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Cricut Glass Music Plaque Tutorial with FREE SVG File!

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Make your own Cricut glass music plaque with a Spotify song code with this detailed step by step tutorial and FREE Spotify glass art SVG file!

Have you seen the Spotify glass art DIY signs all over TikTok? I started seeing them and knew I needed to make one.

And I’m so glad I did! It was a quick, easy, and cheap project especially since I used an old frame. So no money spent! Bonus!

These Cricut glass music plaques would make perfect sentimental gifts for almost anyone. Think birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby gifts, Christmas, etc. Everyone has a favorite song or a song that reminds them of a certain event in their life.

I made a music plaque as a fun reminder of a Mother Daughter trip to NYC I took with my 16 year old. We love musicals and were so excited to see Hamilton on Broadway.

diy spotify cricut plaque pinterest

So, I found an old frame, printed out a picture, chose a song from Spotify, and made a SVG file to use and put this together. And when you scan the code in Spotify it plays a song from Hamilton!

Materials Needed for Cricut Music Plaque

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How to Get Spotify Codes

As I mentioned before, the super cool thing about these signs is that when the code is scanned on the Spotify app, the song will play. So, how do you get the Spotify barcode?

It’s actually super easy!

First, go into the Spotify app on your computer and search for the song you want to use.

Next to the song there will be three dots. Click on those and you’ll get a drop-down menu. Go down to Share and then over to click on Copy Song Link.

get spotify music code

Then go to and paste the code into the white opening. I just right click and then choose paste. Click on Get Spotify Code.

how to get spotify codes

Then this screen will pop up. You’ll notice there are three different formats you can save – SVG, PNG, and JPG. If you watch the video at the top or the side, you’ll see what happens when I try to upload the SVG (a few parts are missing).

So I save it as a PNG. I change the background color to white and then the Bar color to black to help with cleanup in CDS.

spotify glass art how to

So below is what my screen looks like. Click Download.

cricut glass music plaque diy

Uploading Spotify Code to Cricut Design Space

So now go into Cricut Design Space. On a new canvas, click on Upload on the left side and then Browse. Find the spotify code PNG that you just downloaded and click on it and then on Open.

cricut glass music plaque

Since it’s a PNG, we need to clean it up a big. Click on Simple and then on Continue.

cricut glass music plaque

Make sure the wand is selected at the top and then with your cursor click on all the white space. So the background and then the three lines in the Spotify icon.

cricut glass music plaque

Click continue and then click on the image on the right side that says Save as a Cut Image. Then click Save at the bottom.

spotify glass art svg

Insert it into your canvas along with the free Spotify forward backward SVG file I have at the bottom of this post.

The file has both the play button and the pause button. Click on the file and then click on Ungroup at the top left. Delete whichever button you don’t want.

Select the rest of the file by using your cursor to put a box around them and click Group.

If you don’t want any text, select all and Align to Center Horizontally. Then click Attach.

spotify glass art svg free

Size it fit your plaque or sign!

spotify glass art svg free

If you want the name of the song and people in the picture, add a text box and insert your text. Then you can align the text and bottom image to the left and group them together.

And then select all and align Center horizontally and click Attach. I have a full video of all these steps on my YouTube channel here if this seems confusing!

spotify hamilton barcode

Save it and then click Make It. Apply adhesive vinyl to a mat, set vinyl as your setting, and cut out the image with a Cricut. I put my Cricut Joy on the counter and cut it there!

cricut joy glass art spotify

Weed off the extra vinyl. I’m not gonna lie, this was the hardest part for me. Those little bars kept coming up so I had to hold them down while I weeded.

cricut glass music plaque spotify diy
cricut music plaque svg free

Put a piece of transfer tape over the vinyl and scrape it down well.

cricut glass music plaque diy

Putting the Music Sign Together

I printed a photo I had and matted it on cardstock. Then I put it under the glass of a matted frame that I had. You can put it on top or put it in an acrylic holder, whatever you want.

Make sure to clean the glass, I use rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then it’s time to put the vinyl barcode on.

I like to use the hinge method to apply vinyl on glass so that I know it’s centered. I leave the backing on and center it and then tape the top down with blue painter’s tape.

cricut glass music plaque how to

Then I lift it up, remove the backing and place it back down. Scrape it down well and then peel off the transfer tape.

how to make glass music plaque
cricut glass music plaque
cricut glass music plaque tutorial

That’s it! Now use your Spotify app on your phone to scan the barcode and your song will play. (Find the scanner in the search screen. Click on the search line and a little camera will pop up next to the search bar. Click on that and scan the code).

cricut glass music plaque spotify art

FREE Spotify Glass Art SVG File

I made two different buttons you can choose from. One is the pause and the other is the play button. Once you download it and then upload into Cricut Design Space, delete whichever one you don’t want.

As a reminder, all of my FREE SVG files are for personal use only. Please click here to purchase a commercial use license if you want to use the files to sell items.

spotify glass art free svg file

Click here to download SVG file. The file sometimes looks blurry when you first click the link, but once you download it from the google drive it will be clear!


The zip file includes an SVG, PNG, JPG, EPS and DXF file. You’ll need to extract them from the file.

spotify plaque diy
free spotify music svg file
spotify glass art cricut

How to Get Spotify Code to Make Cricut Music Plaque

Yield: 1 sign
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $0

Use the free Spotify barcode to make a glass art music plaque as seen all over TikTok.


  • Laptop or Computer


  • Cricut Design Space


  1. Open your spotify app on your computer. Find the song you want and click on the three dots on the right side.
  2. Go down to Share and Copy Link file.
  3. Go to spotifycodes and paste the code in the white bar. Click Get Code.
  4. Download SVG or PNG file from right side of screen. Upload it into Cricut Design Space to use.
  5. Grab the FREE SVG file on this post to use to make a personalized music plaque.


See full blog post for detailed picture by picture tutorial.

Did you make this project?

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Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!

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