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How to Make an Easy Wall Mounted Table DIY Style!

HI Friends! What does every crafter want?  A room to themselves, right??  I finally decided I needed one since my stuff spanned everywhere across the house.  

Not that it still doesn’t now sometimes, but at least I can find stuff now!  I took on a Craft Room Makeover on a budget and I loved how it turned out! 

My favorite part of the room is that I installed a super easy wall mounted table DIY style!

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A little background on my craft room…

Our downstairs bedroom has always been a guest room/office/sewing room/junk room!  A few years ago I had a murphy bed made which was an amazing start.  

I was sick of having a big queen bed take up a whole room when we only had guests stay in it a few times a year.  So I found a guy off Craigslist who made one and installed it and it has stayed in the original wood plus my little ones color markings all over it since then.  

So, here’s what the room looked like before, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate too.  Stuff everywhere!!!  I had a sewing table but that was definitely not enough room so I usually had a folding table set up in the middle of the room with stuff overflowing, yikes!

There’s the ugly wood colored murphy bed on the left side (I know, it’s hard to find anything!)

craft room tour

So, I started by emptying the whole thing out and repainting over the ugly pea green which had been there for the past 10 years.  I sold our large desk and bought a smaller one.  

We made a trip to IKEA and I found some fun stuff to use – a new large workspace desk and a cube bookshelf.  I got a pegboard from Lowe’s, painted it, and hung it above the desk.  

I got a bunch of storage bins from 31 Bags, Ikea, and Target and labeled them.  

We moved the sewing table into the closet where the desk used to be and added a file cabinet underneath it for my hubby’s stuff (this is technically still an office too!)  Here’s the finished product!

craft room makeover
Murphy bed painted and then stenciled with flowers. A small desk in the corner for the computer and printer. I cut out vinyl from Expressions Vinyl with my Cricut and applied to my wall.
craft room makeover
I made an easy valance for the window to add some color. The cart, wrapping paper holders, and bookshelf are from IKEA. I ordered the Officemate Wall File for my 8.5 x 11 inch paper and another from IKEA for some of my 12×12 cardstock pads.
craft room organization
I painted a pegboard and got a bunch of accessories and pegs to hang a bunch of my stuff from. I love having my Cricut mats up. I added 8.5×11 file hangers on the side for cardstock. On the back of the door, I got a 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack to store more paints, ribbons, cricut cartridges.  As you can see, my craft room is based around my Cricut!  There are so many great projects you can make with one!  You can read all about what a Cricut does by clicking here!
craft room makeover
My large work space that fits my Cricut and a drawer set for my stamps, cartridges, punches, etc… I cut the CREATE letters with my cricut.
craft room sewing
The sewing table fit perfectly inside the closet. We had removed the doors a few years back. I put a few shelves up and on the sides to store ribbon, laminator, paper, etc. I put some fabric on my old cork board and painted the edges to match the room.

Probably my favorite thing I thought of doing was attaching a wall mounted table diy to the murphy bed so I could have another table that would fold up when we needed to use the bed.  

I got the table top from IKEA along with a shelf I used as the stand.  We anchored it on the murphy bed wall with a 2×2 board. 

I got a few hinges and added them to the tabletop and shelf.  Then we put velcro on the tabletop and murphy bed (which is the only eyesore since I haven’t painted it yet and it’s bright white).  But it’s strong enough to hold the table up.

craft room murphy table
Here’s the murphy table up.
wall mounted table diy
Here’s the murphy table down which it is most of the time so I have another surface to work on.

Well, that’s how the room turned out!  It’s so nice to have a workroom with a murphy table now even though it still gets messy a lot since I use it so much!

Update: I have since updated my craft rooms a few times! I got a kallax from Ikea and a Create room cubby!

Now, make sure to visit The Country Chic Cottage by clicking here to check out all the other craft room tours!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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