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Chalk Paint Ideas You’ll Love and Want to Do NOW!

Chalk paint is an amazing and quick way to update old furniture and decor. Get inspired by fifty chalk paint ideas you can do now!

Do you have some old furniture that you just can’t stand looking at anymore and want to buy new ones??  DON’T waste your money!

With the help of some chalk paint, you can have a beautiful updated piece of furniture or decor items for cheap.  I have updated cabinets, banisters, bookshelves, lamps, utensil holders, dressers… you name it, I’ve probably chalk painted it!

Even more than that… I LOVE how easy it is and how beautiful it turns out.  Read on to get a ton of great chalk paint ideas from some of my favorite DIY bloggers!

So What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a type of paint that can easily be applied to furniture or almost any surface to create a chalk-like matte appearance.  Annie Sloan made the original chalk paint in 1990, but many companies have come out with their own versions since.

There are also a ton of different colors to choose from pastels to bright and colorful.  Each brand will have its own unique colors.

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What is so great about Chalk Paint?

In my opinion, almost everything!  You can apply chalk paint on almost any surface without any prep work.  That’s right, no sanding and no priming!! WooHoo!!  Yes, please! (Except for rare occasions).

You can get large pieces of furniture or cabinets painted quickly.  Chalk paint goes on easily and dries quickly too.  You can also have lots of fun with it by easily distressing items to give them an aged appearance.  

You can also add different color waxes to make the item more whitewashed or aged, whatever look you are going on.  There are endless amounts of creativity when coming to chalk painting furniture.  Afterward, you will have a truly one of a kind unique item.

On my chalk painted cabinets, I didn’t even remove the doors!  I just opened the paint and started painting over the ugly oak cabinets (tutorial below!)

I have quite a few tutorials on using chalk paint myself, but for this post, I wanted to give you, even more, chalk paint ideas!  So below you will find 50 chalk paint projects with images and tutorials. 

You really do not need any painting ability to use chalk paint.  You can do this!

Chalk Paint Ideas For Your Home!

One of the easiest ways to update furniture and decor in your home is with chalk paint. Check out the following chalk paint ideas from around the web. Simply click on Continue Reading to read the full tutorial.

Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Get inspired to paint new or update old furniture easily with some chalk paint.

Chalk Paint Uses Other Than Furniture

Chalk paint is used for so much more than just painting furniture! You might not have ever thought of painting some of the things below.

Chalk Painted Glass Jars

Painting and distressing mason jars or vases is one of my favorite ways to use chalk paint. It probably will be yours too once you see these cute chalk paint projects!

Did you have a favorite chalk paint project that you are going to try?

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50 ideas for Chalk Paint uses! Get inspiration on updating furniture, glass jars, frames, and home decor!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day,

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