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Create Room DreamBox 2 Review 2023 (Plus Coupon Code!)

Wanting to learn more about the amazing Create Room DreamBox??!! Let’s go over everything you need to know about the new DreamBox 2!

If you are anything like me, then you have craft supplies in every room of your house overflowing out of every nook and cranny! Over the past decade, I have gotten new storage cabinets and rearranged my craft room a handful of times, always trying to figure out the easiest way to find everything and quickly!

I don’t know how many times I have bought multiples of the same craft supply from the craft store only because I couldn’t find it! Sound familiar??

And if you have been in the Cricut and crafting niche for a long time, I’m sure you’ve heard about or seen pictures of this amazing storage cabinet called a DreamBox.

I saw the original Scrapbox years and years ago and have been wanting my own DreamBox ever since. You might remember that I even have it on my gifts for crafters roundup as the ultimate gift!

I have built a DreamBox that would be perfect for my craft space and added it to my cart so many times, and then always second guesses because of the big investment it is.

create room dreambox

Since I started this little craft blog back in 2016, the two main companies that were my dream to work with were Cricut and Create Room and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when Create Room reached out for a collaboration!!  (lots of screams and happy dances!).

So Create Room did send me a new DreamBox 2 for my honest review, however, I’m not getting additional sponsorship compensation for this post and I did purchase a few upgrades that I’ll go over below.

If you are thinking about purchasing a DreamBox 2, make sure to use my Create Room discount code: LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTING for $100 off Dreambox 2!!

What is a DreamBox??

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First, let’s talk about what a DreamBox is. A DreamBox 2 is one of the amazing storage solutions made by the company Create Room. I love that this company has their factory in the United States and was started by a brother and sister (that just needed her own crafting space.)

A Dreambox is the ultimate crafting storage for both large and small spaces. When it is closed up, it looks like a piece of nice furniture cabinet, but then when the swing doors are opened, your entire crafting room is at your fingertips.

It is sturdy and large and has tons of room to store All. The. Things! There are tons of adjustable shelves so you can customize the box to fit all of your crafting supplies how you want them.

dreambox create room

And my favorite part is that there is a fold-down table without legs! So while I sit and work at the table, I have easy access to all of the supplies I need for each project.

No more walking around pulling each storage box or shoebox totes out of my Ikea cabinet seeing what’s inside taking up precious time in my already busy day!

Different Options for the Dreambox 2

When you go to order a DreamBox 2, there are a few different versions that you get to pick from to make the craft cabinet work for you (storage wise and financially)

First, you can pick the outside look of your DreamBox: either White Ergo (plain white flat door fronts) or White Shaker (upgraded doors to look like shaker cabinets).

dreambox 2 styles

Next, you select the organization package. There are four to choose from.

1. Half Set Totes and Long Dividers: The long dividers maximize the number of totes you can use since it has a smaller rectangular opening (work space is 14.07 inches high by 36.7 inches wide) above the table. The Half set totes include different sizes: 14 small totes, 12 medium totes, 17 large totes, 4 metal rods, 24 hooks, and 58 tracks.

2. Full Set Totes and Long Dividers: Upgraded option of above with almost twice the amount of totes. Includes 14 small totes, 24 medium totes, 34 large totes, 4 rods, 3 jars, 24 hooks, and 88 tracks.

3. Half Set Totes and Short Dividers: The short dividers create a much taller work space (22.8 inches high by 36.7 inches wide) in case you have larger machines or want to put a computer screen inside. You also have the option to purchase a machine shelf separately to add another smaller space. Included are the same number of inview totes as mentioned in Half Set option above.

4. Full Set Totes and Short Dividers: Same box as #3 option with taller work area with the full set tote package mentioned in #2.

The totes themselves are well-constructed! They are acrylic totes that are clear so you can see exactly what’s inside and are easy to add a label on. So many possibilities!!

Create Room offers a financing option which is such a great thing!! If you don’t have the funds to lay down a large chunk of money at once, you can make monthly payments over 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 months!


Find more about the payment plan on the Create Room website here!

It took me a little while to decide on which Organization Package I wanted, but I ultimately settled on #1: Half Set Totes and Long Dividers.

Then you get to choose if you want the DIY assembly or Pre-built Service for an extra $599. This can definitely add to your total, but if you can afford it, I’d say go for it!

The DIY assembly is pretty straightforward but takes about 5-10 hours and at least two people while the Prebuilt service takes an hour or two. It comes in three built sections and all you have to do is put those sections together versus every single part of the box.

I normally like building things, but my husband had a broken foot and I have a bad back (getting older!), so I upgraded to the pre-built and am so glad I did!! I had this bad boy put together in under 3 hours.


Then there are a few DreamBox add-ons you can choose from. An amazing new feature of the new DreamBox 2 is that every box has a built in LED light at the top.

But you do have the option of adding a Deluxe Crown with a double light! Definitely, a fun option if your dedicated craft room has bad lighting or if you like to craft at night when the kids are sleeping!

Then the last few add-ons are a two built-in drawers that would go right above your workspace and also side tables if you want more table space (don’t we all??!!)

If you are thinking about purchasing a Dreambox 2, make sure to use my Create Room discount code: LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTING for $100 off Dreambox 2!!

The Dreambox 2 is definitely a hefty investment, so I would only recommend it if you are financially stable or can easily afford the monthly payments without it causing extra stress in your life!

My DreamBox 2

Now you know all the options, here is what I ended up getting for my DreamBox 2:

  • Half Set Totes and Long Dividers (I already had the Dreambox cubby so I knew I could mix and match some of the totes from there)
  • Pre-Built Assembly
  • I didn’t get any extra add-ons, but I did get a few accessories including the Paper Organizer for all my cardstock, a tool cubby for my markers, and a set of jars that fit on the shelves.

Then the next part of my Create Room journey was figuring out where I wanted to put it! If you’ve followed my transformations before, you know I moved my crafting room and table and video set up from my kitchen table to a small guest room and then to my dining room.

Yes, I moved my farmhouse table to my kitchen and took over the entire dining room with a bunch of different furniture pieces from Ikea.

craft room before dreambox

My dining room had horrible lighting and was the first thing you saw as you came in the front door, so I decided to move into the living room that rarely gets used!

You can see I had craft supplies oozing out of every cabinet and drawer plus I had more in my office. I honestly didn’t think the Dreambox 2 would hold it all. You’ll find out soon!

craft room before and after

Much better lighting and a taller area made my decision to put the beautiful Dreambox opened up in that room.


Once I figure out where I wanted it, came the reorganizing and transferring of all my stuff!

The DreamBox 2 arrived by a freight truck on a Friday night when it was over 100F out, but I sat outside anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Our friendly driver, Juan, brought the 650-pound huge box up our driveway.

dreambox arrival
dreambox warning

I didn’t want it sitting outside all night, so my boys helped me bring in all the parts (again mine was PreBuilt so there wasn’t all that much to bring in separately!).

opening craft storage dream box

I definitely would recommend watching a video or reading something about the arrival (which I failed to do:() because I didn’t know to carry the two side pieces in and leave them on the side.

It was so hot, that I didn’t open any of the smaller boxes with directions. We just stood the parts up and rolled them in. Then I took a shower, maybe had a glass of wine to celebrate, and called it a night!

dreambox in pieces

Customizing the Dreambox 2

The next morning, I got to work! My husband happened to be out of town that weekend which ended up working out since I could spend eight to twelve hours each day over the next three days organizing.

The box with all the screws, hooks, slides, and pieces was nicely organized and all the bags were labeled (I love that!).

dreambox pieces

My 12 year old helped me put the pieces together and it took us almost 3 hours to get it all together and nailed to the wall. We did mess up quite a few times and had to flip things around, so again, watch the video on their website first!

putting together dreambox

I have learned that the flooring in that room is not even! Took me a while to figure that out, but once I did it made sense why the two doors didn’t align when I had it in certain places versus others.

Luckily the place I wanted the Dreambox to live happened to be where the doors close perfectly!

closed dreambox

Then the task of figuring out how I wanted all the totes and shelves started. There are SO MANY variations you can have them in.

It is so customizable to suit each individual’s needs! I was surprised and very happy about that!

drawer tracks create room

I love having all my tools on my right side and all in the same place so I put both shelves with the screw-in hooks there, then I kind of went from there on where to place the other shelves.

attaching hooks to shelf

The glides for the large totes and pins for the shelves were super easy to put in and then change a bunch of times, lol!

My rooms definitely got worse before they got better… lots of stuff everywhere!

organizing dreambox

And you can see just how much light the one LED light gives off.

dreambox light

Since the majority of my crafting is with my Cricut machine, I wanted to make sure I had all my Cricut supplies in the DreamBox 2.

customize dreambox

The totes and door shelves are perfect for holding all my rolls of vinyl. And all those hooks display my Cricut tools and scissors so I can see each one!

craft tool storage hooks
storing vinyl rolls

The larger storage space at the bottom can be configured in so many different ways. I finally got my perfect combination so that I can store my other Cricut machine, EasyPress machines, and all my boxes of Smart Material for my Cricut Maker 3.

review of craft storage box

The jars and shelves are great for the small items and my paint.

dreambox door

Then I also have room for my Create room cubby (learn more here and use promo code LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTINGCUBBY for a discount) with my Autopress on top right next to the Dreambox. I was able to put most of my sublimation supplies, chalk paint, and stains in the cubby.

how much does dreambox hold

The other side of my room contains my Xtool supplies and tumbler press.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Dreambox 2, make sure to use my Create Room discount code: LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTING for $100 off Dreambox 2!!

Adding Liners and Labels to Dreambox 2

Every crafter is going to be different in how they want their DreamBox to look. The totes that come with it are InView which means they are clear. They are made that way so you can see what crafting supplies you have in each tote.

I really loved seeing all the pictures of the colorful Dreamboxes with labels so I knew I was going to make those even before I got the box. Plus I don’t keep my vinyl in the original boxes, they are kind of a hot mess so I didn’t want to see all of that!

Since my house is mostly farmhouse decor and brown and greys, I really wanted a pop of color in my crafting space.

dreambox labels

I found a link to the Dreambox tote liners cut file over at and got busy cutting three different colors of Cricut cardstock.

dreambox tote labels vinyl

Then I used removable white vinyl to create the custom labels and added them to each tote. I used Hey Elsie font for the large and medium totes and Crafty Cat for the mini totes from here.

dreambox review

Now I can find everything so easily! Even my old eyes can see that font!

cute dreambox liners labels

The medium and mini totes even come with dividers if you want to separate items even further!

mini totes dreambox

And the DreamBox 2 Tool Cubby holds all my Cricut pens and markers perfectly! Right with in reach.


The great thing about the DreamBox is I can close it if I want to when people come over so the color won’t look out of place, lol!

dreambox closed

I probably will not close the Dreambox 2 very often. I love looking at it! Just walking down the stairs makes me smile knowing I have a place to go craft at!

I had some large wood letters so I thought the top would be a perfect spot for one of my favorite sayings – DREAM BIG!

dreambox makeover

I received the tool cubby a few weeks after I set everything up so I have pictures without the tool cubby…

dreambox cricut supplies

and with the tool cubby! My portable desktop laser engraver even fits nicely under the shelf.

dreambox tool cubby

You really do have everything right at your fingertips with the Create Room DreamBox.

ultimate craft storage

You can even pull the swing doors in a little closer so you don’t even have to stand up or break your crafting trance!

using dreambox

Whew! I know that was a lot, but there really are so many great things to show you! I hope this helped give you some thoughts about the new DreamBox 2.

create room dreambox

I honestly was shocked at how much stuff it actually held. I got all my crafting supplies where I can find them and close at hand and that makes me one happy crafter for sure!

Remember if you decide to bite the bullet and purchase one, make sure to use my promo code LEAPOFFAITHCRAFTING to get an extra discount at

big craft storage armoire

If you’d like to get a tour of my DreamBox make sure to watch my YouTube video here.

create room dream box 2 review

Just in case you were wondering, my old craft room is now our living room and has a huge empty shelving unit in it, lol! My kids said, “Don’t worry Mom, I’m sure you will have it filled in no time!”.

living room ikea

And you’ll notice there are no crafting supplies left in there! Everything from those two huge Ikea cabinets and standing bookshelf fit into the DreamBox 2!

Now I have room to display the projects from my Cricut Christmas craft book.

cricut christmas projects decor

Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions about the Create Room DreamBox 2!

If you’d like to save this DreamBox 2 review for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

ultimate craft storage cabinet dreambox 2 by create room

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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