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Easy and Fun Cricut Wall Decor!

Hi Friends!!  Are you looking for some more Cricut ideas??  Today I have a fun Cricut wall decor tutorial for you!  Also, make sure you scroll down to the end for another great and unique way to make a painted canvas!

Cricut Wall Decor

Cricut Wall Decor Canvas Sign Tutorial

My daughter loves to read!  We redid her bedroom last year and made her a cute little reading nook.  The only thing that has been missing is a sign on her wall.   I asked her to look up some quotes about books and to pick one she liked best.  Of course, being a Harry Potter fan, she found a great quote from JK Rowling that is perfect!

I started out by designing in Cricut Design Space™.  I love this website!  It makes laying out your design so easy.  You can select how big your canvas is so that you can see exactly what it will look like.

cricut canvas sign

I might make a bigger one in the future but since this was my first attempt of making a sign on canvas I decide to use an old one we had laying around.  .

Quote Prep

DIY vinyl sign

Cut the words out with vinyl, I use Expressions Vinyl and my Cricut Explore Air™.  I originally tried to use contact paper but it wouldn’t work with all the words, the letters kept moving around.  I was able to use it for the book stack just fine since it was a basic cut.  So, after the words are cut and all the vinyl is weeded out, I just used clear contact paper from the dollar store as transfer paper.  Lay the transfer over the words and push down on it to get the letters to stick.  Then peel up the contact paper with the words stuck to it when you are ready to place it on your canvas.

Cricut Wall Art Canvas Prep

Cricut Wall Decor

I found an old canvas that was 11×14 and just painted a white coat of house paint over it first.  Let it dry and then paint a coat of chalk paint over it (whatever the color you want the letters to be) and let that dry (a few hours).  Take the transfer/contact paper with the words on it and place it on the canvas where you want it and start pressing down to get it to stick.  Scrape it down really well with a scraping tool so that it sticks in place.  Remove the transfer paper.  Paint over the words and book with the SAME color you used before.  This will help to prevent leak through.


DIY word sign

After that coat is dry, paint over the whole board with the top color you want (mine is a dark grey).  I left a little specks on the edges to make it look worn.  After that is dry, start scraping off the letters.  This was the hardest part!  They peel off much easier on wood, the canvas was a bit tougher.  I used my Cricut Tools Craft Weeder and my fingernails to take the letters off.

For the book stack layer (brown parts), I used the contact paper cut out as a stencil.  I eyeballed it and laid it on top of the book stack.  I used a sponge dabber to blot the brown acrylic paint on top.  I then sanded the edges a bit to get a distressed look.  Doesn’t work as well as wood, but it still worked a little bit.  I took the stencil off and that was it!  My daughter loved how it came out and the best part was I didn’t spend any money on it.  I had everything on hand!

Reading Nook DIY wall art

Have you ever taken the canvas off the wood and made a reverse canvas sign???  If not, you have to check out my reverse canvas sign video tutorial here!  You’ll learn how to use your Cricut to draw a stencil directly on your canvas so you can paint it in with a pen to make this painted canvas!!our love story sign

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Thanks so much for stopping by!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great day!

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