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Cricut Paper Flowers: Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make a Cricut Rose!

Learn how to make Cricut paper flowers that can be used to embellish anything. Cricut roses are fun and easy to make once you learn how!

“To Me, Flowers are Happiness”, a quote from Stefano Gabbana.  Do you agree?  I do!  I think flowers can change your mood instantly.

And I don’t think they have to be real flowers.  I think all different kinds of flowers, no matter what medium, can bring happiness.  I love having real flowers, but unless you have a great green thumb (which I don’t!) they can be expensive.

Enter paper flowers.  They bring the same smile to my face when I see them.  Whether they are giant wall flowers or small Cricut paper flowers, they make me happy. 

And the best part is you can make beautiful flowers of any color, almost any variation you want, and they don’t die!

cricut paper flowers pin

Cricut flowers can be used to embellish almost anything.  The 3D flowers can be added to shadow boxes, cards, presents, signs, your wall, and to cakes or donuts for weddings or baby showers!  I wanted to show you how quick and easy paper flowers with Cricut are to make to get you inspired to try.

Make sure to watch the quick video to see exactly how I rolled the Cricut flowers.  There are also printable instructions on how to make paper flowers with Cricut at the very end of the post.

Materials Needed for Cricut Paper Flowers:

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I’d recommend using a Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, or the new Cricut Maker 3 to make these types of Cricut flowers. If you use a Cricut Joy, you’ll need to make really small flowers, but you can still do it!

 Cutting Out a Cricut Rose

There are many different types of paper flower designs in Cricut Access. They all have slightly different petals. Some of the free SVG files have pointy leaves, some scalloped, some boxy. I like the scalloped edges for a paper rose.

The first thing you’ll want to do is bring in the flower files to Cricut Design Space.  I used two different sizes of rose files from the Cricut flower cartridge: Flower Shoppe Cartridge. 

The red one is #M4431D and the pink one below is #M3D7E1.  They just have slightly different rounded petals. (Make sure you type in the # in the image search bar).

Yes, they don’t look like flowers! They are spiral shapes of repeating patterns, that’s what we want for a paper rose!

cricut flower cartridge

You can open up this file in Cricut Design Space by clicking here.  Then you can resize by dragging the corner with the double arrow or typing in a size in the toolbar at the top.

I sized them to 7 inches and 8 inches to get about a 1.75-inch flower and 2-inch flower respectively. I made the leaves random sizes, some smaller petals and a few larger flower petals, and cut out 2 sets of them. You can make really small flowers by decreasing the size to 4 to 6 inches or a large flower by increasing the size.

Click “Make It” and set your material setting to Cardstock 80 lb.  Place the cardstock on a regular grip mat, load it into the Cricut machine, and click the go button when prompted. Make as many roses as you need and in different colors to suit your Cricut project.

Pull the extra cardstock from your mat and then remove the cut-out spiral flower. That sphere right in the middle of the spiral is your flower circle base.

cricut paper flowers tutorial

Preparing the Cricut Rose (Optional Steps)

These next two steps are totally optional but I think they add a little extra pop to the paper flowers.

To get the petals to flare out a little bit more, I used a blossom ball tool.  Flip the spiral cardstock over and rub the ball in a half circle motion on the back side of each petal.

cricut paper flowers tutorial

If you want the edges of the petals to have a slightly different color, use a dabber to apply some stamp ink to the very edges.  You can add a lot or a little, totally up to you!

cricut paper flowers tutorial

Rolling Up Cricut 3D Flowers

I used a quilling tool to make a rolled flower. Cricut used to have one, but I’m not sure they still make them. There are lots of different brands of the same tool you can find though.

I am only showing the rose paper flower but the process is the same for all of the rolled Cricut flowers.

Place the very edge of the end of the spiral into the quilling tool. This will be the center of the flower.

cricut paper flowers tutorial

Then you are going to hold your finger on the cardstock and tool while you roll the cardstock toward you so that it wraps around itself. (Definitely, watch the video if this part seems confusing.  It’s a little hard to describe in words!)

cricut paper flowers tutorial

I wrap about 1/4 of the cardstock around itself and then remove the tool.  Place a finger on the top and the bottom of the flower to hold it together and keep turning it with your other fingers until the entire spiral is rolled up.

cricut paper flowers tutorial

The last flap at the end is the bottom of the flower.  Before you glue it, turn the flower over and let it go in your hand.  This will release it and let the petals loosen up.

cricut paper flowers

Turn it back over and apply glue (tacky glue or hot glue work well) to the flap or the spiral, push it down, and hold it in place for 10 seconds or so to secure the bottom on.  Gently push out the petals with your fingers to add a more realistic look.

cricut paper flowers
cricut paper flowers tutorial
cricut paper flowers

That’s all there is to the Cricut 3D rose assembly.  It might take you a few Cricut paper flowers to get used to it, but once you do they go pretty quickly! Use the same steps to make Cricut felt flowers.

You can glue them on some petals or leave as is.  I placed mine around a donut plate Mr. and Mrs. cake topper as part of a wedding display with my printed donut favor bags.

cricut paper flowers tutorial

If you are interested in learning how to make giant paper flowers and large petals, check out my post here.

If you’d like to save this tutorial on making flowers with a Cricut for later, hover over the top left of the image below and PIN IT now!

How to make paper flowers with a Cricut. Perfect roller DIY paper flowers for a wedding or any party! #cricut #flowers

Here are the printable directions.

cricut paper flowers

Cricut Paper Flowers: Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make a Cricut Rose

Yield: 1 paper rose
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $0

Learn how to make Cricut paper flowers that can be used to embellish anything. Quick and easy!


  • Cardstock
  • Hot Glue or Fast Drying Glue


  1. Cut out spiral 3D rose from Cricut Design Space. See post for link to file.
  2. Turn spiral over and rub ball tool on each petal (optional).
  3. Dab stamp ink on edges of petals for added color (optional).
  4. Place end of spiral into quilling tool and start rolling toward you. cricut paper flowers tutorial
  5. Remove the tool about 1/3 the way through. Keep rolling while holding the top and bottom in between your fingers until the entire spiral is rolled. cricut paper flowers tutorial
  6. Turn the flower over and release it so the petals loosen up.
  7. Add glue to circle and press it against the wound up cardstock. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Gently push back the leaves of the petals.
  8. Glue to leaves if desired.
  9. Enjoy your paper flower!


Make sure to watch the video to see all the steps in action.

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Sunday 28th of March 2021

Thank you so much! At last a simple, thorough video (not in fast forward mode) to create a flower. Have been so frustrated, especially with rolling it.


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you for your great tutorial, as always! I tried the link to the rose template but it says it's a private collection. Is that stil accessible or is there a trick to get to the file? I appreciate your help and thanks again so much for your great instructionables! Linda

Leap of Faith Crafting

Wednesday 9th of September 2020

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