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Christmas Vacation Ornaments using a Cricut!

Need a cheap and quick gift? Make Christmas vacation ornaments using your Cricut and acrylic ornaments. Cute keepsake vacation ornaments for cheap!

I’ve made a lot of DIY ornaments over the years and this year I wanted to try something new!  I’ve made glitter ornaments, wood slice ornaments, and floating ornaments, but this year I moved on to acrylic ornaments.

These are probably the quickest yet!  So if you need last-minute Cricut gifts, you can whip up a bunch of these in a matter of minutes.

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  It’s the one thing I can also still get all of my kids to do and they love seeing all of the ornaments we have collected over the years. 

disney christmas ornaments pin

This year we went on a few amazing vacations so I knew I needed to make some Christmas vacation ornaments.  These make perfect and inexpensive personalized friend ornaments and personalized family Christmas ornaments with just a few supplies.

These would also make great ornaments to make during a holiday craft party!

Materials Needed for Christmas Vacation Ornaments

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Designing Personalized Christmas Ornaments in Design Space

The first thing you’ll want to do is design the personalized ornaments in CDS.  I inserted a 3-inch circle as a reference to size and center my text and images.  I hid the circles before I cut!


I uploaded the Hamilton image from google but all the other text and images are from Cricut Access.  I used the slice tool to slice out the year of the Disney ornament.

Once everything is designed, click make it.  Set your material setting to whichever adhesive vinyl you are cutting.

Load a mat and cut!

vacation ornaments

Putting Together Vacation Ornaments

Make sure to watch the quick video at the top or side to see everything in motion.  It is a sped-up video, but the entire process only took 11 minutes to make 4 Cricut ornaments.

Once everything is cut, weed out the extra vinyl.

cricut ornaments

The acrylic ornament blanks will come with protective sheets on both sides.  I peeled off the top side before I put on the vinyl and then the backside after, but you could peel both sides off at the beginning.

cheap personalized christmas ornaments
personaized disney ornaments

Place transfer tape over your vinyl and scrape it down.

dinsey christmas ornaments

Center it over the acrylic ornament blank and press down.  Scrape it down and then remove the transfer tape.

christmas vacation ornaments
cricut ornaments

If you haven’t already, remove the protective sheet from the back and you’re done!

cheap personalized christmas ornaments
personaized disney ornaments

I made two different cruise ornaments, one with holographic vinyl and one with regular.  You could also use printable vinyl and print and cut images if you want an image you can’t find an SVG for.

cheap personalized christmas ornaments
christmas vacation ornaments

I love the holographic vinyl!  It looks like different colors depending on the light.

christmas vacation ornaments
christmas vacation ornaments
christmas vacation ornaments
christmas vacation ornaments

Super easy Disney Christmas ornaments!

christmas vacation ornaments

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

personalized kid ornaments diy

If you’d like more ideas on DIY Christmas decor made with a Cricut, make sure to check out Cricut Christmas Crafts and a roundup of the best Christmas projects to make now.

Here are some printable instructions.

christmas vacation ornaments

Christmas Vacation Ornaments: DIY Cricut Ornaments!

Yield: A Few Ornaments!
Active Time: 7 minutes
Total Time: 7 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1

Make your own cheap personalized christmas ornaments with a few supplies. Cricut ornaments are quick and easy to make for personalized friend ornaments or kid ornaments.



  1. Design the personalized Christmas ornaments in Cricut Design Space. Make sure they will fit on the size of your acrylic ornament blank.
  2. Cut out vinyl and weed off the extra.
  3. Remove protective sheets from acrylic blank.
  4. Apply transfer tape to the vinyl and scrape it down.
  5. Center it on blank and press it down. Scrape down well.
  6. Remove transfer tape.
  7. Enjoy your Cricut ornaments!

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