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Cricut Cake Toppers: How to Make a Cake Topper with Cricut!

Learn how to easily make Cricut cake toppers with just a few paper supplies. You can customize toppers for any occasion!

Today I thought I’d share with you a fun Cricut paper craft project. When I started with my first Cricut cutting machine 10 years ago, I only made paper crafts.

I would only cut cardstock to make cards or signs for our school PTA. Wow, times have changed!!

With Cricut Design Space, you have access to hundreds of paper craft projects and the ability to design your own. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make cake toppers with a Cricut from super easy to a little more detailed.

There are so many times in our lives when we are celebrating with cakes. Think cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new jobs, new homes, baby showers, weddings, Christmas, and so much more!

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Cricut. However, all opinions and projects are my own.

cake toppers with cricut

What Kind of Paper Crafts Can you Make with a Cricut?

Since a Cricut machine can cut tons of different types of paper, let’s talk first about some other quick projects you could make.

When we talk about paper crafts, crafters don’t just mean using copy paper or notebook paper. There is a wide range of materials with different thicknesses that you can use to make different projects.

My favorite paper products to work with are regular cardstock, glitter cardstock, sparkle paper, and printable sticker paper.

You can find a bunch of Cricut paper crafts within Cricut Design Space, by scrolling down the project menu to Paper Crafts.

cricut paper crafts cds

Depending on which Cricut you have, you’ll find a variety of easy Cricut projects including cards, banners, wine labels, 3D projects, cupcake toppers, wall decor, lollipop holders, gift tags, and more!

You can make a lot of the projects with any Cricut machineCricut Maker, Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore Air family, or the Cricut Joy.

If you go to the material settings drop-down menu for each machine, you’ll find a long list of which paper and cardstock the Cricut can cut.

paper settings cricut
cricut glitter cardstock setting

But as I said, today we are going to be making a DIY cake topper, so let’s get to it!

Customizing Cake Toppers in Cricut Design Space

For the easiest way to make a cake topper, click on Images in Cricut Design Space and then type “cake topper” in the search bar. There will be over a thousand results that would be perfect for a birthday party, baby shower,

Find one you like, cut, and you’re ready to go!

search cake topper cds

If you don’t want to be able to see through the topper wording and want a shadow layer, use the offset tool to add another layer.

cake topper offset
happy birthday cake topper

To customize the sentiment, add a text box. I opted to use the font “Bayamo” and typed in Happy 6th Birthday Emily.

font cricut

I think it’s easier to move individual lines so I clicked on Advanced and then Ungroup to Lines.

ungroup to lines cricut

Then I was able to move the lines close together so part of the letters of each line are overlapping. This makes it way easier to glue onto another layer since I won’t have to glue on every single letter individually!

Once the letters are how I like them, I select all of them with my cursor and click on Weld at the bottom right.

weld cricut

Then I clicked on Offset to make a shadow layer. You can change the size of the offset if you want more background to show or less.

cricut offset for cake topper

If you know exactly where you want the offset, you can weld it to the image you are using. I wasn’t quite sure when I wanted it placed on the balloons, so I kept them separate.

happy birthday custom cricut

Once your custom topper is designed, it’s time to start cutting!

cake topper ideas cardstock

How to Make Cricut Cake Toppers

Yield: 1 cardstock cake topper
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1

The steps are pretty much the same for all of the different cake toppers I am going to be showing you. Find an image in Cricut Access or use a few different SVG files to make a custom topper!



  1. Find images you want to use for your own cake toppers in Design Space software. I am making quite a few cake toppers, so I have multiple on my canvas.cricut cake topper design Size the images to fit your cake. If you are using larger images, you can always move them around on the Prepare screen to use less material.moving images on cricut mat
  2. Place the material you will be cutting on a green cutting mat. I like to use my brayer to make sure it's nice and flat.using brayer
  3. I always turn my Cricut Explore setting wheel to custom and choose my material from the drop down menu on my screen.paper settings cricut Since I was cutting out multiple designs, I changed my material settings in between my cuts to match the different materials (glitter cardstock, regular cardstock, and sparkle paper).
  4. For the 3D princess dress and rosette toppers, Cricut Design Space told me to put a scoring stylus in Clamp A. (This won't be needed if you are doing flat Cricut cake toppers).cricut cake topper with scoringadding cricut tool in clamp a cricut
  5. Follow all of the directions from Cricut Design Space. You will load a new mat for each different color. Continue loading and unloading mats until your full design is cut out.using scoring stylus cricut explore air
  6. When removing cardstock from a Cricut mat, turn the mat upside down and peel it away from the cardstock. This will help prevent the paper for removing cardstock from cricut mat
  7. You can also use a spatula to lift the edges of intricate designs up and then remove the rest of the way with tweezers or your fingers.using cricut spatulagirl or boy cake topper cricut
  8. Use glue sticks, double sided tape, or a glue pen to glue the different layers together.gluing intricate cardstock lettersplacing cardstock layers on shadow layercustom cake topper cricutmaking cricut cake topper balloons
  9. If using a 3D design, fold on the score lines and then put the design together. I find hot glue works better to hold the edges together.cricut princess dress d
  10. Now that your image is ready to go, you'll need to attach something that will hold it up. You can use a wooden dowel, pretty straws, bamboo skewers, plastic floral sticks, or toothpicks depending on how tall you want the topper off the cake.cricut cake toppers If your design has the long skinny pokes already on it, glue the wooden stick to the back of those. If not, just use a hot glue gun to glue sticks or straws to the back of the topper.back of cake topperhappy birthday diy cake toppercake toppers with cricket
  11. Put the cake topper on the cake and admire your handy work!balloon cake topper


See post above to learn about designing the toppers and below to check out my favorite tips and tricks!

Recommended Products

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Keep reading for more Cricut cake topper ideas!

There are so many possibilities!

More Cake Topper Ideas

The top of a cake can be super simple with just a phrase.

cricut cake topper ideas

Or a phrase with the shadow layer.

cricut happy birthday topper

Or custom with how old the birthday child is and their name.

cake toppers with cricut explore air
custom cake topper birthday cricut

Or you can be all ready for a gender reveal party! The person who knows the sex of the baby can order a blue or pink inside cake and when the Mom cuts the cake, everyone finds out!

Can be simple…

girl or boy cake topper cricut

…or with more decorations. After I glued the sticks on the back of the rosette fans I realized they were not tall enough and needed to be higher than the girl or boy sentiment on this small cake!

gender reveal cake

Add depth to a cake with a 3D design like this beautiful dress I cut out of sparkle paper (would be perfect for a quinceanera!)

princess birthday topper diy

You could cut it out of white for a wedding dress too! The princess dress looks beautiful just on its own!

d cake topper cricut
cricut cake toppers

Tips for Making Custom Cake Topper

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when making these extra special toppers:

  • You don’t have to use cardstock for your cake toppers. You can use metallic poster board like I did when making a Mr. and Mrs. cake topper. Embellish the top or side of the cake with paper flowers.
diy cake topper cricut
  • It’s best to use a thick font when working with intricate wording. Especially if you are using a small font size. Sometimes the tiny letters won’t cut and they are hard to work with. I prefer to use iron on vinyl and my Cricut EasyPress Mini to adhere small names and words to cardstock.
  • Make sure you are using a clean Cutting mat and a sharp fine point blade. When I’m cutting a lot of thicker materials like cardstock, I remove my blade housing and punch my blade into a ball of tin foil to clean and sharpen the blade.
cleaning cricut blade
  • If you have a Cricut Maker, you are open to even a wider variety of different materials. You can use the Cricut knife blade and strong grip mat to cut balsa wood or chipboard to make sturdier gorgeous cake toppers!
  • Browse Pinterest for cake topper inspiration, then design your own to suit your event. You’ll be amazed at the cool toppers you could come up with combining files already available to you! Learn how to make this cupcake topper here.
mermaid cupcake topper diy
Mermaid theme cupcake topper
  • If you want to even get more festive, you can make a shaker cake topper. It is the same idea as my shaker card tutorial.

Well, I hope you got some good ideas from this cake topper tutorial!

cake topper cricut pin

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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