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Disney Parents Matching Game (Free Printables!)

Instant download of a Disney parents matching game and answer key to use with your baby shower guests! A fun game in three different color options.

This free printable baby shower game was fun to put together! I thought I knew a good amount of Disney characters, but I ended up having to do a good bit of research!

Do you remember the father of the Little Mermaid or Merida’s mother’s name?

The main character of a Disney movie is always well known and their names are sometimes even in songs, but a Disney Mom or Dad’s name is not always memorable. Kind of sad, right??!!

These printable games would be fun to play at a traditional baby shower, a sip n see, or at gender reveal parties!

The baby shower guests will have to dig deep into their memory with these printable baby shower games to come up with the matches.

And of course, since everyone has different baby shower themes and colors, I have four different download files to choose from including black and white, pink color, blue color, and a greenery background option!

disney parents matching game

There is no physical item, just digital files that you download at the bottom of this post (similar to our What’s In Your Purse game printables!).

If you are hosting and maybe having a Disney-themed shower, we have an entire post on how to find Disney fonts and make crafts!

How to Play Disney Parents Match Game

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Print out as many copies of the blank game cards as you have guests.

When it’s time to play the game, hand each guest a copy of the Disney parents match game and a pencil or pen.

disney parents match game greenery

Set a time for two to three minutes.

The object of the Disney baby shower game is to match each main Disney character of a movie to their Disney Mothers or Fathers. The guests simply write the letter that’s next to the parent name next to the child’s name.

That’s it! There is one-to-one matching so everyone (not just a crazy real movie fan) will have a fair shot at getting a lot correct. Then the guest with the most correct matches wins a prize!

In case of a tie, you might want to have extra baby shower prizes or come up with a few harder Disney matches as bonus questions (or have the guest of honor come up with one)!

Pair the Disney parent match game cards with our other traditional baby shower games such as baby shower word scramble and baby bingo cards!

disney parents match game pink

Celebrity baby names game is coming soon so stay tuned (find it here!) and if you are wondering about gifts, make sure to check out our gender reveal gift ideas along with homemade baby gifts!

Disney Parents Matching Game PDF

As with all our free printables, these are for personal use only (no commercial use allowed)! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

All four baby shower game cards and answer sheet are included in one zipped file and the actual size is all US letter 8.5 x 11 inches paper size (learn more about paper sizes here!).

Simply click on the download button below and the zip file should automatically download. If it doesn’t, you might need to install adobe acrobat reader for free.

Right-click or click on Extract All and then print out whichever free Dinsey parents matching game you want.

Print on regular copy paper in as many copies as you have baby shower guests.

Happy hosting and good luck with the Disney parent match baby shower game!

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