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How to Throw a Christmas in July Party!

Are you wanting to throw a Christmas in July party? A flamingo party is a perfect theme for the summertime. Grab a ton of FREE flamingo party printables!

Have you ever thought of throwing a Christmas in July party? With the upsurge in marketing around the holiday on July 25th, it could be a perfect and fun theme for any summer party!

You can read all about how Christmas in July came about and when it started. But today I want to talk about how to host a Christmas in July party and give you a ton of ideas of everything from decorations to activities.

This could be a fun birthday party for kids, a grownup cocktail party, or a party for families. Whichever way you want to throw it, I have suggestions for you.

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Christmas in July Party Themes

There are quite a few different fun Christmas in July party themes to choose from. Here are a few other summer Christmas party ideas:

  • Flamingo party – as we will talk about here!
  • Summer Santa – Santa in swim trunks, beach, surfing, Aloha party, pineapple
  • Snowman melting party
  • Ice Cream Party with red and green desserts

Let’s Flamingle Party Ideas

What is the meaning of “let’s flamingle?”

According to the Urban dictionary, flamingle is the act of trying to mingle or flirt in a way that is sooo awkward that you become like a flamingo. So, let’s flamingle is essentially a party for us socially awkward introverts!

So let’s go through what you will need to throw a Christmas in July Let’s Flamingle party!

I found this adorable Christmas flamingo file over on Pixabay that I used for the free printables. If you’d like to go grab one yourself (I always like to donate to the designer, but it is free for commercial use), click here.

Printable Flamingo Party Invitations

The first thing you’ll need is some Christmas in July party invitations. You can always send an Evite or text, but I still love getting invitations via snail mail.

Download and print out these free flamingo party invitations and write in your info. Hopefully, you can host the party as close to July 25th as possible.

You could even take a picture of it or scan it and send it out as a photo text if you want to save on stamps!

christmas in july invitation

Click here to download the Let’s Flamingle invitation.

Summer Christmas Party Decorating Ideas

You can go crazy decorating for your Christmas in July party (like I do!) or you throw up just a few cute flamingo decorations. Either way, your guests will love it!

lets flamingle party svg

Let’s Flamingle Printable Sign

Here are a few free printables to get you started.

christmas in july word sign

Click here to download a matching Let’s Flamingo table sign.

Print it out on regular paper and mount it to attach to a wall or put it in a frame and stand it up on a counter or outside table.

christmas in july party

Let’s Flamingle Party Banner

I printed this banner out on white cardstock. Then simply use scissors or a trimmer to cut it out.

flamingo party banner printable
It will print out with two letters on each page.
flamingo party banner printable
Cut along dark lines with scissors.
christmas in july party banner printable
Or use a trimmer for the straight lines.
christmas in july party banner printable

Tape ribbon or string to the back and hang it up. If you turn the over to tape a ribbon to the back of them, make sure it’s backward. I learned the hard way and had to re-tape all of them.

lets flamingle printable banner pdf x
let's flamingle party banner

Click here to download a Let’s Flamingo banner.

I found this cute Christmas flamingo fabric at Joann’s and just placed it around on tables. You could use it to make pillows, table runners, or placemats too.

christmas in july party flamingo

I also found these adorable flamingo stuffed animals at Joann’s after Christmas. They were part of their Christmas products! I added iron-on vinyl to a few.

I placed them around for decor and also stuck a few inside my Christmas tree! Yes, I did leave my flocked Christmas tree up and added some pink ribbon and ornaments for the summer party.

flamingo christmas party
htv on canvas

Christmas in July Party Activities

Depending on the age range of your guests, your flamingo party activities can be just hanging out acting like flamingos (!) or have a few tables set up with different simple activities for them to do.

Christmas in July Bingo

Bingo is always a fun game to play at any party! Perfect for kids or adults and having a few cheap prizes on hand would be a nice incentive for them to play.

Luckily there are a ton of sites online that you can create flamingo BINGO cards in. I made a set of 8 that you can find by clicking here. If you want more than that, there is an option to pay for additional ones.

flamingo party printables free

Christmas In July Printable Word Search

I love a good word search and so do my kids! Print out these free flamingo word search PDFs and have them laying around at tables for guests to do at their leisure.

Or you can always use it as a game. Grab a timer and see who finishes first!

christmas in july word search

Click here to download the Christmas in July word search.

christmas in july party printables

True Meaning of Christmas in July Activity

If you read about how Christmas in July came about, you might remember that part of it was making and sending letters to the military in WWII early so that they would get them in time for the holidays.

So incorporating this historical and meaningful activity is a must. Have a table with a bunch of cardstock or paper out for guests to make a holiday card and write a short note of appreciation in it.

I have even taken all of the guesswork out of where to send them. Read my post all about sending cards to the military and there you will also find FREE printable cards to use.

christmas in july cards

Then download and print this explanatory sign to leave at the table with the cards.

christmas in july party

Christmas In July Movie

Did you know there is an actual movie called “Christmas in July”? I actually rented in from our local library and watched it a few months ago.

I have to say it was pretty cute. It’s short and in black and white but has a sweet message about the gift of giving to others.

You can put on the movie in a room and anyone interested in watching it can relax for a while!

Singing Christmas Songs

Singing Christmas carols is one of my most beloved Christmas Eve traditions. It’s actually a shame we don’t have this fun night more than once a year!

If you or guests like a good sing-along, go grab these FREE printable carol songbooks to hand out to guests and bust out some Christmas songs at the top of your lungs. Your neighbors might even come over to join in on the fun! (That might be a good or bad thing!)

Flamingo Party Food Ideas

Here are a few flamingo Christmas in July food ideas:

Christmas in July Flamingo Party Supplies

In case you are needing more ideas for a summer flamingo party, I found a few things on Amazon that would work perfectly!

Well, I hope you got some ideas on throwing a Christmas in July party this summer. If you’d like to save these ideas for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

christmas in july printables free

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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