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How to Make a Clay Ghost (Easy Halloween DIY!)

Learn how to make a clay ghost for Halloween using air drying clay! A fun craft activity for home or school!

Can you believe fall is coming??! Woo Hoo, my favorite time of year! So I’ve already started getting a bunch of fall and Halloween craft tutorials ready for you!

And first up is this super easy and cute clay ghost with a witch hat and holding a pumpkin. These little ghosts are fun to make with kids of all ages and also a great activity for a Halloween party at home or in the classroom.

With only a few pieces of air dry clay, you’ll have this DIY clay ghost made in no time! Use as DIY Halloween decor in your home or give as little gifts in a boo bucket!

The great thing about using foam clay is that it’s so easy to mold (doesn’t even need a rolling pin!) and it dries on its own in 24-48 hours (no need for an oven!)

clay ghost tutorial

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Clay Ghost One ()

DIY Clay Ghost Tutorial

Yield: 1 clay ghost
Active Time: 5 minutes
Drying Time: 2 days
Total Time: 2 days 5 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $2

A cute and easy clay ghost DIY Halloween project!


  1. Get your craft supplies ready. You'll need a larger chunk of white clay for the ghost cone and then smaller pieces of different colors for the pumpkin, stem, hat, hat-band, and blush). Or if you don't have that many different colors, you can always use acrylic paint to paint on the hat band and blush! clay ghost tutorial
  2. Using a flat surface or a silicone mat, roll each piece of the clay with your palm to make a smooth ball shape. You can always trim off excess clay later if needed! make clay ghost
  3. First, we will be working on the large white ghost piece. Roll the clay ball back and forth on your surface to create a cylinder type shape keeping one side wider than the other. The wider side will be the bottom of the ghost. diy clay ghost
  4. Use the tip of your thumb to make a small hole in the large bottom (this will help the ghost stand up nicely!) halloween clay idea clay ghost diy
  5. Flatten the orange ball of clay with your palm or finger to make the pumpkin. Make a small oval shape out of the green clay to make the pumpkin stem. easy halloween clay craft ghost
  6. Using a clay knife or straight tool, make cuts that only go half way through the foam from the center top of the flattened orange clay piece to the bottom. This gives the pleated effect of a pumpkin. Then attach the stem to the top of the clay pumpkin. clay pumpkin diy
  7. Place the clay pumpkin on top of the clay ghost around the center. This will be the front side of the ghost. Then make two small arms out of the white clay. cute ghost craft halloween clay
  8. Attach the little clay arms on both sides of the pumpkin using a gentle press making sure to adhere the open ends of the clay arms to the ghost's body. putting together clay pieces for ghost
  9. Almost done! Now use a black Sharpie to draw the mouth and eye holes of the DIY clay ghost. Then use pink clay, a pink Sharpie, or paint to draw on the blushes on either side of the ghost's face. easy ghost out of clay
  10. You can definitely stop there, but I think the witch hat makes the DIY clay ghost even more adorable! You'll need two clay balls to make the hat. halloween clay project ghost hat
  11. Flatten one of the balls to make a thin flat round shape. Then make a cone shape out of the other clay piece. putting together clay ghost hat
  12. Make the hat by attaching the cone shape to the center of the flat shape. Roll out a long thin black clay strip for the band of the hat. clay witchhat and rim
  13. Complete the hat by wrapping the black strip around the base of the cone shape. Then place the hat on top of the clay ghost and you're done! clay ghost project
  14. Make more ghosts with different colored hats to form a ghost family scene!Clay Ghost One ()

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Making these cute clay ghosts along with our DIY Halloween bookmarks would be so much at a Halloween party!

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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