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An Easy and Safe DIY Paint Remover!

Hi Friends! I’ve only just begun to understand the magic of tea tree oil.  I found out for the first time a few weeks ago when my son decided to use a Sharpie on my laminate floor.  Tea tree oil cleaned it off easily after I tried everything else!  Came up right away with it.  Today I tried  tea tree oil as a DIY paint remover and it worked perfectly!

Let me backup and explain why I had to clean paint in the first place.  My youngest is having a dinosaur party in a few weeks and we decided to make some dinosaur bones and paint them.  He loves painting!  Lowe’s was having their $0.99 paint sample sale and he got to pick out one color for just himself and of course he picks bright red!

diy paint remover

He had a friend over and I set them up outside to paint.  They were having tons of fun painting the bones and I guess a few other things…

paint dinosaur bones

So my hubby came home to this on our overhang.

clearning paint with tea tree oil

Where I love his enthusiasm and love for art, I’m not a fan of blood looking stains anywhere!  I tried a bunch of stuff to get it off but nothing was working.  Granted I’m not a fan of chemicals so we don’t have any harsh cleaners in the house so something else might have worked.  I remembered how well the tea tree oil worked on the laminate so I figured I’d try.  I bought this kind at Trader Joe’s years ago and never used it.  I’m not sure why I never tried it!

cleaning paint with tea tree oil

diy paint remover

tea tree oil

I kept dabbing some on a paper towel and wiping and voila!  It was the perfect DIY paint remover!

cleaning paint with tea tree oil

That was it!  So easy, cheap, and chemical free!  I can’t wait to try this on other stuff to see if it works.  I’ll keep you posted!!  Anything you have found to work miracles??



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