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DIY Bench Makeover

We bought a new kitchen table a couple years ago and with three kiddos the bench fabric already started splitting. I recently recovered it and thought I’d share this very easy and quick DIY bench makeover. It literally took less than 10 minutes to do and cost me nothing since I had left over fabric. Here is what my bench looked like:
diy bench

Yuck, huh?  Rips everywhere and not very comfortable.  So with a few tools and a couple minutes I turned it into a brand new looking seat.

Here’s what you need:

  • Screwdriver/ Power drill
  • Fabric long and wide enough to cover the seat
  • Nail gun

DIY Seat Makeover Tutorial

This is easy to do with a bench seat or any chair seat.  First take the bench, turn it over, and unscrew the seat so it comes apart from the wood.

20160803_124457 bench makeover

Lay your fabric down and put the seat on top of it so a few inches show on every side.

bench tutorial

Then you’re just going to staple the fabric all the way down the long sides.  After the first side is down, make sure you pull the fabric so it’s tight before you staple it down.

bench recover

DIY bench makeover

For the short ends, I fold the fabric like you’re wrapping a present and then staple the ends up.  Pull tight!

seat makeover

DIY seat recover

It will look like this when it’s all stapled down.  No one sees the bottom so it doesn’t need to be pretty!

DIY bench makeover

Then trim the fabric so it won’t hang down.  Again it doesn’t need to be perfect!

DIY benchseat

Now, just put the wood frame back on and attach it with the screws.

bench seat makeover

DIY bench seat

That’s it!  Easy-peasy, right??  Flip it back over and you have a brand new pretty seat!

DIY seat makeover

bench makeover

The skies the limit on the different fabric you can use to make all sorts of cute seats.  You could even paint some stencils on it or iron on some vinyl for a personal touch!  Cheap and easy!  All my kids and hubby were impressed with this easy update.  My five year old kept saying “I love it, it’s so soft!”.

easy diy bench

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