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FREE Disney Font for Cricut {Where to Find Them!}

Making Cricut Disney projects is so much fun if you know where to find Disney fonts and how to use them with your Cricut. Make a cute Disney fund jar!

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World?  Over the years I have been to both my kiddos and this year I’m taking just a girl’s trips with my friends!

Unfortunately, all these Disney vacations cost a lot of money!  Visiting Disney on a budget is not the easiest thing to do, so I decided to make a Disney fund jar to save my extra change and cash when I have it so that I’ll have a little bit of a cash cushion when I go.

Making a Disney fund jar is super quick and easy with a Cricut cutting machine.  I’ve made a lot of Cricut Disney projects with tutorials in the past including family DIY Disney shirts, a Disney countdown, Disney vacation ornaments, large Mickey Mouse cut-out, and a custom Disney tumbler.

disney font for cricut pinterest

I have had many Cricut cutting machines so I had a few Disney Cricut cartridges that have some great images on them.  Unfortunately, the cartridges are not available anymore and Cricut changes the Disney availablity in Cricut Access sometimes.

So I wanted to show you step by step how to upload Disney fonts to use in Cricut Design Space and how to make a simple Mickey Mouse head for this Dollars for Disney savings glass block.

How to Get Free Disney Fonts for Cricut

If you have Cricut Access you probably can pay for a few different Disney fonts.  Or if you have a Cricut Expression with cartridges you might have the Disney Mickey font cartridge or be able to find one on Ebay.

But if you have the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker and use Cricut Design Space there is an easy and free way to get Cricut Disney fonts, but mostly for personal use.  This means you should not use these fonts to make and sell things (commercial use).  You can use these free fonts for Cricut to make Disney Cricut projects for yourself or to give as gifts.

There are a few Disney fonts out there that are free for commercial use like New Waltograph Font and Dan’s Disney font.  Make sure to read the licenses in case they change!

My Favorite Disney Fonts

If you go to and type in “Disney” in the search bar, seven different fonts will come up. 

My favorite are the top two:  Walter and Waltograph.

cricut disney font
disney font for cricut

You can also type “Mickey” in the search field and you’ll get a bunch more.

disney font also has 75 Disney fonts free for personal use.  They have a bunch of fonts for all different types of Disney movies.  Here are just a few.

cricut disney font also has another of my favorite Disney fonts, Mouse Memoirs.  This is what I used to write “for” on the Disney fund jar.

How to Download Fonts for Cricut

All of this is in the video at the bottom of this section, so make sure to watch it if you have more questions!

Downloading fonts to use in Cricut Design Space is easy and just takes a minute.  Once you find the font you want, click on the instant download button, usually on the right-hand side.

The free Cricut font will download in a zip file.  Depending on your settings on your computer, it might show up on your screen like mine does or download into a specific drive or file (usually downloads).

download fonts for cricut

Open the file.  You don’t need to extract!

Double click on the font.  Or if it says OTF and TTF, double click on OTF.  Sometimes OTF will have extra font characters, but usually, that’s for paid fonts.  If there is only a TTF font, that is fine, double click on that.

how to download fonts to cricut

You’ll see the font come up.

Click on the Install button on the top.

how to upload fonts to cricut

Now it’s in your computer!  If you are already in Cricut Design Space, make sure to save anything you are working on.

using free fonts in cricut

In order for it to appear in CDS, you’ll need to refresh your page.  Click the refresh button.

Now, click on the text function and then on the fonts.  I always just type the name of the font in the search box.  For this one, I download Wicked Mouse, so I typed in Mouse and up it comes!

disney fonts for cricut

Making a Mickey Mouse Head in Cricut Design Space

So now that you have the fonts you want to use, let’s get to designing the mouse ears.  Again, all of this is part of the video tutorial at the bottom of this section but here are the main points.

Click on Shapes on the left-hand side and then on circle twice.  Make one circle a litter bigger for the main part of the Minnie Mouse or Mickey head and then make the other circle smaller for the ear.

cricut design space mickey mouse
mickey mouse diy cricut

Once you have the small circle the size you want it, click on duplicate in the upper right corner.  Place the small circles up on the sides of the large circle.

design space tutorial disney

To make sure they are symmetrical, click on one, hold down the shift key, and then click on the other.  While they are both selected, click on the align dropdown on the top and click on bottom.

designing mickey ears cricut

Use your cursor to put a square around the entire Mickey Mouse head and then click on weld in the lower right corner.  This should make one combined Mickey head.

Using Cricut Disney Fonts in CDS

Now use the text boxes to insert the text you want. 

curve text cricut design space

I like to make separate text boxes for each word so I can manipulate them.  I used the Curve button to curve the word dollars a bit.

duplicate cricut design space

Once you have all three words the size you want, I like to select all three and then align them to center horizontally.  Group the letters together.  Make a duplicate of the letters and set it aside.

For this Disney fund jar, I wanted to know exactly where to put the words so I sliced out the letters.  To slice them out all at once you’ll need to select them all and click weld.

Then select both the wording and the Mickey Mouse head and hit slice.  Remove the extra sliced out wording.

dollars for disney cricut

You should have another set of wording that you had set aside.  Now you can ungroup them and change the colors of each word if you want.  Once you have the color you want, click on attach so that they cut out exactly as you have them.

disney font cricut

If you need to size the entire project, select all the words by using your cursor to put a box around them and Group them.  Then move them on top of the Mickey Mouse and use your cursor to put a box around both the Mickey mouse and words. Click group to group all of it together.

Now you can use the arrows on the lower-right corner to make the entire Cricut Disney image larger or smaller.  Once you have it the size you want it, click continue and cut out of vinyl with your Cricut machine.

disney fund jar design

Video Tutorial:  Disney Fonts and Mickey Mouse Ears Designing

Materials Needed For Disney Vacation Fund Jar

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Applying Disney Images to Glass Block

I love using glass blocks for DIY decor because they are so cheap and versatile.  But you could always use a glass jar for the Disney piggy bank.

I have a quick video tutorial at the top or side of the post to show this quick process!

disney fund jar diy

Clean off the glass with rubbing alcohol and dry.

Cut out all the vinyl images and weed out extra vinyl.  Apply transfer tape to the Mickey Mouse ears image.

cricut disney tutorial
applying vinyl to glass block

Scrape the transfer tape down well and then I like to trim around the vinyl image.  Then center on the glass block and use blue painter’s tape to hold it in place.

mickey mouse fund jar
diy fund jar

Once it’s secured, flip up the full mouse ears image and peel off the paper backing.  Gently lay the transfer tape down.

disney cricut project

It should fall right where you had it centered.  Scrape it down well.  Remove the blue tape and then peel off the transfer tape.

scraping down vinyl
removing transfer tape

Use the same transfer tape (No need to waste!  You can use it over quite a few times!) to add all of the wording on one at a time.  Since the letters are sliced out, it’s super easy to place them exactly where you want them to go.

disney fonts tutorial
making disney fund jar
glass block with vinyl
diy glass block craft

That’s it!  Now start dropping in extra change or bills into the Disney piggy bank. 

disney cricut
disney cricut

The options of making your own custom Disney World fund jar is endless.  You can always use other Disney images such as a princess or another favorite Disney character in Cricut Access or buy some DXF files or Disney font SVG images off Etsy. Or I even have a roundup up of free Disney SVG files.

If you’d like to save this Disney Cricut project for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

cricut disney pinterest

Here are some printable directions on how to download and upload fonts to Cricut Design Space.

How to Download Fonts for Cricut Design Space

disney cricut

Learn how to use free fonts with your Cricut. You can easily download fonts for Cricut from free websites and install them so they are available in Cricut Design Space.

Active Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Cricut Design Space


  1. Find a free font you want on,, or another font site. These most likely will be for personal use only! (No selling items made with them)
  2. Click the download button to download the font onto your computer.
  3. Find the downloaded font and open the file. (NO NEED TO EXTRACT!)
  4. Double click on the font name OTF (preferred) or TTF.
  5. When the font screen pops up, click on the Install button.
  6. Let the font install and it is ready to go!
  7. If you have Design Space open while you are installing a new font, you will need to refresh the page for the new free font to show up. Make sure to save what you are working on and then click on the refresh button.
  8. Click on the text button and then on font dropdown and type the new font name into the search bar to find your new free Cricut font quickly.
  9. Enjoy the new download fonts for Cricut!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and have a creative day!

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