easily.

Since I work from home craft blogging I have taken over a few rooms of the house. The last one I took over was my dining room by converting it into a filming area. I moved my kitchen table in, painted it, and bought some table extenders to make the table higher for shooting videos on.

But the table still wasn’t high enough and it was really hard on my back to put the extenders on and off. It was taking too much time of which I didn’t have.

new desk craft

So when Autonomous reached out to me asking if I wanted to review one of their SmartDesks I was more than excited! I had been thinking that an adjustable standing desk would be the answer to my problems.

And it is! After receiving the desk and quickly putting it together I have to say I’m in love.

It fits perfectly in my filming area and does everything I need it to do. I can sit down and work at it and then push a button to raise it up to film my videos or if I want to stand while I work.

About the SmartDesk 2: The Pros

So let’s a little bit about this affordable adjustable standing desk. The price tag is actually a lot lower than what I thought it was going to be for the size and stability of what this desk is.

The frame of the desk is steel and is very sturdy. The bases also come in different colors to fit with your workspace… white, black and grey. The frame can hold up to 300 lbs so I don’t have to worry about having multiple Cricuts and computers on the desk when I lift it up.

The standing desk will adjust in height between 28 inches to 47 inches! It really is cool to push a button and have the desk reach almost 4 feet tall in about two seconds.

The top of the desk also comes in two different sizes and up to 5 different colors. So if you need a standing desk for a small workspace, then the regular Classic top of 53 inches long would be perfect. Color options are white, black, walnut, white oak, and bamboo.

I have a lot of stuff and a larger room so I opted for the XL top which is 74 inches long. I picked a white top from the three color options of white, black, and walnut.

With the push of a button the table effortlessly and quietly goes up or down. There are also 4 presets that you can program to go to the exact height you want.

autonomouse review smartdesk
The up and down button along with four preset buttons.

The Cons

I haven’t found too many cons yet. If I had to say anything, I think I’d like a little more depth for my needs but mostly because I have too much stuff to put on it!

Putting Together the SmartDesk 2

As I said before the assembly was pretty easy. I put the entire desk together myself and only needed help when I had to flip the base over to attach it to the top.

The standing desk arrived in two different boxes. The base box was very neatly packaged and easy to take the pieces out of.

smart desk

One of my favorite things in the box was all the screws and small items needed were in one long package but all separated! No digging through a bag of screws trying to figure out which one was needed. Yes, the small things make me happy!

smart desk parts

I followed the included instructions and also a short video on their website to put everything together. The only thing I needed that wasn’t included was a screwdriver.

smart desk review

The steel base was super easy and quick to put together. The paper instructions do not state this, but the video showed to put the rubber padding in the holes on the top of the frame. The screws will go threw the middle of them when attaching the top.

smart desk review

Once the base was ready, we flipped it over and screwed it into the XL top. I used my power drill and it went quickly.

The base has an extender in it so you can make it longer or shorter depending on what size top you have. The two side mechanical boxes were already in place on the legs.

I only had to attach the main power box and control pad with screws that were provided. There were already predrilled holes all over the bottom of the desk top so I knew exactly where to put everything!

smart desk review

They also included these easy to use sticky things (yes, I don’t know the technical term!) to hold the cords up so they don’t hang down in the middle.

smart desk review

That was it! It took less than 30 minutes to put together the DIY standing desk.

Here it is at the lowest height.

smart desk review

And then with the press of a button…

adjustable standing desk

It’s now at it’s full height!

smart desk review

So I can sit and work at the small computer desk or raise it up to work on my crafts and YouTube videos by pushing my preset buttons.

smartdesk review
smartdesk review
smartdesk review

This standing smart desk has already made my life so much easier! No more back strain from my desk being the wrong height.

I can easily sit in a chair and do my work when my kids kick me out of the office (the joys of distance learning!) and then with the push of a button it will raise to the exact height I need to work standing up and also to record videos.

Autonomous Smart Office Products

Autonomous also offers other high-performance workspace products besides the best affordable standing desk including office chairs and office accessories. Check out a short video highlighting their products.

Did you see the robot? How cool is that??!!

SmartDesk 2 Promo Code

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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