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Positive Christmas Affirmation Cards {FREE Printable!}

Instant download of ten Christmas affirmation cards to keep yourself positive over the stressful holiday season!

With the chaos of the Christmas season approaching, I think we all need to give ourselves some grace.

So today I have another set of positive affirmation cards for you to use anytime when you need to take a break and breathe.

Or you could add this inspirational gift to a you’ve been elfed bucket for neighbors and friends!

There are ten positive affirmations that you can print at the bottom of the post.

holiday affirmation cards

Why use Affirmation Cards?

Affirmations are “I statements” that are used to encourage positivity in your thoughts and heart. By repeating affirmations over and over, our brains will start to be retrained into thinking more confident thoughts (rather than negative ones).

The daily habit of positive affirmations has been studied to be beneficial to psychological and physical health and is a great gift to give ourselves!

Some people will look in a mirror and recite certain affirmations every morning to put them in a positive mindset for the rest of the day. Others will read and meditate on an affirmation before they go to bed at night.

positive affirmation cards christmas

There are also tons of different types of affirmation cards, including birth affirmation cards, encouragement cards, positive lunchbox cards, and biblical affirmations scripture cards that have God’s truth on them.

What’s Included in Christmas Affirmation Cards

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There are so many ways to use inspirational cards. Once downloaded and printed out the free Christmas affirmation cards, cut them apart so you have 10 different cards.

free christmas affirmation cards

You can use them as part of a meditation routine. Pull one card out of the pack (or deck) and repeat the saying to yourself while breathing deeply to set your intention for the day.

positive affirmation christmas printable

If you have a daily prayer practice or use a gratitude journal, start your time with God off by reading the affirmation out loud a few times and meditating on the words.

christmas affirmation cards

Or print out a couple of copies of the positive affirmation decks you like the most so you can put them all over. Tape some up on mirrors or cupboards in your house.

christmas affirmation cards free

Attach the printable affirmation cards to the refrigerator or message board with magnets.

christmas affirmation cards printable

When you happen to see one, read the positive affirmation out loud (or in your head if you want) and take a few deep breaths.

christmas daily affirmations
i am statements for christmas stress

Repeat “I will take care of my needs and wants” over and over until you believe it and the guilt of saying no is lessened.

christmas season positive affirmations

There is an affirmation statement to help you through the common areas that we tend to stress over during the holidays.

holiday season affirmation cards

FREE Holiday Affirmation Cards PDF

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

Simply click the download button below. The Christmas affirmation cards PDF should download or automatically pop up for you to print on any printer.

To make the cards more sturdy, print on white cardstock or magnet sheets. Or if you have a laminator, cut the cards apart and then put them in a laminating sheet

The first PDF will have all separate cards to print directly on card size (like 4×6) or to print full page mindfulness cards.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

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