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Cricut Candy Holder with Dome Tutorial!

Make an adorable Cricut candy holder with cardstock and half of a plastic ornament. Perfect for party favors or as a little gift!

Oh the cuteness of these adorable candy holders, right??!! I have been seeing these candy dome holders all over Facebook groups, and they have been on my list to make for months.

Now with the holiday season upon us, it was time! Granted we didn’t even have any candy in our house yet, I had to borrow some from my neighbor, lol!

These dome candy holders come together pretty quickly and would make a fun gift for classmates, students, co-workers, or neighbors. Or giving them as party favors at a Christmas party or Halloween party would be a fun way to use them!

Make a few and add them to a boo bucket or you’ve been elfed goody bag!

I have a step by step tutorial on how to put together the snowman candy holder below and also a full YouTube video of putting together both the Halloween and Christmas candy holders down below.

cricut candy holders pin

If you are a paper hoarder like I am, then I’m sure you’ll have all sorts of card stock to use for these Cricut crafts!

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Where to Find Candy Holder SVG Files

There are a few candy holders within Cricut Access. You could also make your own design by slicing out a circle the size of your plastic ornament of the top layer of most multi-layered cut files.

For this tutorial, I’m using these two candy holder SVG files from Creative Fabrica. They have quite a few super cute cut files to use as dome candy holders. (snowman is here!)

And you can try a one-month premium subscription to Creative Fabrica for $1 here! That’s right, download to your heart’s content and then keep the monthly subscription for $19 a month, cancel if you don’t like it, or purchase an entire year for $79!

All of the cut files come with a commercial use license so you can make a bunch of Cricut candy holders to sell if you want to earn some extra cash for the holiday season!

Plastic Domes to Use for Cricut Candy Holder

The files I selected to make had directions included in the zipped folder and stated were to be used with a 3.15 inch or 80 mm size of ornament.

You can get different sizes of fillable plastic ornament baubles to use. You’d just need to resize the digital files.

I purchased the 3.15 mm clear plastic fillable ornaments ball 20 pack from Amazon, but you could also make smaller candy holders by using the 1.96 inch / 50 mm size or even a bigger holder with a 3.94 inch!

I’m sure you can also find the ornament halves at local craft stores during the Christmas season.

Another option that you might have on hand or be able to find in a store is a plastic cup lid without a straw hole that you’d use for pudding cups, parfait cups, or fruit cups.

Ok, let’s get started! You can even print the instructions in the card if that’s easier for you!

Yield: 1 Candy Holder

Cricut Candy Holder with Dome Tutorial!

candy holders cute

Make these adorable candy holders using a Cricut or other cutting machine! A perfect little gift for party favors or just because!

I have a full video tutorial of all these steps in action at the bottom of the post if you are more of a visual learner.

Active Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  1. Download the candy holder SVG file and upload it into Cricut Design Space. The digital file is specific for a 3.15 inch half plastic ornament so do not resize. There are instructions within the zipped file that you downloaded.cricut design space candy holder
  2. Follow all on screen prompts to cut each layer out of cardstock. Place cardstock on a green Cricut cutting mat and load it into the Cricut machine when prompted by CDS.cricut candy holder tutorialcutting cardstock for candy holder
  3. Unload mats and remove the cut pieces from the mat.dome candy holdersnowman candy holder
  4. For the snowman candy holder, I started by gluing the black layer to the front white glitter layer with double sided tape (use your favorite adhesive!)putting together dome candy holdersnowman layer of candy holder cricut
  5. Then glue on the scarf, mittens, hat, and carrot nose. I added a few of the snowflakes there were cut out as extra embellishments.candy dome christmas snowman
  6. Now it's time to add some candy to the dome, AKA half of a fillable plastic ornament. You could use clear plastic lids with no holes like they use for fruit cups or parfait cups.domes for cricut candy holders dome for candy holder
  7. The bottom layer of the Cricut candy holder has a circular shape of cut lines with a pull tab. This is to get the candy out! The recipient of the cute candy holder will pull on the tab on the back side of the gift to release the candy.candy holder cricut cut line
  8. Put some small pieces of candy in the plastic ornament and flip it over so the dome side is facing you. Then place 3d foam adhesive all around the cardstock. At the bottom under the dome, make sure to use a thin piece of foam adhesive so the dome can move a little when the top layer is added on. I added too thick of a foam square and it stuck out the bottom so I removed it, cut it in half and then put it back in between the layers.adding foam to candy holder
  9. Remove all the paper backings of the foam and place the top layer on. For the best results, I found it easiest to start at the top and line up the hat and pom pom and then stick it down.cricut candy holder tutorialPush down around the plastic ornament so it's nice and sealed candy dome holder
  10. Admire how cute the sweet gift you made is! Now the candy is easily accessible on the back side of the holder.candy holders with cricut how to make dome candy holder


For the monster candy holder made with a Cricut, I only used foam adhesive near the dome and then double-sided tape around the outer edges. This works too, you'll just notice a slight bump where the part of the ornament that you would hang it from sticks out.

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Can you imagine the smiles on the faces of those who will receive one of these cute candy holders??!! I smile every time I look at them!

If you need a bit more inspiration for craft projects this time of year, make sure to check out our roundup of the best Christmas Cricut crafts and Halloween projects.

halloween candy holder cricut
candy holders cute

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

Happy Holidays!

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    This is a fun easy craft. I have made several of these before, but I have not tried the foam to hold the dome. I use Bearly Art Glue around the edges of the dome. I have also made several with the ‘iris mechanism’ on the back so you can open and close them. Thanks for sharing! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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