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Budget Christmas Decor: Use Tree Slices to Make Cute Holiday Decor

Make cute budget Christmas decor with tree slices and everyday craft supplies. Reversible natural Christmas decorations are perfect when on a budget! Learn how to transfer text to wood so you don’t need a cutting machine.  One one side you’ll have Boo decor and the other is Joy decor!

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  I am so ready to start decorating for Fall and Halloween, I just wish the temperature would come down so it would feel like Fall!

Last year I made outdoor reversible wooden decorations with a pumpkin on one side and an ornament on the other.  I decided to make something similar this year since I love how easy it is to keep out the same budget decor for two seasons!

This one uses tree slices, paint, and Sharpie or chalk markers.  No need for a Cricut for this cute budget Christmas decor, but if you have one you can definitely use it!

budget christmas decor pinterest

I have a full video tutorial on how to make these so make sure to watch it.  Plus grab printable directions at the bottom of the post.

Materials Needed for Wood Slice Decor

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  • wood slices – My neighbor had some branches from a tree that had died and had to be cut down in their yard so I asked to use them.  I cut the branches into about 1/2-1 inch slices with my miter saw.  You can also always find wood slices on Amazon.
  • paint and paintbrushes – I used orange acrylic and red chalk paint
  • printer, paper, and pencil
  • Sharpie paint markers or Liquid chalk markers
  • Optional- a piece of wood, burlap, and a hot glue gun

Painting Wood Slices – Pumpkin Side First

Once you have the three wood slices you are going to use, decide which side is going to be the bottom.  You’ll want them to kind of stand so pick the flattest side if possible.

Paint the insides on one side orange.  I had an orange acrylic paint on hand that I used.  Try to use long vertical strokes so that they look like pumpkins.

budget holiday decor
budget holiday decor

Let them dry.  I added a few darker lines to give them more depth.  Add a darker orange into the lighter paint, mix them together, and then make arcs down vertically.

tree slices

Let the wooden pumpkins fully dry!

How to Transfer Text to Wood!

I promised you wouldn’t need a cutting machine for this project and here’s why.  I am going to show you how to transfer text to wood using the pencil transfer method.  If you have nice lettering abilities, you could definitely freehand the letters too!  

So, here’s how I transfer image to painted wood.  Print out the letters you want on “mirror” setting.  They need to be backwords.  You can download and print the letters I used here.

joy boo mirror
boo decor

Cut the letters you want out and starting tracing the outside of the letters with a pencil.  Push down kind of hard.

transferring letters to wood with pencil

Next, flip them over and place them image side down in the middle of the painted wooden pumpkin.

transferring letters to wood with pencil
transferring letters to wood with pencil

Use the top of a marker or a pencil tip to trace over the top of the letter.  The pencil markings you made on the front side will now transfer to the wood leaving you an outline of a letter!

transferring letters to wood with pencil
transferring letters to wood with pencil

Painting the Boo Decor

transferring letters to wood with pencil

Now that you have a pretty letter, use a paint marker or paintbrush to paint it in.  I like to trace the pencil markings with the paint marker first and then paint the inside.

wood slice painting

These are the same paint markers I used on my Our Love Story canvas.

wood slice painting
boo decor diy
budget christmas decor

Now on to Making Joy Decor

Joy on the tree slices adds perfectly to the rest of my DIY Christmas decor.

To have reversible wood slice decor, simply turn over the boo decor slices and paint the pack of the tree slices (once the BOO is dry!).  I used red chalk paint.

You need to be mindful of what slices you are putting what letters on and make sure the same side is up!  I did mine wrong the first time and had to repaint two of them.

**Make sure to put the Y on the back of the B and the J on the back of an O.**

natural christmas decorations

Repeat all of the steps above.  Cut the JOY letters and trace the outside of the letters with a pencil.

decorating for chrismtas on a budget

Place them on dry wood slices and use the pencil transfer method to rub off the lead onto the wood. 

decorating for chrismtas on a budget

I ended up using liquid chalk markers for this side because my paint marker was acting funny.  It really doesn’t matter!

decorating for chrismtas on a budget

Then I added a few dots with white and silver markers.

Applying Burlap to Wood Base

This is an optional step.  You could drill holes in the tree slices and add wooden dowels to them and stick them in plants.  Or you can lean them up against something.

I wanted them to stand up so I decided to glue them to a scrap piece of wood.  Since the wood was old and dirty, I hot glued a piece of burlap ribbon around it.  You could always stain it or paint the wood!

wood christmas crafts
wood christmas crafts

I folded the corners of burlap like a present and glued it over on the bottom side.  The edges do have a slight lift to them, but nothing that is noticeable!

unnamed file

Once the glue is dry, hot glue on the wood slices in the correct order.  Since I was filming, my middle letter is slightly crooked…eek!

diy joy decor
wood christmas crafts
budget christmas decor

That’s it!  Now you have budget Christmas decor that you can also have out during the Fall.

You can always add ribbons, bows, or embellishments to either side.

boo decor
joy decor pinterest

Here are your printable directions…

budget christmas decor

Budget Christmas Decor: Use Tree Slices to Make Cute Holiday Decor

Yield: 1 reversible sign
Active Time: 20 minutes
Drying Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Estimated Cost: $0

Make your own budget Christmas decor that doubles as budget Halloween decor! A reversible Boo decor sign and Joy decor sign using tree slices is the perfect addition to natural Christmas decorations!



  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Cut tree slices with a miter saw or buy some already cut.
  2. Paint one side with orange paint. Let dry. Add darker orange lines (optional)
  3. Print out BOO (they should be mirror). Cut the letters apart.
  4. Trace the outline of each letter with a pencil.
  5. Once the paint is dry, flip over the letter and center the letter side down on one of the wood slices.
  6. Use the top of a marker or a pencil, and trace over the back of the letter to transfer the pencil markings onto the painted wood.
  7. Fill in the letters with paint or liquid markers. Repeat for all three wood slices.
  8. Once the paint is dry, turn the tree slices over and paint the back red.
  9. Repeat the same steps above to use the pencil transfer method. Make sure that the J is on the backside of O and Y is on the backside of B.
  10. Optional step. Hot glue the wood pieces to a scrap piece of wood. You could also put a rod in the bottom to make them stand in a plant.
  11. Enjoy your easy DIY budget Christmas and Halloween decor!


Download the PDF of BOO and JOY letters in the post.

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