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How to Write with Cricut and Cut in One Step!

Need Cricut Design Space help?? In this 5th video of the Cricut Design Space 101 series, you will learn how to use the write and cut function.

We are moving right along to part 5 in our How to Use Cricut Design Space series.  Today we will be learning about the write and cut function on your Cricut machine.  This is a great way to make gift tags or invitations.

However, one of the downsides of using the write function in CDS, is that it only will write the outline of the letters as it does with the engraving tool and foil transfer kit

You can use the Cricut draw and cut function on all of the Cricut machines, including the Cricut Explore Air 2, the Cricut Maker, and the Cricut Joy!

So let’s talk about how to draw and cut on Cricut, plus I have a great tip for you on how to get it to write thick letters and have also added how to change from cut to draw on the Cricut app!

cricut design space help pin

Last year I made some snowy mason jar centerpieces with bible verses on the paper holly for a church event.  This was one of the first times I used the write and cut function and I loved how they came out.

Christmas mason jar decor

Cricut design space has changed some things since then so I wanted to make a new video on how to write with the Cricut at the bottom of the post(plus the recording was horrible on the first video!! Sorry!)

mason jar centerpieces diy

Cricut Design Space Help

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If you need further instruction with Cricut’s software, you might find the previous Cricut design space help tutorials useful:


All of these videos and more tutorials are available on my YouTube channel.  Make sure to hop over there and subscribe so you don’t miss any of the upcoming CDS tutorials.

Tips for Using Write and Cut Cricut Function

I will go over all of this in the video but wanted to give you a few screenshots of where things are first.

As I mentioned, Cricut came out with a new update in 2021 that does not allow you to click on the button in your layers and change to write.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, because you can’t do it anymore!

Now, you have to access the DRAW function, not write on the top left of center.

Under Operation, there is a dropdown that defaults to Basic Cut.  Then depending on which Cricut machine you have selected, you’ll see CUT, DRAW (pen, foil, score, etc.) and Print then Cut.  We will obviously be working with DRAW in this post.  DRAW=WRITE

how to write with cricut

Once you click on Pen, you’ll see the text turn to just outlines of a basic font that look like bubble letters.

write on cricut outlines

Most of the time we don’t want just outline fonts. Almost all system fonts you have on your computer are not single line fonts, which is what Cricut needs to write.

To convert the outlines to a Cricut writing font, under the Style drop down click on Writing. Now you’ll see the single line of the font you had.

writing function cricut

You can easily find the fonts specific for writing in Cricut Design Space (that you have with a Cricut Access subscription) by clicking on the filter in the Fonts drop down menu. Then click on Writing. Scroll through to see which different fonts you can use.

filter writing font cricut design space

You’ll notice if I only choose system font, that no writing fonts will show up. Again creating a writing font isn’t easy! I know because I created a free SVG file for you of a Thank You single writing font.

system writing font

How to Draw and Cut on Cricut

So now let’s make a project using the draw function in Design space software.

For this example of how to write with Cricut design space, I will be showing you how to add two different types of text to a tag.

I found these dove tags under Images in CDS and inserted it onto a canvas. (This is from an older version of CDS so things might look slightly different).

You can find Cricut fonts to use for writing if you filter the fonts when you are in the Fonts drop-down menu. When you click on Filter, select Writing.

writing filter cricut

Then after you type text into a text box click on the Style drop down and select Writing or click on Operation and select Draw. You can do either to change Cricut from cut to draw.

writing font cricut

Once you do either of those actions, you’ll notice the text changes to a skinny writing font and the word under Linetype is now Draw.

how to write with cricut

With your text block selected, click on the Square next to the word Draw and change the type of pen and color you want to use.

All of the types of Cricut markers and pens (including Infusible Ink pens, gel pens, extra fine point, calligraphy pens) will appear along with all of the different colors of each.

marker type cricut

This is just so the Cricut can tell you exactly which color to insert when. (You can always change your mind on the pen, the Cricut can’t actually tell which one you insert!)

I decreased the line space and aligned the text to fit over the tag how I wanted it.

Now that we have the font how we want it, you’ll need to attach it to whatever you want it to draw on.  Use your cursor to put a box around the tag and font, and click the attach button.

cricut draw and cut attach
cricut 101 course

Then you’ll see in your layers panel, an attached group that has a draw and a cut.

cricut design space help

How to Draw a Thick Font with a Cricut

As I mentioned before, a Cricut will only draw or write the outlines of letters unless they are a single line type.

But there is a way to get around that and that is to use fonts that are colored in or sketch fonts.

I used and typed “sketch” in the search bar.

You’ll notice a bunch of different font styles come up that look like they are hand-drawn and colored in. This is what we need! We want the Cricut to draw all of those small lines.

sketch fonts free

I chose Sketch Block and clicked on Download. Make sure to check out my tutorial on uploading fonts to use in Cricut if you need more help with this step.

write thick font cricut

Make sure to refresh CDS if you just installed the font and had the app open so it will show up.

I always use the search box. I typed in sketch to find the sketch block font and selected it.

sketch font cricut

Then make sure to turn the words from Cut to Draw by selecting Draw under the Linetype drop-down menu.

change cut to draw

So now when I select that font in CDS and attach it to the tag, my Cricut will color the letters in with the write function.

cricut design space help

How to Change from Cut to Draw on Cricut App

Changing from cut to write or draw on the Cricut app is a little bit different but still easy!

When you click on Text in the lower left hand corner you will find the filter icon on the top right of the pop up window.

cricut font writing on cricut app ipad

Then choose Has Writing Style.

how to change from cut to write on app

Select a font and type whatever you want in the text box. Then while the text is selected (click on it so a rectangle appears around it) click on Edit.

Then another tool bar will pop up. Now to change the font from cut to draw on the Cricut mobile app, Click on Style then Writing.

how to change from cut to write on app

The text will change from cut to draw and turn skinny. Now you can click on the Draw circle in the lower right of the Cricut app to change the pen/marker style and color.

how to change from cut to draw on app
how to change from cut to draw on cricut app

That’s all there is to using write and cut on the Cricut app. If you are using a tablet or iPad, make sure to check out my tutorials on how to curve text and how to download fonts on the iPad.

How to Write with Cricut

Now that you have everything changed to write and attached it’s time for your machine to do the rest!

When you click Make It, and set your material, the Cricut will prompt you to insert a pen with the Cricut pen colors you selected.  Simply open the clasp of clamp A, insert the pen until you hear it click, and close the clamp.

cricut write and cut
write and cut cricut

You also do not have to only use the Cricut pens.  There are a ton of other pens that work with the Cricut.  Check out Fields of Heather post on alternative markers for Cricut. 

The Cricut will first draw with the inserted pen and then will cut out the tag.

You can use the draw function on so many materials, I even used it on a leather journal using a Sharpie.

Write and Cut Cricut Video Tutorial

So these are the two different tags I will be showing you how I made in the video tutorial.

how to draw and cut on cricut
how to write and cut with cricut

Please let me know if you have any questions after you watch the video at the top or side of the post about the writing feature (it moves around!). Make sure to turn on your volume to listen to the explanations.

cricut write and cut

How to Write with Cricut

Yield: 1 tag
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $0

Learn how to write with Cricut to make unique cards, tags, and signs!


  1. In Cricut Design Space, click on Text. Write the text you want in the text box.
  2. Under the drop down Basic Cut, change to Draw and Pen. Click on the box next to pen and select which Cricut pen and color you are using.
  3. To find Cricut writing fonts, filter the Font drop down menu to Writing.
  4. Or from the canvas, click on Style and select Writing.
  5. Insert a shape or tag that you want the writing on.
  6. Center the text over the tag. Select all and Click Attach.
  7. Follow all of the Cricut Design Space prompts to insert your pen and to swap to the fine point blade when needed.


See post for full step by step instructions.

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Cricut Design Space tutorial for beginners. Watch a video tutorial on how to use the write and cut function in the updated version of Cricut Design Space. Watch how to make cute DIY gift tags. #cricutdesignspace #gifttags

Have a creative day!

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  1. Patti says:

    This was a wonderful instructional video. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong though! I am trying to make a card stock pocket with writing on it. It keeps separating the pocket and the writing on 2 different mats. I have tried numerous times…I believe that they are attached, but it still does not work. Any help or suggestion is appreciated!

  2. Heather O. says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! We actually watched soley to get it to write, then cut. We were missing the attach step, we were hitting group instead. You saved our project!

  3. Oh yay!! So glad it helped!

  4. Claudia says:

    Hi Amy! Thank you for sharing how to navigate through the world of circuit. I’m a newbie and I’m making tags for our banquet this Saturday 🙂 watching your video helped me save sooo much time praise the Lord ! Which font did you use on your beautiful holly tags? Thank you again for your help!

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