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Dinosaur Bean Bag Toss Game: Learn How to Make One for Cheap!!

A super easy and fun game for a dinosaur themed party or for any dinosaur lovers! Grab an old piece of wood and make a dinosaur bean bag toss game!

My youngest son’s 5th birthday is coming up and he decided he wanted to have a dinosaur themed party.  I scoured Pinterest and found a ton of great ideas for activities.  

One I saw was a dinosaur bean bag toss and I thought, “I could make one of those for cheap!”.  And I did! So, here is how I made this free dinosaur bean bag toss game.

dinosaur bean bag toss

DIY Dinosaur Bean Bag Toss Game Board

So I have to admit how I got the board… Our neighborhood has an extra free garbage pickup a few times a year where you can put out large items that won’t fit in your bin to be picked up.  

One night on a walk was the night before one of these pickups and I noticed that one of my neighbors had an old desk they had taken apart and put out in the garbage…

So, now that I had a board I needed to cut a hole in it.  I used a bowl about the size I wanted and traced around the edge of it as a guide.  

I clamped the board in between two sawhorses, drilled a hole on the line to start, and then I got out one of my favorite tools, my parent’s old jigsaw, and cut out the circle and sanded the edge a little.  

My little one loves all the extra pieces, and he still carries around the circular piece of wood!

dinosaur bean bag toss

I found a picture online of just a dinosaur head and just free-handed it.  (which is why it’s not the best looking dinosaur!  I’m not known for my painting skills:).  I drew the dinosaur head on with a pencil using the cut out hole as the mouth and then painted it in.

I painted it with chalk paint and that was it! 

I made a few bean bags with outdoor material I had and stuffed them with beans and rice. I’ll lay the dinosaur bean bag toss game up against a tree or table and the kids will get to toss bean bags in it.  

dinosaur bean bag toss

One activity down without spending any money!!  That’s how I like to do things. Next to the bean bag toss was the dinosaur bone dig!

diy dinosaur bean bag toss

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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