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Cricut Maker Blades: All You Need to Know!

Learn all about the new Cricut Maker blades! These 4 amazing adaptive toolset blades are the engraving and debossing tips and wavy and perforation blades.

Have you heard about all the new Cricut Maker blades??!! Cricut promised a bunch of more tools that would be compatible with the Maker’s adaptive toolset and they just released 4!

I’ve been able to play with them for the last few weeks and I’ve had so much fun seeing what they can do. They open up even more possibilities for a Cricut crafter!

So today I thought I’d share the projects I’ve made and tell you a little more about the new Cricut blades.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


cricut maker blades pin

The New Cricut Maker Blades

The Cricut Maker already has 4 blades: the fine tip blade (for most projects), the rotary blade for fabric, double scoring wheel, and the knife blade for thicker materials.

When Cricut released the Maker two years ago they made a promise to expand the tools and materials so that we could all grow in new crafting techniques.  The Maker was specifically designed for this purpose which is why the tools will only work with the Maker.  The Adaptive Tool System that now includes 8 blades really makes the machine so versatile and opens up so many new possibilities.

The steering system in the Maker is so different than the Explore family because it actively controls the direction of the blades at all times.  It also tests to make sure you are using the correct blade first and tells you if you need to change it (One of my personal favorite features of the Maker!). 

And it delivers 10 times more cutting force than the Explore family!  Crazy, right??  It really is a beast of a machine, and if you’d like to learn more about the Cricut Maker, make sure to watch my unboxing video!

The four new tools are part of the same Maker’s QuickSwap suite, so you don’t need housing for each blade. You can use one housing and easily switch out the blades with just a push of the button.

What does this mean?? You are able to do sooo much more with the Cricut Maker! These open the door for more materials you can use with your Cricut and a whole list of new techniques at the tip of your fingers.

cricut maker blades

The new Cricut blades and tips that can be purchased on include:

  • Perforation Blade- This creates those small perfectly uniform slits in materials for easy peeling or clean tear-offs. Perfect for tickets, coupon books, surprise cards, homemade journals, etc.
  • Wavy Blade – This creates a whimsical and fun wavy edge on a bunch of different materials. Think wavy tassels, realistic flowers, fun gift tags, envelopes, etc.
  • Fine Debossing Tip – This fun tip lets you emboss any design you want. I have a ton of folders and the Cuttlebug which I loved, but giving me a way to deboss with custom wording and flourishes makes my crafting heart beat a little faster! It easily debossed gorgeous flourishes in the foil poster board and it will even work on leather.
  • Engraving Tip – This was the one I was most excited to try and it didn’t let me down. It engraved in acrylic flawlessly and I can’t wait to try it with metal. It will not engrave glass, so don’t try!

So let’s get to using the Cricut Maker blades!

Mermaid Onesie Using the Wavy Blade

cricut maker blades mermaid onesie pin

Materials Needed for Monogrammed Baby Onesie

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How to Use Cricut Maker Blades in Cricut Design Space

The first thing I did was design this in Cricut Design Space.  I walk through how to design this on the video so make sure to watch it! 

I inserted two circles, slightly different sizes and sliced them to create a round outline.  Then find a mermaid tail and insert it.  Place it where you want and weld the two images together.  Insert a monogram or name inside the circle.

I don’t recommend using the tail I used.  The small pieces at the bottom are a little too intricate to cut with the wavy blade.  Since I was using iron-on vinyl once I pressed them down with heat it all melted back together, so it ended up not being an issue.  But in general, you might have problems cutting less than 3/4 inch radiuses.

Have you noticed the change in CDS recently?  It’s for the new Cricut Maker blades.  When you first get on (if you haven’t been on in a while), you’ll be asked if you are using a Maker or Explore Family.  Simply click on the one you are using.  (Again these new Cricut blades are only part of the Adaptive Tool System of the Cricut Maker).

Now, you’ll need to change the cut to use the wavy blade.  Once you have everything welded, click on the “linetype” drop-down menu on the top left.  You’ll see four new options there!  One for each new blade.  Click on “wave”.wavy blade

The lines will not change to wavy in Design Space.  You won’t see the cool waves until you cut it.  Make sure to check “mirror setting” in the preview screen for iron-on vinyl and click on Compatible materials on the next screen.  This will give you the list of materials that are compatible with the new Cricut Maker blades.wavy blade

I clicked on holographic iron-on.  You’ll notice once your Maker is connected that the instruction screen will prompt you to insert the wavy blade #31.  Again, make sure that “mirror” is toggled on.wavy blade

Remove the blade you have in and replace it with the wavy blade.  Clampdown to lock it in.  (I show this in action in the video!)monogrammed baby onesie

cricut maker blades

Cutting Cricut Holographic Iron-On Vinyl

Place the Cricut holographic iron on with the shiny side down on a mat.  I used a purple everyday iron-on for the monogrammed letters.  

monogrammed baby onesie

Click the flashing C button when you are prompted to.  Design Space will pause and instruct you to insert the second mat with the monogrammed letters.  If you are using a different material, make sure to click on the material setting in CDS and choose a different material from the drop-down menu.

Once everything is cut out, weed off the extra vinyl.monogrammed baby onesie

Check the heat setting guide for the EasyPress 2 for your materials and preheat (Mine said 330F for 30 seconds).  I absolutely love my little baby EasyPress 2 for custom baby onesies!  Once it’s heated, press the onesie for 3-5 seconds on top of a Cricut mat or towel to remove the moisture.monogrammed baby onesie

Place the wavy mermaid tail where you want on the onesie.  Press for about 30 seconds.  Let it cool and then remove the plastic backing.monogrammed baby onesie

monogrammed baby onesie

Center the monogrammed letters.  Cover all the iron-on with a protective sheet and press for 30 seconds.  Remove the plastic backing of letters.  Flip the onesie over and press the back for 15 seconds.monogrammed baby onesie

monogrammed baby onesie

That’s all there is to it!  I love all the colors of the holographic vinyl in the different lights and also absolutely love the wavy edges!

cricut maker blades

cricut holographic iron on

Acrylic Engraving With the Cricut Engraving Tool

I love the new Cricut engraving tool!  It was so amazing to watch it work on an acrylic sheet.  I made this teacher plaque but you can customize the plaque any way you want it.

I have a YouTube video of the process so make sure to watch it below with the sound on!

cricut engraving tool pin

Materials Needed for Engraved Plaques

cricut engraving tool

Teacher Plaque Directions

I found this quote in Cricut Access and just added a name to it.  You can access it by clicking here and just change the name.  Then “select all”, click on “align to center horizontally”, and then click “attach”.  The writing should already be on engrave, but if not click on the “linetype” menu and select “engrave”.screenshot

Once you click “make it” center the entire image in the middle of the mat by dragging it with your cursor.  The acrylic sheet is 8.5×11 and you’ll need to leave about 1/2 inch on the left side to account for the white rollers.  engraved plaques

Now you’ll want to center the acrylic sheet as best you can on a mat.  Leave the plastic protective cover on the sheet and place that side down.  (If you remove it before you cut, it might get scratched or yucked up by the mat).  Tape all four sides with painter’s tape to hold it in place.  Move the rollers so that there are two on each side.

cricut engraving tool

CDS will prompt you to insert the Cricut engraving tip.  Open the latch, remove the housing that’s in there, and place the engraving tip in.  Load the mat and click the go button when it starts flashing.cricut engraving tool

Let the machine do all the acrylic engraving as you sit back or get something else done!

Unload the mat when it’s done.  Pull off the tape and remove the teacher plaque from the mat.cricut engraving tool

cricut engraving tool

At this point, you can remove the plastic backing or wait until you add in the dry erase marker.cricut engraving tool

acrylic engraving


acrylic engraving

Coloring the Acrylic Etching

This part is totally optional!  You can definitely be done at this point and put it in a stand or hang in front of a window.  I wanted the acrylic engraving to stand out some so I colored it in with dry-erase markers.  Then gently wipe it off with a cotton towel or sock (trying not to wipe it out of the etching!)

acrylic engraving

acrylic engraving

Again you can stop here, but I went just one more step further!  I grabbed some white acrylic paint and painted the backside with long brush strokes.  I let it dry and painted one more layer on and now I’m done!engraved plaques

engraved plaques

I love how it came out!  Now it can be displayed in a stand anywhere!

acrylic engraving

I can’t wait to get my hands on some acrylic ornaments for Christmas!

acrylic engraving

acrylic engraving

Acrylic Engraving Video Tutorial

DIY Coupon Book Using the Debossing Tip and Perforation Blade

I used two of the new Cricut Maker blades plus the draw function for this fun DIY coupon book for kids. The debossing tip added such a fun effect to the foil posterboard!  The perforation blade is perfect for a coupon book where you need easy tear-away pages.

coupon book ideas pin


Materials Needed for Coupon Book for Kids

Video Tutorial for Personalized Coupon Book

You can access the file in CDS by clicking here.  

Open up the file and you can click customize if you want to change anything.  Or click “Make It” and follow the screen prompts.

I used foil posterboard for the front and back of the coupon book and basic cardstock for the tear-away coupons.  Make sure to change the materials between the two mats.  Click on “material” and change to a different material in the drop-down menu.

Here is a full video of changing the blades, inserting the markers, and putting together the coupon book for kids.  The Cricut Maker does the majority of the work!

The perforation blade cut out flawless rip slits, I’m so impressed!cricut perforation blade pin

And the debossing is beautiful!  Oh, the possibilities!

acrylic engraving

acrylic engraving

What new Cricut Maker blade are you excited to try??  They are available now at

If you’d like to save these ideas for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please comment below if you have any questions.

Have a creative day,

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Tuesday 24th of December 2019

Can it be used with the cricut exploer?

Leap of Faith Crafting

Friday 27th of December 2019

No, unfortunately, the new blades are specific for the Maker because of the technology that is in the machine. The Maker drives the tools much differently than the EXplore can. One of the main reasons it costs more.

Pauline Irwin

Thursday 1st of August 2019

I have never used this tool before, is it difficult to use? You made some nice things. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to