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Christmas Song Games Printables: 8 Pages for Hours of Fun!

Fun Christmas song games printables for three different Christmas carol games including finish the lyrics, carol match, and carol title scramble!

With the holiday season fastly approaching, I have been looking for some fun activities to do with the whole family. I’ve posted before about how my family sings Christmas carols every Christmas Eve and it’s one of the traditions we most look forward to!

Since we all know popular Christmas songs pretty well, I wanted to make a fun game out of our Christmas song booklet.

I was going to make just one Christmas carol game to share, but I had so much fun designing these cute free printable Christmas games, I made three!

Print out all three so you have something fun ready to play at a holiday party or family game night! It will be pretty funny to see how much you and your party guests know about Christmas music and a great way for everyone to laugh together!

christmas song games printable free

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So let me go over a little about what’s included in the Christmas song games printables PDF file and then the download link will be at the bottom of the post.

What’s Included in Free Printable Christmas Games

You will definitely be kicking up your Christmas parties a notch with these fun printable Christmas games!

Christmas Carol Match Printable Game

The first one is a Christmas carol match. This one page printable game is great for kids of all ages!

christmas song match game printable

On the left side of the page is a list of 25 song verses. The object of this Christmas carol game is to match the song lyrics to the list of Christmas songs on the right. Simply write the letter of the alphabet to the corresponding carol in the blank.

If you want to get competitive, set a timer and after the allotted time see who got the most correct. There is an answer key included also to check who got the matches right!

I can almost promise everyone will be humming different Christmas songs as they work through the Christmas activity!

Christmas Song Scramble

The second Christmas song game is a Christmas title scramble. Older kids and adults might have to help younger kids will this one since they will need to know how to write.

Again, set a timer if you want and see who unscrambles the most Christmas carol titles! I made it a little bit easier for you by separating the scrambles into separate words of the title.

There is also an answer sheet in the printable PDF so you’ll know if everyone gets the correct song!

christmas song scramble game printable

If you are a fan of word scrambles, make sure to check out our baby shower word scramble!

Finish the Christmas Lyrics Game

And last, but not least of our Christmas song games printables is a fun finish the Christmas carol lyrics game. This is a fun game to do around the Christmas tree with large groups since you don’t need a surface to write on!

There are 4 pages in the PDF file with six game cards on each sheet.

Print out the free printable game and cut down the middle of the red lines to make 24 cards. Each card has the beginning of a lyric on the top and the answer, which is the next lyric to the song, on the bottom.

For this fun holiday game you’ll need to have team members.

The first person will read or sing the lyrics on the top of the card to a teammate and then they need to guess the next line of the classic christmas carol. Set a timer for 5 or 10 seconds to give someone time to answer and if they can’t recite the next line, then the other team gets a try!

finish the lyric christmas game printable

YouTube has a great variety of Christmas music to play while you are attempting the games too!

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For even more holiday fun, grab another free printable of 12 days of family Christmas ideas.

Christmas Song Games Printables Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

All of the free printables are in color, but you can print the fun Christmas games out on a black and white home computer too!

Simply click on the download button below and the free download PDF will automatically download or pop up in a new screen to print.

For best results, I recommend printing the finish the lyric cards on white cardstock since they will be handled by different hands!

christmas song games printable

Thanks so much for stopping by and Merry Christmas!


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