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DIY Funny Succulent Pots using a Cricut!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Making a fun and inviting outside area can be as easy as adding some punny quotes to your plants. With these Cricut Explore Air 2 garden ideas, you’ll smile every time you go outside!

One of the many reasons I love my Cricut is the ability to customize everything! Really… nothing is safe around my house!

I’ve made the majority of my decorations inside with my Cricut and today we are going to be moving outdoors.

With summer upon us and still having to stay home a lot, we spend a lot of time in our backyard. And just like the inside of my home, having cute stuff around makes my heart happy.

cricut diy funny plants pinterest

Luckily, with my favorite craft tool, my Cricut Explore Air 2, I can turn any old or plain planter or wood into something fun. But first, let’s talk a little bit about this amazing machine.

What Can a Cricut Explore Air 2 Cut?

Over 100 of the most used crafting materials! This machine can accurately cut intricate designs out of all kinds of vinyl, iron-on vinyl, paper, cardstock, adhesive foil, cork, printable sticker paper, stencil sheets, washi tape and so much more.

What makes it so easy to cut, is that you can turn the settings dial to Custom and be able to choose the material’s cut and pressure settings that have been selected for optimal cuts. I use the Custom wheel anytime I’m using my Explore Air, I just find it easiest to find the exact material I’m cutting in the drop-down so as not to waste any material.

cricut explore air 2 custom setting wheel

Cricut really has taken the guesswork out of crafting and has a tool for any level of crafter or want-to-be-crafter to use! It really is super easy to set up and start crafting ASAP.

Having Cricut Design Space access in an app on phones, tablets, and on desktop, you can literally design and cut anywhere. There are so many times I’m laying in bed and remember I want to do something in CDS and I can just pull the app up on my phone and do what I need to do!

If you are just beginning and need more information on how to set up the machine and get started in Cricut Design Space, make sure to check out my beginner CDS series and all my Cricut Design Space tutorials.

What Can You Make with an Explore Air 2?

Oh geez, this is a hard one to answer, because there are so many things! I have been using a Cricut for almost a decade (so I’ve had a few!) and the projects I can make with it honestly blow my mind sometimes.

The ability to personalize anything really sold it for me. I love giving sentimental and meaningful gifts that are customized for the recipient.

I know the initial investment of a Cricut cutting machine can seem daunting, but when I look back at how much money I have saved over the years by making my own gifts and decor I have recovered the cost many times over.

I even initially starting selling items that I made and you really don’t need to sell much before the machine pays for itself. People love personalized party favors, decorations, and wedding gifts.

dinosaur party favors
Used Print and Cut to personalize party favors.
etched glass with cricut
Glass etching is a quick way to personalize glassware using a Cricut.

If you want a ton of ideas on what you can, make sure to browse my Ultimate List of Cricut Ideas any my Cricut archives.

Cricut Garden Ideas

Ok, so let’s talk about some fun garden projects you can do with a Cricut Explore Air 2.

I have been seeing those funny punny plants all over Pinterest and knew I needed some for my backyard.

This is actually a great beginner’s project! All we are going to do is cut some vinyl out and apply it to a pot.

I even looked around and found a bunch of funny plant sayings to put on pots of herbs, succulents, or plants to get you started:

  • Eat, drink, & be rosemary
  • Sage advice, there
  • Sweet chive of mind
  • Mint to be
  • Aloe you vera much
  • You had me at Aloe
  • Make thyme for loved ones
  • I’m rootin’ for ya
  • I wet my plants
  • Don’t stop be leafing
  • Caution: High Maintenance
  • Succ It
  • Don’t kill me
  • I will survive

Materials Needed for Funny Pun Plant Pots

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How to Decorate Plant Pots with Vinyl

If you want to access my project in Cricut design space, click here. I designed a few with fonts in Cricut Access.

design space funny plant sayings

Size them to fit your pot and cut out of permanent vinyl if they are going to be outdoors.

cutting permanent vinyl

Weed the extra vinyl off.

weeding vinyl
weeding vinyl
weeded vinyl

Place a piece of transfer tape over the words and scrape it down well.

using transfer tape on vinyl
using vinyl transfer tape

Make sure your pot is clean. I clean it with rubbing alcohol to make sure all the grease and grime is off that would prevent the vinyl from really adhering.

applying vinyl to flower pot

Peel off the backing and place it on the pot where you want it. Scrape it down well and then peel off the transfer tape.

transfer tape on vinyl
succ it cricut garden idea
using transfer tape on vinyl
After it’s pressed down well.
using transfer tape on vinyl

If you have a hard time getting it straight, make sure to check out my tips for using the hinge method to get it aligned well.

cricut garden plant

Make sure it cures for 72 hours before it gets wet so the adhesive makes a premium bond!

aloe you vera much

Put a plant inside and enjoy your new funny garden pots.

cricut garden ideas succ it pot
diy funny succulent pots

I love the versatility the Cricut Explore Air gives me with personalizing everything and anything! The pots go perfect with this patio sign I made using my Cricut too!

cricut garden ideas
cricut garden ideas

Make sure you check out all the other Cricut garden project ideas over at

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diy punny plants cricut explore air

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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