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Cricut SVG Design Summit

Are you ready for another FREE event???!! I know I am!

And this one is all about designing your own SVG files so you are not limited by Cricut Design Space! Perfect if you want to start selling SVG files or just want to branch out and gain the freedom to design all the things!

I love to design SVGs, it literally brings me so much joy to take something that I have imagined and turn it into a design I can put onto a cup or t-shirt!

The Cricut SVG Design Summit is a free 3-day event that will teach you the basics of SVG design so you can break free from Design Space and start creating your own files for Cricut.

You can the Cricut SVG Design Summit over here, but as a quick overview: 

  • Cricut SVG Design Summit will run from June 14th-16th 2023
  • Each day will be packed with amazing speakers who are ready to teach you a variety of design tips, tricks, and techniques. 
  • We’ve got a Facebook group where you can connect with other Cricut Crafters ask the speakers questions, win prizes, and so more! GIVEAWAYS oh yeah!!
  • The summit is absolutely free to attend, but you can choose to grab the VIP Pass for bonus material and resources and an upgraded event experience. 

This is going to be an amazing event! Grab your free pass now!

My Presentation

I love to use Adobe Illustrator to design my SVG files. While I’m still learning new things all the time (because there is so much to know!), I wanted to teach a beginner-friendly class on designing a simple greeting card!

summit card photo

We will go over how to design a folded card and then how to make a simple sentiment using the warp tools and outline functions. Once you learn a few basic skills, the sky is the limit when designing!!

I will be going over where to find this cool free font, but you can also find the font to purchase so you can play with all the other glyphs here.

Font found by clicking here!

Just for grabbing your free ticket, you will also get the free SVG file for these cards!


So what are you waiting for!! Grab your free ticket now!!


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