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DIY Astrology Art Made with a Cricut for Cheap!

Make your own cheap and amazing astrology art with a Cricut and Cricut foil. Zodiac crafts are perfect for wall decor or DIY astrology gifts!

This post is sponsored by Cricut. All projects and opinions are my own.

Are you, your kiddo, or someone you know into astrology art or zodiac crafts? There is a big trend now on all things constellation, astrology, and zodiac DIYs so I decided I wanted to make a few shiny wall art signs to hang on my space lover’s wall.

Cricut Access has quite a few astrology files that are so fun to play with. They have every zodiac sign image and some constellations files to make fun and personalized DIY astrology gifts or just one for your own home.

I will be using the Cricut foil transfer kit (which I love and use a lot!) and some black kraft board. You could also use black cardstock, but since I wasn’t going to put my zodiac sign in a frame, I wanted it to be a little thicker.

You can use either the Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Maker for this project. Unfortunately, the Cricut Joy is not compatible with the foil system.

zodiac wall art pinterest

Materials Needed for Astrology Art

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cricut zodiac sign supplies

How to Design Zodiac DIYs in Cricut Design Space

It’s pretty quick to design this astrology wall art in Cricut Design Space. If you additional help in Cricut Design Space, make sure to check out my getting started in CDS.

I inserted a square and sized it to 11.5 x 11.5 inches. I am using 12 inch magnetic poster hangers so I wanted the astrology wall art to be slightly smaller. Plus we need to leave room for tape on the side of the kraftboard. You could also do this entire process on a canvas as I did in my Halloween foil canvas project.

Then I searched astrology and draw only and found a few images I wanted to add to my wall hanging. Since I am going to be using the foil transfer kit, I changed each image to Foil and then Medium under the Operation drop down.

cricut astrology foil sign svg

You can also change the color to gold or silver to see which one you want to use.

cricut foil color in design space

I also found a few star borders, changed them to foil also and sized them to fit down the sides of the square. I used the alignment dropdown to center them all and then with all of the foil parts and square selected, I clicked on Attach.

attach astrology craft art cricut

Here are my two attached zodiac images I am going to have my Cricut Explore Air 2 foil onto kraftboard.

diy astrology gifts with cricut

The one thing with using Cricut foil 12 x 12 sheets is that we need to tape the sides down so I moved the entire square image into the middle of the mat on the Prepare Screen. So about 0.5 inch in and 0.5 down.

zodiac diys cricut design space

Making Astrology Wall Art with Cricut Foil

Select kraft board or cardstock on your material setting for whatever medium you are working with. Kraft board is just a little bit thicker and doesn’t bend like some lighter weight cardstocks.

Now it’s time to add a piece of kraftboard to a Cricut mat. You don’t want a super sticky mat, because the kraftboard might peel up on the back side.

kraftboard on cricut mat

Since I am making an 11.5×11.5 astrology wall art, I am using the entire sheet of 12×12 foil transfer sheet. When using the entire sheet, it’s important to get it as tight as you can.

I like to tape down one side and then the opposite side pulling as much as possible. Then taping down the other two opposite sides and pulling tightly. Sometimes I pull the tape up and reposition, you’ll notice that in the video!

gold foil on cricut mat astrology art

Make sure to check out my post with all my tips and tricks for using Cricut foil.

Remove the fine tip housing and insert the foil housing with the medium tip (two lines).

cricut foil tip medium project

Push the white rollers to each side and load your mat with the taped on foil tape and kraft board.

diy zodiac crafts with cricut

Push the flashing Go button on the Cricut machine. The entire foil image will be applied first.

zodiac sign gemini sign diy

Then the Cricut will pause, the light will blink and you’ll get a notice on Cricut Design Space to change your housing to the fine point housing and to remove the foil transfer sheet without unloading the mat!

Be careful in removing the tape! I like to pull it away from the mat because sometimes it will pull up the kraft board.

placing cricut fine point blade housing in clamp
removing gold foil from cricut mat
gemini zodiac art diy

Then the Cricut will cut out the 11.5 inch square. Remove it from the mat be flipping the mat over and peeling the mat from the kraft board.

magnetic poster hanger for astrology art

Open up the magnetic poster hanger and put the kraft board in between the boards so it’s centered.

astrology art diy

Now the astrology crafts are already to hang on a wall!

astrology art diy cricut
astrology art diy cricut
astrology art diy cricut

I even made a silver foil astrology art.

silver foil cricut for astrology craft
astrology art diy cricut

If you love the Cricut foil as much as I do, make sure to check out my other tutorials on making personalized address labels, shiny printable vinyl decor, and using foil on a reverse canvas.

If you want more info on your specific zodiac sign, check out this fun website all about astrology sign meanings.

If you’d like to save this tutorial on zodiac DIYs for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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