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Best 15 Bite Size Desserts for Parties (Easy Recipes!)

15 delicious bite size desserts for parties that your baby shower, bridal shower, or party guests will love! Your dessert table will be the hit of the party!

Hey there, party planners and dessert enthusiasts! If you are in the middle of planning a party for a special occasion, you are probably searching for some easy desserts to make and serve.

When it comes to parties and gatherings, mini party treats and desserts are always a hit (just like these charcuterie board ideas!). They are individual desserts that guests can pick up and enjoy as they mingle and take part in the festivities.

One of our favorite things about mini party treats and desserts is that you get the full flavor of dessert in each and every bite. Bite-sized desserts are perfect for summer parties, showers, gatherings during the holiday season, BBQs, and wine and paint nights!

best bite size desserts

Don’t think that because they are multiple individual desserts that they are hard to make either. 

We chose some of the best, most simple, mini party desserts that you can make with ease that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

Easy Bite Size Desserts for Parties

Simply click on Get Recipe to hop on over to the original blogger's post to get the recipe and baking instructions for these best mini desserts!

Still need a few more adorable mini desserts?

How about some cake pops? Cake pops are super fun and whimsy and can make the perfect dessert or party favor!

These cute desserts consist of cake crumbs mixed with frosting, shaped into bite-sized spheres, and served on lollipop sticks.

mini desserts cake pops

And the best part? You can decorate them in various colors and styles to match your birthday party or shower theme and choose your own flavor combination!

Brownie bites are also easy to make and easy to buy and make yummy tiny treats.

And there you have it, dear party planners, a delightful array of bite-size desserts and treats that are sure to impress your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a baby showerbridal shower, or need something for your next dinner party, these delicious recipes will add a touch of sweetness and elegance to your celebration. 

bite size desserts for parties

Have some fun with the display too! Get creative with the dessert table and extra garnishes for each dessert.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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