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DIY Dr. Seuss Themed Bingo Night

Dr. Seuss Themed Bingo Night at our elementary school. Check out Dr. Seuss decorating ideas and DIY poster ideas. Add a little auction to raise some money.

Part of being on the PTA at a public elementary school is trying to have fun events for the families and to raise a bit of money.  

This past year we held our first Family Bingo Night, which was Dr. Seuss Themed since we had it the week before his birthday (March 2nd).  The main purpose of this event was just to build community within our school and to offer a fun event for the whole family.  

We ended up doing a small auction and raffle table as part of it to auction off a few of our favorite items from previous years.  (We had a full auction the past three years which I’ll post about soon).

dr seuss bingo

I love Dr. Seuss so this was really fun to make decorations for!  As usual, I try to spend a minimal amount and make the majority of items myself.  This was really easy to do with the help of my Cricut Explore

I found a bunch of Dr. Seuss quotes and cut them out of card stock and glued them on poster paper.  My favorite new trick of Cricut Explore is the print and cut!  I was able to print Dr Seuss clip art and the Cricut cut it out beautifully!

truffula tree diy
dr seuss decorations
dr. seuss decorations

Making Truffula Trees

dr seuss decorations

The truffula trees were easy to make.  I got pipe insulation from a hardware store and cut them in half.  

I used yellow duct tape to make rings around the foam.  Then for the top I used tissue paper pom poms.  There are a ton of tutorials on how to do those.  

We taped the trees all over the walls along with the posters.  We used primary colors for the tables and decorated them with cans wrapped in red and white paper (to look like Seuss hats) with balloons coming out and then centerpieces.

dr seuss bingo decorations

One of my favorite items I made of poster paper was Horton.  I cut out his shadow with my Cricut and then illuminated it on the poster board and traced around it.  

dr. seuss horton

I made hanging fans out of butcher paper and hung them from the basketball hoops and put some on the walls.  I had bought some Dr. Suess cut outs from Oriental Trading to glue on the front of the fans.  

Raffle and Auction DIY Signs

For the raffle table, I printed out signs with the item description and the donor.  I put a Dr. Seuss character on the top of the sign that matched with the same character on a box to put the ticket in.  

For the signs, I always mat the printout on a colorful card stock to make it a little thicker so it stands up better.  To prop them up, I always use these Lineco White Self-Stick Easel Back (9 Inch) 25 Per Package.  

dr. seuss auction
dr. seuss auction

They are cheap and so easy to use.  I’ve used the 7 inch and 9 inch and they both work fine.

fundraiser diy sign props

The bingo night was a lot of fun and a great success!  We played about 10 games and the kids loved it.  

We had an MC and some kids also took turns reading numbers off.  We held our live auction half way through and auctioned off Principal for the Day, Parking Spot in Faculty parking lot, Front Row Seats at 6th grade Graduation, and Personal Message on the school marquee board.  

It was just enough to raise a bit of money but not too long where the kids got squirmy. But if you need to keep kids active, grab our Dr. Seuss printables or some Dr. Seuss crafts and activities to do.

Our school ended up having another book fair after bingo night so they were able to use a lot of the Dr. Seuss decorations!  I loved seeing them back up again!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!


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