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Cricut Foiling on Canvas: Shiny and Cheap DIY Decor!

I love all that the Cricut foil transfer system can do! This Cricut foiling on canvas is a quick and easy way to make shiny DIY decor.

I’m a little giddy about this project! When I first started using the Cricut foil system I knew I wanted to create some wall decor with it. I love all the shininess!

I really like using canvas to make quick and easy reverse canvas signs, but I didn’t see canvas as a compatible material. But I thought it should work anyway, and boy did it!

I made this super cute Halloween foiled reverse canvas sign in less than ten minutes and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

My husband even noticed it when he came home from work (that doesn’t always happen!). He said, “Oh that’s cool, what is that and how did you do that?” I take that as a huge thumbs up for this new DIY Cricut Halloween wall sign!

foiled canvas art diy pinterest

Materials Needed for Foiled Reverse Canvas

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black x canvas

Prepping the Reverse Canvas Foiled Sign

If you’ve read some of my reverse canvas tutorials before, you’ll know I usually take out the staples on the back of the canvas.

But today I’m feeling a little bit lazier and time-crunched so I just sliced down the canvas with my truecontrol blade on the back and peeled it off. Some of the staples pulled off, but the majority of them I just left on. No one sees them, I promise!

removing canvas from frame
black canvas reverse

I did pull of the extra canvas material that was left on the back.

cutting canvas off frame

I purposely picked a 12×12 canvas because I thought it would be easy to center since it would fill my entire 12×12 Cricut mat.

I trimmed the edges with some scissors where the creases were so that it would fit on the mat.

cutting canvas

With a reverse canvas the frame will be on top of the canvas so you’ll need the canvas material slightly smaller than the frame.

reverse canvas with foil

Place the canvas material, black side up, on a regular grip mat. I like to use my brayer to make sure that it is nice and flat and really stuck down.

canvas on cricut mat

The nice thing about this project is that it uses the full 12×12 foil sheet too! Place the silver foil sheet over the black canvas and tape it down on all four sides.

Make sure to read my detailed tutorial all about the Cricut foil transfer system to learn all the tips when working with foil.

cricut foiling canvas

How to Foil on Canvas

You can find this project in Cricut Design Space by clicking here. The image is part of Cricut Access.

The images that work the best for foiling are “draw only”. You can filter them by clicking on the box on the left-hand side when you are in the image search bar.

I typed Halloween in the search bar and then checked the box for “draw only”.

draw only cricut design space

Then when you insert it onto the canvas, make sure the image is selected )=(by clicking on it), and then change the Linetype to Foil. I used Medium.

I inserted text in a vertical fashion using a “writing font” and changed the Linetype to foil also. Then I aligned them, attached them together, and sized the image to 8.5 x 9.5. (Attach is in lower right hand corner).

design space medium foil

After I clicked Make It, I needed to move the image on the Prepare Screen so that the Cricut would foil the Halloween image in the center of the canvas. I clicked on the image and moved it down and in so that it looked centered.

cricut design space foil placement

Click Continue and then I always like to turn my wheel to Custom so that I can use the drop down menu on my screen.

Since canvas is not a material listed under foil compatible, I picked Heavy Cardstock and it worked perfectly!

how to foil on canvas cricut

CDS makes it easy to foil by giving a lot of screen prompts.

Make sure to move the white wheels are pushed to the edges (just use your finger to move them over!)

Insert the foil housing with the medium tip in (two lines) in clamp B. Then load the mat when the load light blinks and then push the blinking Go light.

cricut foil on canvas

While the Cricut is foiling on the canvas material, it’s a perfect time to paint the wood frame. I used some white chalk paint and just painted the entire thing, even over the staples that are on the front.

Sometimes I’ll use wood filler to fill in the corners, but for this one, I just painted it as is. Let it dry.

painting canvas wood frame

When the Cricut is done foiling the 12×12 canvas, it will stop and tell you to unload. Click the unload button, no need to cut anything on this project!

foiled canvas art

Pull the tape off the edges and then pull the transfer sheet off.

tape for foil cricut
silver foil cricut on canvas

So cool, right? I love the shiny silver foil on the black canvas. It stands out so nicely!

If you love the shiny as much as I do make sure to check out my Dollar Tree sign I made with foil and printable vinyl.

foiling canvas

Putting the Canvas Art Back Together

Now all that is left to do is to staple the canvas on the back of the frame.

I apply a little bit of double-sided tape on the back side of the wood frame and hold it over the canvas and center it. Then when I push it down so it sticks in place some so I can turn them both over.

canvas art tape
halloween canvas sign

Once it’s flipped over, staple the canvas to the wood frame. Try not to staple them on the staples already there. I just used a regular stapler!

staping canvas on frame

Once the canvas is all stapled on, I trimmed off the extra canvas material so it wouldn’t show on the front side.

reverse canvas tutorial

This is what the back looks like. No one will see it but me, so I’m fine with it!

back of reverse canvas

That’s it! I love my new DIY foiled canvas wall art!

silver trick or treat wall art
silver trick or treat wall decor

I absolutely love this technique of Cricut foiling on canvas! Oh the possibilities of wall decor I can make for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day… really anything!

silver trick or treat canvas

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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