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Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Slice Multiple Layers Video Tutorial

Link to a Cricut design space tutorial on how to slice multiple layers. Learn how to easily slice multi-layer images to add names or monograms.

Here is my second Cricut Design Space tutorial video on how to slice images to add names in the middle like I did on my DIY family Disney shirts.

The first video found by clicking here showed you how to actually cut the image and its multiple layers in half.  This Cricut design space slice multiple layers video tutorial will show you how to slice out a section of your layered image to add a monogram or name to it.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about!

Cricut Design Space Tutorial

Watch this new video I made with Ezvid:

Make your own at

Then check out my blog post on how to press the HTV onto the shirts by clicking here!

Thanks for checking out my blog!  If you make any shirts, let me know!

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