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Cricut Felt Flowers DIY Tutorial

Make beautiful Cricut felt flowers to add to decor! You can cut felt with a Cricut machine and also apply iron on vinyl to the flower.

Just like paper flowers, you can also make felt flowers with a Cricut. Using the same templates you can roll or glue layers of flower petals together to make a gorgeous felt flower.

I’ve made a few different Cricut felt flowers over the years with my Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker. Unfortunately, the Cricut Joy can not cut felt.

You can add felt flowers to wreaths, embroidery hoop crafts, cards, DIY signs and so much more!

cricut felt flowers on wreath

I made some beautiful felt poinsettias for Christmas one year out of regular felt fabric and they still are gorgeous and make such a cool pop of color!

cutting felt with cricut

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What Kind of Felt Can a Cricut Cut

In the drop down menu of the material settings, you’ll find quite a few different kind of felts that a Cricut can cut depending on which machine you are using.

A Cricut Explore Air will use the fine point blade to cut felt flowers. There are two options, Wool bonded felt and wool fabric felt.


The Cricut Maker family can use the fine point blade or rotary blade to cut. Cricut Design Space will tell you which blade to use, but you can change the type of blade under the Edit Tools (if you want to switch to a rotary blade).

You can see all the different types of felt that pop up on the Cricut Maker material list.


I went through all of the preset settings and only two gave me the option of switching to the rotary blade. Almost all of them defaulted to the fine point blade.


If Edit Tools appears next to the Load tools and material line you can click on it and change.

cricut maker edit tools

You’ll get a popup of tool options. Click on the one you want and click on Apply!

changing tool blade on cricut design space
felt rotary blade setting cricut

I recommend cutting the felt you are using out with both blades (if you have a Cricut Maker) to see which one you like best and which works best for your needs.

cricut rotary blade for felt flowers

Place felt on the pink fabricgrip mat. I like to use a brayer to make sure it’s nice and flat and stuck!

I prefer using Cricut felt sheets since they are made to use with a Cricut, but I know some people like Benzie design felt or other felt you can get at the craft store.

cricut felt flowers rotary

Making Cricut Felt Flowers and Leaves

On a new canvas in Cricut Design Space, click on Images and then you can search for flowers. You can make 3D flowers out of felt or the roll felt roses like I made in my paper rose flower tutorial.

I found a flower template and some layered leaves in Cricut Access to use. The 3D flower is Daisy #M1413CD60. You can type the number into the image search box.

I sized the entire image file to about 9 inches wide, this made about a 3 inch daisy.


Also, search Leaf and you can find some cut files to use. I picked an SVG cut file that had way too many layers and small pieces. I would suggest only using one that has 1-3 layers (more than one if you want to add HTV on felt leaves).

I cut all the flowers and leaf bases out of felt. I used Cricut felt sheets and my fine tip blade. CDS prompted me to insert a scoring tip but I don’t think it’s really needed for felt.

cutting felt cricut

If using stiffer felt sheets, I also will use my green Cricut mat instead of the pink fabric mat.

Make sure to clean your blade in between the felt cuts. Simply push the button so the blade sticks out a bit and stick it into a ball of foil a few times.

cleaning cricut blade

Some of the small pieces didn’t cut cleanly through so I used some scissors to cut them out. Remove all your felt pieces.

cricut felt flowers fall
felt flowers diy

I do have a video of these last few steps so make sure to watch it at the side or the top of the post!

The daisy flower is pretty easy to put together. I used a hot glue gun and placed a dab of glue on the little circular knob that sticks out.

cricut felt flowers

Then pull the edges of the flower to each other so the circular knob is under the other side and hold it so it glues together. Make sure to not burn your fingers!

fall felt flowers

Do that for all three large pieces and the smaller pieces. I didn’t use the smallest piece.

felt flowers cricut

Then you need to glue the large pieces on top of each other and have them rotated so the petals are in between each other. I just added some glue to the center of each layer and stuck them together.

felt flowers cricut explore air

Then glue on the smaller pieces and then the inside piece. Again make sure to watch the video since it’s hard to describe in words how to place all the different sizes together (it will be the second half of the video at about the minute mark!)

If you are doing rolled felt flowers, use some tweezers to fold the end and then roll them like you would cardstock.

cricut felt flowers
cutting felt flowers cricut

Then apply a dab of hot glue to the bottom to hold the flower together and then glued them on a grapevine wreath.

Applying HTV on Felt

For the leaves, I wanted to add a little extra color to them so I cut a top layer out of iron-on vinyl and glitter iron-on vinyl. This is all in the video at the top or side of the post so make sure to watch it!

You can definitely use the EasyPress 2 for this but I found it easiest to use my Mini.

Preheat the Mini heat press to setting 1. Place the felt flower on an EasyPress mat and press it for 5 seconds.

Then put the weeded iron-on vinyl on top of it and press it for 30 seconds with constant movement. Wait for it to cool and peel off the plastic backing.

If doing more than one layer, let the first layer cool to the touch before peeling off the backing. Then center the next layer and press again. Make sure the plastic backing is big enough that you aren’t touching the iron-on vinyl with the EasyPress.

Then use the glue gun to glue the leaves to the bottom of the flower and then on to home decor

gluing on embroidery hoop

I added my felt flowers to an embroidery hoop craft with our free Hello Fall SVG file!

diy hoop wreath cricut

DIY felt flowers hold up for a long time and look so elegant!

If you need more Cricut cutting machine inspiration, make sure to check out our ultimate list of Cricut ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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