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Create Room Cubby Review, Set Up & Coupon Code!

Learn all about the Create Room cubby and see for yourself how much stuff it can hold! Perfect craft storage system!

If you have been in the crafting community for a while then I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of the amazing Dreambox by Create Room. I know that big boy has been on my wish list for a long time!

But did you know that Create Room also sells other furniture that is super useful for any type of crafter?? Their other furniture items consist of a cool sew station, a dreamcart, and a cubby!

Create Room sent me a craft cubby to try it out and I was amazed at how much stuff it actually held! So let’s talk first about what comes in the box and then I wanted to give you a few tips when setting it up.

create room cubby crafts

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What Comes in the Create Room Cubby Box

The Create Room cubby came in two separate boxes. One is the cubby itself and the other is the drawers I ordered and the shelves.

create room cubby box

The assembly of the craft cubby was really straight forward and pretty quick. There are really only a few boards you have to assemble and all the screws and parts come in labeled bags.

The cubby itself measures 28″ wide x 15″ deep x 28.5″ tall. It is nice and compact to fit really anywhere! You can even get more than one and stack them on top of each other to create even more storage especially if you have a small crafting space.

You can place the tracks in anyway you want to customize where you want the drawers. I put all my large flat drawers on oneside since I knew I would store my iron on vinyl in those.

best craft room cubby

When ordering the cubby, you will select between two different sets of drawers. Both types come with three shelves and 16 tracks.

  • DiviDrawers – These come in three different sizes, 2 XL, 5 Large, and 6 Medium drawers.
  • InView Tote Package – These come in two different sizes, a shoe box size and large flat tote. They are completely clear on all sides so you can see what is in them. These are the ones I have!

The drawers are nice and long. Much longer than some other bins I got from Amazon, as you can tell from the picture below.

clear bin for cubby

Look at how many acrylic paint bottles just one Inview tote holds!

acrylic paint storage

You can check out all about the Create Room cubby and drawer options on their site here. Make sure to use LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTINGCUBBY for a discount on other products!

Tips for Putting Together Cubby

As I mentioned above the assembly was pretty easy. The only part that we had to redo a few times was trying to figure out how much room we needed to leave in between the tracks for the different size drawers!

So to make it easy for you, here are a few tips:

  • The long flat drawers will rest on the tracks themselves (no shelves). We found the perfect spacing to give the large drawers room was two peg holes in between the tracks. My top drawer track was placed on the second hole down from the top and then I left two holes in between and placed another. The tracks insert easily with just a push!
create room cubby

Then they slide nice and easy right on the tracks.

create room cubby large drawers
  • For the shoebox size tote, you will use the 3 shelves that are included. The shelves rest right on top of the track. I found that 4 peg holes in between the tracks to work perfectly!
drawer height on craft cubby
  • 6 of the shoe box totes will fit on the shelves and then the other 4 will sit on the bottom of the cubby (2 on each side).

Organizing Craft Supplies in Cubby

Ok, let’s start putting craft supplies in the cubby! I had a ton of craft supplies I wanted to fit inside including lots of glitter, rolls of HTV, glue gun supplies, jewelry making supplies, different glues, paints, and more!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I have redone my craft room multiple times because I have craft supplies in the office, dining room, kitchen and beyond!

craft room cubby

Can you believe all of this stuff fit in this compact storage unit and that I can actually easily see what’s in the drawers?!!

create room cubby

The flat drawers really can fit two layers of rolled vinyl in them. So luckily I have more space in them for my ever growing collection of iron on vinyl! I love using slap bracelets on them to keep the rolls contained!

create room cubby
Two rows deep of glitter iron on vinyl rolls.
create room cubby
You can see I have extra room to add more rolls in some of the drawers!

The top of the cubby fits a Cricut machine perfectly or an EasyPress and the Hat Press!

best craft cubby
create room cubby after

The drawers hold all of my bottles of glue, paint, mod podge, etc perfectly and they are really easy to pull out and grab what I need!

craft room cubby create room
craft room storage

Yes, I also have a thing with glitter!

glitter storage
create room craft cubby

You can always put a piece of cardstock in the InView drawers and then label all the drawers but I prefer to see where everything is!

Create Room Dreambox

Update: I know have the DreamBox 2! Check out my post all about the Create Room Dreambox 2 here.

In case you didn’t know what a Create room dreambox is, I just wanted to show you some pictures to get you drooling. Maybe even send this post to a spouse to drop a hint for a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift, lol!

The Dreambox is perfect if you have a small working space because it can hold tons, has a fold-down table, lighting, and closes up into a glamorous looking armoire.

Fully opened Dreambox

You can customize the Dreambox to your heart’s content!!

Closed Dreambox

Make sure to learn more about the Dreambox and the other furniture and accessories Create Room offers here. And use my Create Room Discount Code for $100 off a dreambox: LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTINGCUBBY

Create Room also offers financing for monthly payments!

I also love that the Create Room website has a Create Room journey where they give you tools to figure out why you craft, what barriers you have, your goals, and organization tips. Hop on over to figure out your journey here!

I hope this helps answer some of your questions about the Create Room cubby! If you’d like to save this info for later simply hover over the bottom of the image and PIN It now!

createroom cubby review

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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