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Cricut Bookmarks with Names and Foil: Plus FREE SVG Files!

Learn how to make your own custom Cricut bookmarks a few different ways including with names and with foil! Plus free foil files to use.

You might have noticed I love making bookmarks! They are so easy to make and to personalize especially when you have a Cricut or other cutting machine.

I have a few other tutorials on making felt bookmarks and DIY leather bookmarks, but since the new Cricut foil transfer kit came out I have been itching to make foiled bookmarks.

So for these paper bookmarks, I’m going to show you how to use foil transfer sheets and also how to just draw a name on the bookmark using the Cricut writing function plus give you 5 FREE bookmark SVG templates.

These would make great personalized party favors, stocking stuffers for book lovers, gifts for students, easy gifts for teachers, or gifts to send in homemade cards!

cricut book marks pinterest

If you love the Cricut foil as much as I do, make sure to check out my other tutorials on making personalized address labels, shiny printable vinyl decor, and using foil on a reverse canvas.

If you are still debating on getting a Cricut, make sure to check out my post on which Cricut is for you (Cricut Maker series, Cricut Explore family, or the Cricut Joy!)

Materials Needed for Cricut Bookmarks

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How to Make Bookmarks with Cricut

So first let’s talk about how to make bookmarks in Cricut Design Space. It is basically the same as the Cricut gift tags I posted about.

You can easily design any custom bookmark by adding a rectangle and then any saying on it following the directions below.

But I do have some free bookmark templates for you to use below. Once you have downloaded and uploaded the free bookmark SVG file from below, open a new project and insert them on a new canvas.

Also, if you are new to CDS, make sure to check out my series of Cricut Design Space 101 tutorials to get started.

There are actually 5 different bookmarks in the SVG file, one is a blank bookmark template to customize how you want. Ungroup them (top right) and delete off any that you don’t want. When they come into CDS, they turn colors so it might be hard to see the writing.

free cricut bookmarks

I’m going to foil some and use pens on others but you can do whatever you want! That’s what makes crafting so fun… you can customize them to your needs! Try using the embossing tip, engraving tip, or pens on a variety of materials!

For the ones I’m going to foil, I clicked on the text and then changed the Linetype (or Operation) to Foil and then to Medium. I left the color as gold, but you can change that also.

cricut foil bookmarks

Select both the single stroke word and rectangle and click on Attach.

blessed bookmark free

Repeat the same steps, changing the line type or Operation drop down menu, for the other bookmarks you wish to foil. I chose to use different foil colors. Make sure the rectangle is the bottom layer and attach the words and bookmark together.

diy cricut bookmark

For the faith bookmark with the sketch font, I changed the Draw color to a marker.

faith bookmark diy

For the blank bookmark, I wanted to add a name to it. I also wanted it a little wider. So I unlocked it and then pulled the button with 4 arrows to the side to widen it.

cricut design space unlock

I am going to make two different bookmarks with names so I duplicated the rectangle.

Then I inserted a text box and typed the name. I find it easiest to click on the font drop-down menu and then click on Filter and then Writing so that I know I’m using a writing font in Cricut Access.

writing font cricut

I decided to use Agent Q (you can search for it by typing the name in the font search bar) since I think it makes super cute bookmarks. I love that it has multiple lines so it stands out more. Again I changed the Linetype to Foil and then to Medium.

agent q font

Rotate it around and size it to fit on the bookmark. Then I used Alignment to Center Horizontally and then clicked on Attach.

cricut bookmarks with names

For the second Cricut name bookmark I am going to use the writing function. Again I chose a font with the writing option (DJ Flirty) and changed the Draw color to a marker.

Then selected them both and clicked on Attach.

cricut name bookmarks

I changed the color of the bookmark. Now all the words are attached to their respective bookmarks so I’m ready to Make It!

how to make bookmarks with cricut

As I’ve mentioned in other foil tutorials, you need to move the image down and in a little to leave room for the tape. Also, the tape will rip up certain materials so I’ve learned to spread things out enough so that the tape will be out of the cutting area.

If you are only using one color of foil then leave all the bookmarks next to each other and use a piece of foil transfer sheet large enough to cover all of them. I’m using three different colors so I spread mine all out on the Prepare screen.

cricut foil bookmarks diy

For this mat of bookmarks, I’m only using foil on the far right one, so I moved that one down and in.

cricut name bookmarks cut

From here on out Cricut Design Space will pause and gift you prompts for everything you need to do.

Cutting Out Cricut Name Bookmarks

Make sure to watch the quick process video at the top or side of the post to watch the following steps in action.

I ended up using purple card stock for the ones on the grey mat (it never matters what color of cardstock you actually put on the cutting mat, the Cricut can’t tell if you change your mind!).

I was prompted to insert a pen. For the first Cricut bookmark with a written name, I inserted a 1mm Copper pen.

cricut bookmarks with names

For the Faith bookmark, I inserted a chalk marker into my Cricut machine.

cricut bookmarks with marker

For the third bookmark on this mat, I was instructed to tape down silver foil and make sure the foil housing medium tip was in.

cricut bookmarks with foil

Once it paused, CDS told me to remove the foil and insert the fine point blade housing. The cardstock didn’t rip when I pulled the tape off.

foil cricut bookmarks diy
removing foil from cardstock

I followed all the same steps for the black foiled bookmarks. I used black kraft board for these custom bookmarks but the tape sometimes rips up the Kraft Board.

The Cricut paused three different times to tell me to remove and add a different colored foil. (The process video at the side is when I made the black foiled bookmarks.)

adding foil to kraft board

The last step is always putting back the fine point housing for the Cricut to cut out the bookmarks.

cutting cardstock with cricut explore air 2

It’s easiest to peel the mat away from the cardstock so it doesn’t bend.

removing cardstock from cricut mat

That’s it on how to make a beautiful bookmark! Now you can add ribbons or a bookmark tassel like the tassels I made in my graduation cap tutorial.

cricut bookmarks
diy cricut bookmarks

I love the aqua foil name on the black bookmark, so shiny and fun!

cricut name on bookmark

Get inspired by even more cardstock projects to make with your Cricut here.

FREE Cricut Bookmarks SVG File

As a reminder, all of my FREE SVG files are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Please click here to purchase a commercial license if you want to use the files for commercial purposes such as to sell items for your small business.

Sometimes the file will look blurry when you first open it, but once you download it, the SVG will open up clearly.

If it doesn’t automatically download, you might need to right-click on it and Save As. If you need additional help, make sure to check out my post on how to download and upload files to CDS.

Or check out my Cricut Design Space 101 series for even more tutorials.

If you want more FREE single stroke SVG cut files to use with the foil or engraving tip, hop on over to the post by clicking on the link.

More Pictures of the DIY Cricut Bookmarks

Sometimes it’s so hard for me to decide on which pictures to add to my posts. Since I made quite a few different cardstock bookmarks I wanted to showcase all of them!

paper cricut bookmarks
diy cricut bookmarks
diy cricut bookmarks
cricut name bookmarks diy

I love all of these foiled bookmarks!

diy cricut bookmarks

Which one is your favorite?

how t make bookmarks with cricut foil
cricut bookmarks be still

If you’d like to share or save this tutorial on making bookmarks with a Cricut cutting machine, hover over the top of the image below and PIN It now!

free cricut bookmark svg file pinterest

If you’d like even more Cricut bookmark ideas check out these coloring bookmarks from or these felt bookmarks from

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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