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Cootie Catcher Template with FREE Printable for Fortune Teller Game!

Grab a cootie catcher template for free! Two free printables, one blank printable fortune teller and one chatterbox template.

I always love to see fun paper games come back that I remember fondly as a child. I have such great memories of making and using cootie catchers all the time in grade school.

A cootie catcher or fortune teller or chatterbox (whatever you want to call them!) are super quick and easy to make and can keep kids busy playing the game for quite a while.

Kiddos can get creative and fill in the blank cootie catcher template I have below or grab the already designed chatterbox printable to get them thinking and talking about things. They make great ice breakers, party games, and summer boredom busters too!

chatterbox cootie catcher template printable

What to Write in a Cootie Catcher

There are three main parts of a cootie catcher. On the outside, there are four sides. You can put almost any image on these sections. Popular cootie catcher ideas are 4 different colors, 4 different types of fruit or vegetables, 4 different images, really anything that is pretty easy to spell out.

Then the layer inside is almost always numbers. There are numbers on both the chatterbox template and blank cootie catcher template below since they are pretty standard.

Then the phrases that are written can be so diverse! For chatter box template below, the players get to say what their favorite things are. But if you want to use the blank fortune teller template pdf, here are some ideas:

  • chore cootie catcher – put 8 different chores on the tabs
  • fortune teller catcher – put 8 different fun possibilities that could happen in the future
  • school cootie catcher – 8 different questions about what they like about school, favorite book, favorite, subject, etc
  • Christmas or other holiday cootie catcher – write in fun things to do like sing a Christmas carol, eat a candy cane, kiss under the mistletoe
  • exercise cootie catcher – write in 8 different exercises and the amount of 8 like 15 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, etc
  • kindness cootie catcher – write in 8 different acts of kindness like giving Dad a hug, giving Mom a flower, etc

How to Fold Cootie Catchers

There are some printable directions on how to fold cootie catchers at the bottom and a short video, but sometimes action shots work better!

Once you’ve downloaded and printed the printable fortune teller or chatterbox printable, trim off the extra paper on the dotted line. You want a perfect square. I like to use a paper trimmer, but scissors are perfectly fine!

chatterbox printable free
trimming cootie catchers printable

At this point if you are using the cootie catcher template that is blank, fill in the images or color in the corners and whatever words you want in the 8 triangles. You’ll see me do this in the video (although I didn’t finish writing them all in!)

Fold the square in half horizontally to make a crease line down the middle.

how to fold cootie catchers
how to fold cootie catchers

Then open up the paper and fold the square in half vertically to make a crease line.

how to fold cootie catchers

Then with the square face down, fold each corner into the middle and crease the edge by running your finger over it.

how to fold cootie catchers
how to fold a cootie catcher
how to make cootie catcher

Now flip the folded chatterbox over so the words are facing up and again fold each corner into the center.

how to make cootie catcher
how to make cootie catcher
how to make cootie catcher

Once all the corners are in, flip the cootie catcher back over so the images are showing. Now fold it in half to crease the middle lines.

fortune teller game printable
cootie catcher instructions

Now stick your thumb and index finger of each hand in the flaps and push the corners to the middle. Now your cootie catcher is all ready to use!

cootie catcher printable instructions

How to Play the Fortune Teller Paper Game

There are a a few different ways to play with a cootie catcher depending on which one you have.

The most common way is for the player to pick one of the images or colors on the outside of the cootie catcher.

Then the person who is holding the chatterbox will move their fingers in and out so the numbers on the inside switch back and forth. Do this as many times as there are letters in the image or color.

So for example they pick the flower, the holder will switch back and forth as the spell out F-L-O-W-E-R. The player then picks one of the numbers that is showing.

how to make cootie catchers

Say they pick the number 4. The holder then will switch the cootie catcher 4 more times. Then the player picks a number one for time, and reveals what’s under the flap, and answer the question!

chatterbox template printable

Take turns from player to holder going around in a circle if there are a group of players.

cootie catcher ideas

Cootie Catcher Template PDF

If you love free printables to use with kids, make sure to check out my summer reading challenge printable and free bookmark templates.

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only. No reselling, thank you!

There are two different PDF files. One is the chatterbox printable with the images and words already on it. Then there is a second one containing a blank cootie catcher PDF template. Both contain instructions on how to fold cootie catchers.

free cootie catcher pdf

Click here to download the Chatterbox template

Click here to download the blank cootie catcher template

If you’d like to share or save these cootie catcher templates for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

how to make cootie catchers

Here are some written cootie catcher instructions.

Yield: 1

How to Fold Cootie Catchers

cootie catcher printable instructions

Grab a free cootie catcher template and learn how to make a cootie catcher.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Paper
  • Printer


  1. Download and print fortune teller paper game printable (see post for download)
  2. Cut out on the dotted lines.
  3. Fold in half horizontally to crease middle.
  4. Fold in half vertifcally to crease middle.
  5. Place image side down and fold each corner to the center.
  6. Flip over.
  7. Fold each corner to the center.
  8. Flip over.
  9. Fold in half and put thumb and index fingers into flaps.
  10. You're ready to use your chatterbox or cootie catcher!


See post for free downloads.

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