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Cricut Offset: How to Use it & What You Need to Know!

Learn about the new Cricut offset feature in Cricut Design Space and how to use it. Make text and images pop with the Cricut offset tool!

Cricut has been listening and they finally released the new offset tool in Cricut Design Space. This new feature is so easy and fun to use!

If you’ve been using a Cricut for a while like me, I’m sure you’ve been wanting a quick and easy way to make shadow layers in Cricut Design Space. I used to use some shadow layer hacks, but it took quite a few steps and more time than I wanted.

But that has all changed with the much anticipated Cricut offset feature. No more do you have to design text in Inkscape or Illustrator as layers or stickers! Can you tell I’m excited??!!

So let’s take a look at the Cricut Design Space offset tool and see what it can do!

cricut offset tutorial

How to Offset Text in Cricut Design Space

So what is an offset? An offset is like a shadow of text or an image. It can be a small layer or a very exaggerated layer that has the save curves as the image it is offsetting.

Also, if you are new to CDS, make sure to check out my series of Cricut Design Space 101 tutorials to get started.

I just inserted a text box and typed Welcome. Now look what pops up when I click on the Offset drop down.

A box appears with just a few options. There is a Distance which lets you control how big the outline or offset will be. Then you can choose either rounded corners or square corners.

cricut offset

First, let’s see what the rounded corners look like by leaving it at the default distance and then click on Apply. I already love it!

cricut offset curved

Next I used the same word and selected the square corners. You’ll also notice that Weld Offsets is selected as the default. This saves an extra step! If for some reason you don’t want the offset welded together, just click on it to turn it off.

cricut offset square

The square corners are kind of funky to me in regards to this kind of text, but it’s so easy to toggle back and forth to check out each.

cricut offset square corners

Next I increased the distance by sliding the round dot to the right. There is a thin black offset line around the word that actually goes out as I increase the distance. The distance is also recorded in inches if you need a specific size around the letters.

cricut offset increase

The default offset color is grey. I just clicked on the layer and changed the colors so you can see it better!

cricut offset options

The last one I tried was decreasing the offset distance. There is probably not as many uses for this unless you want cut outs in between letters.

cricut offset decrease

Here is a picture of the different options that are provided in the Cricut offset feature. So fun, right?!

cricut offset options

The square offset looks better if you are using a square or bold type font.

square offset cricut

Offsetting Multiple Lines of Text in Cricut

I typed a phrase with two different fonts and three different text boxes. Cursive phrases are now super easy to use with the new kerned function.

cricut offset how to

To create an offset of all three lines, all you need to do is select all the text by either holding down your cursor and dragging it over the words or using Select All or your keyboard shortcuts and then click on Offset.

I set this one at rounded corners and the distance at just a little offset to the right.

cricut offset multiple lines

And ta da! The entire phrase has a shadow layer or offset around it!

how to use cricut offset

If you only want one of the lines to have an offset, just click on that specific text box and then on the offset drop down. So many options!

cricut offset tutorial

How to Offset Images in Cricut Design Space

You can also offset images in Cricut Design Space too. I opened up Cricut Access and just grabbed this He Is Risen image.

cricut offset cds

I added a rounded offset on the default size and you’ll notice this left a small little gap in the bottom of the offset. You can leave it like that or easily fill it in.

cricut offset opening

You can use the contour tool or simply add a circle and place it over the gap. Then select both the offset and the circle and click on weld.

fixing offset cricut

Everything changes to one circle and there is no gap left.

cricut offset
cricut offset

It’s really fun to play with different images and the Cricut offset function. I found this cute little gnome to my canvas.

cricut offset image

I added an offset using the round corner and the default distance (then I changed the color so you could see it).

cricut offset images

For this kind of image, I would like to keep the gap in between the flower and gnome but you could always fill it in. You’ll also notice with all of the offsets, that they come in as a separate layers in the layers panel.

cricut offset layer

Another fun thing you can do is to create multiple offsets! While the offset is selected, click on the Offset drop down and I just stayed with the default and clicked Apply and I got a double offset.

cricut offset double

Making multiple shadow layers is super easy and you can make as many as you want! The second offset actually took out the gap between the gnome and the flower which makes a perfect shadow layer.

cricut offsets

With any new feature in Cricut Design Space, you just kind of have to play with it to see what it does and then once you figure it out the sky is really the limit!

You can cut the offset layers out of any type of vinyl or cardstock or basswood or use it to make stickers with the print and cut feature.

Using Cricut Offset for Stickers

So there is an extra step when you are using the Cricut offset to make stickers or magnets. I found a rainbow and then added the text Be Kind to the bottom to create a pretty sticker.

cricut offset stickers

With both the image and text selected, I clicked on the Offset button. I increased the size ever so slightly until the little small cut outs in between the letters went away. Which ended up being at the distance of 0.264 inches.

cricut stickers offset

Then with the offset, image, and text selected I clicked on Flatten. This will squish all of the layers into one printable image.

cricut offset stickers flatten

You’ll notice just one layer now in the layers panel and it’s all ready to print and cut!

sticker cricut with offset

To print the stickers, make sure to check out my post all about making stickers with the print and cut feature.

And if you would like a walk through tutorial, make sure to check out my YouTube video.

If you find other ways to use the Cricut offset feature, I’d love to know!

If you missed any of my CDS 101 series, make sure to check them out if you need more guidance in any area.

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If you’d like to save this tutorial on using the Cricut offset feature for later or share you can PIN It now! If you are on a desktop hover over the top left of the image below and if you are on a phone simply tap on the image and a PIN It button will pop up to click on!

cricut offset how to pin

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!



Saturday 20th of March 2021

Thanks for this information and the video for the new offset feature. You did a great job explaining it and giving plenty of examples. I can't wait to try it out!

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