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Cricut Christmas Ornaments That Are Quick and Easy!

Learn many different ways to make Cricut Christmas ornaments. Get inspired by this list of over 25 ornaments to make with a Cricut!

I have made a lot of Christmas ornaments with my Cricut over the past 10 years and I’ve been busy making more for this year during the holiday season.

I purchased one pack of acrylic ornaments and made a bunch of quick and elegant ornaments in minutes. These Cricut ornaments should definitely be added to your Christmas crafts list!

There are a lot of ways to decorate ornaments with a Cricut, but today I have my favorite three. These would go perfectly with your other DIY Christmas decorations or as gifts for any family member or really anyone!

And you don’t need to stop with ornaments, these would make super cute gift tags, great gifts, or acrylic keychains (or both)!

I do have a full YouTube video going over all of these steps if you like to watch the steps in action (link below).

diy cricut christmas ornaments

Materials Needed for Cricut Christmas Ornaments

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Options for the Back of Cricut Ornaments

There are so many ways to decorate the back of these acrylic Cricut Christmas ornaments. I looked through my stash of crafting supplies and found a few things to try.

The first thing you’ll need to do is peel off the paper backing on one side of the acrylic ornament. There is a paper on each side, but I like to leave the front one on until I am adding the vinyl so it doesn’t get scratched.

peeling film off acrylic ornament

A fun way to add a pop of color to the ornaments is by adding some paint to the back.

I painted swishes of liquid gold leaf on some and white chalk paint on others. (Make sure to watch the video at the bottom to see all these steps in action!)

painting back acrylic ornament

I also used a Martha Stewart pearl paint and glitter speck paint. I tried a Patio paint but it was kind of see through (the green one) so I didn’t end up using it. Let all the paint fully dry before adding the vinyl to the front.

acrylic cricut ornament ideas

How to Glitter the Back of Acrylic Ornaments

I love my disc glitter ornaments, but I have to say these flat ornaments are much easier to make because there is no curve to them!

Once I peeled the paper backing off, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the acrylic circle using long and even brush strokes.

mod podge ornament
mod podge glitter ornament

Once Mod Podge is covering the entire ornament, dump some extra fine glitter all over it so it’s covered and then shake the excess off.

flat glitter ornament

Let the glitter dry for 15-20 minutes. Then use a dry flat brush and brush over the glitter to take the excess glitter that didn’t glue down off.

I wanted two layers of glitter to ensure good coverage (but this is optional). So I applied another thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the glitter and again dumped glitter on top and then tapped off the excess.

mod podge glitter ornament
dumping glitter on ornament

Let that layer dry for another 20 minutes or so. Then I applied a layer of Triple Thick on top since I think it’s a little better sealer, but you can also use another layer of Mod Podge to seal it.

I stuck my weeding tool into the hole at the top of the ornament to open it up so the Mod Podge didn’t seal it. Then let the ornament fully dry.

glittered acrylic ornament

How to Make Ornaments with a Cricut

I found all of the images I am using in Cricut Access. If you don’t have Access you can purchase individual images or find some free SVG files on the internet or browse through my free SVG file library where I have a ton including Mom SVGs, blessed SVG files, and faith SVGs. (I also have a lot of Christmas SVG files in my subscriber section, so make sure to subscribe!)

I just typed in Christmas in the images search bar and found images and sayings I wanted to use.

Then I inserted two different sized circles to correspond to my 2 inch round acrylic ornaments and the 3 inch ones. That way I can change the size of the images and see how they’ll look on a 3 inch round ornament.

cricut ornaments design space
christmas cricut ornaments design

Once I had them all the sizes I wanted, I went into the layers panel and click on Color Sync. And then moved some of the cut files into others to combine the colors. This is a great way to decrease the number of Cricut mats you will need.

There were about 4 different red colors so I moved them all into one!

design space ornaments cricut

Choose the colors of vinyl you want and cut all the images out using a Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Maker, or Cricut Joy. Then weed off the extra vinyl.

cutting cricut vinyl ornament
vinyl for cricut ornaments

Applying Vinyl to Cricut Ornaments

Once your image is weeded and the back of the ornament is dry, it’s time to apply the vinyl.

Remove the backing off the front side of the acrylic ornament blank.

making cricut ornaments

Apply transfer tape to your vinyl and scrape it down.

cricut christmas ornaments tutorial

If you are using two different colors of vinyl, you can apply them both on to one piece of transfer tape or apply them to the ornament one by one.

transfer tape on vinyl

Place on the ornament and scrape down well. Peel off transfer tape and viola, an elegant and easy Cricut Christmas ornament!

applying vinyl acrylic cricut christmas ornament
cricut christmas ornaments noel
cricut christmas ornaments

Our free faith SVG files would also be perfect for religious ornaments!

Tips for Layering Vinyl

A few of my Christmas cut files have a few layers. A great tip to use when lining up layers of vinyl is using parchment paper.

The vinyl does not stick to it and it’s see-through enough that you can see where to put the top layer of vinyl so that it’s centered.

For this peppermint candy ornament, I painted the back white with chalk paint and sized the cut file to 3 inches to perfectly fit the acrylic blank.

Apply the top layer of the image to transfer paper and scrape it down well. Peel off the back paper from the vinyl

layering vinyl how
layering adhesive vinyl

Place a small piece of parchment paper over the next layer of vinyl leaving some room at the top to stick down the transfer paper.

layering vinyl with parchment paper

Line up the top layer (my red layer) over the green layer. Press the top of the transfer tape to the backing of the layer below it (the green layer) where you left some space at the top.

using parchment paper to layer vinyl

Hold down the top where the transfer tape is on the paper backing and flip up the transfer tape. Remove the parchement paper and place the layer down directly where it was. It should line up exactly where you had it before!

layering vinyl tips
cricut ornament peppermint

I have a third layer so I repeated the same process. I removed the transfer tape with both the red and green layer now on it and placed a piece of parchment paper over my bottom black layer.

Again, I lined the layers up, held down the top part, removed the parchment paper, and placed the top layers down. Scrape them down well and then add the entire thing to the ornament. Scrape and then remove the transfer tape!

adhesive vinyl tips
cricut christmas ornament pinwheel
cricut christmas ornaments

More Cricut Vinyl Ornaments Ideas

I made quite a few Cricut vinyl ornaments since they are so quick and easy. This would be a perfect project for a ornament making holiday party or as a Ladies Night Out at church or with coworkers.

cricut christmas ornaments

As I mentioned before, some of these ornaments with names would make great tags for ornaments and then can be used as keychains. Add some embellishments for a cute DIY keychain.

Gold leaf applied first to back. Then chalk paint applied over it.

For the name ornaments, I used Hello Lovely font.

Pearl acrylic paint on the back with shimmer vinyl on front for name.
cricut christmas ornaments
Vinyl cut on mirror setting on back and vinyl on front.
Liquid gold on back.
cricut christmas ornaments
Glitter mod podged on back.
cricut christmas ornaments
cricut christmas ornaments
Glitter on back.
cricut christmas ornaments
Glitter paint on back. Holographic vinyl for reindeer.
cricut christmas ornaments
Liquid gold leaf on back. After dry, applied white chalk paint.
cricut christmas ornaments

DIY Acrylic Cricut Engraved Ornaments

If you own a Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3, then you can make some fun engraved acrylic ornaments quickly. I found a few images in Cricut Access when I filtered it to Draw Only.

Once you have an image on your canvas, click on the Operation drop-down menu and select Engrave. The image will change slightly.

change to engrave cricut

I like to insert a 3-inch circle to size the image. Then delete or hide the circle shape before you hit the Make It button.

cricut ornament template

I have an entire Cricut Maker engraving post if you want a more in-depth process and video if you’d like to check it out.

Peel the front paper off the ornament and place it down on the mat.

On the Prepare screen move the image to a spot that corresponds to where you placed the acrylic circle. I moved mine in between the 3 and 6 inch lines which is where my acrylic was.

cricut engraved ornament how

Tape down the edges of the ornament with blue painter’s tape. Move the white rollers to the edge of the Maker and insert the engraving tip.

acrylic ornament cricut

Let the Maker do it’s thing! Pull the ornament off the mat and then take the paper backing off the other side of the ornament.

cricut engraving ornament
cricut christmas ornaments
cricut christmas ornaments

Engraving is not always the easiest to see so if you want it to pop more you can add some of the liquid gold on the backside of the ornament.

cricut christmas ornaments

Cricut Photo Ornaments

Another quick and easy ornament to make with your Cricut electronic cutting machines is a photo ornament. Upload a photo into Cricut Design Space.

Again, insert a 3 inch circle. Place the circle over the photo where you want it cut, select both images and click on Slice.

cricket photo ornament
slice photo in design space

Delete off the extra parts.

sliced cricut photo

If you want to add a year to the DIY photo ornament, insert a text box and pick a font. I use the curvature tool to curve the letters up a bit. (Make sure to check out my YouTube video here to see a walk-through of these steps.)

printing text ornament
diy photo ornament cricut

Once everything is how you like it, select the photo circle and the letters and click Flatten. This will turn the entire image into a print and cut.

flatten photo cricut

When you click Make It, you’ll see the photo pop up on an 8.5×11 inch paper with a black box around it. The box is the read lines that the Cricut needs to know where to cut.

photo ornament cricut

Click continue and then send the image to your home printer to print on printable vinyl. Once it’s printed, place it on a Cricut cutting mat, select printable vinyl and let the Cricut cut it out.

Remove the cutout photo and place it on an acrylic circle ornament (with the backings removed).

That’s all there is to it! Quick and easy Cricut Christmas ornament to hang on your flocked tree or to give out as gifts.

cricut christmas ornaments

Now that we have looked at three different ways to decorate acrylic ornaments using an electronic cutting machine, let’s browse through some amazing other DIY Cricut ornaments.

25 Cricut Christmas Ornaments to Make Now!

Get inspired by these fun and elegant Cricut Christmas ornaments to make for your own home or to give as gifts. Simply click on the "Go to Tutorial" button to hop on over to get the instructions.

I hope you got inspired by some of these amazing Cricut Christmas ornaments!

If you’d like to save these Cricut ornament ideas for later, simply hover over the image below and Pin It now!

cricut ornaments

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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