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DIY Christmas Wood Sign Tutorial

Check out this step by step DIY Christmas Wood Sign Tutorial. You can make a fun chalkboard Christmas sign to use for years to come!

We are on the countdown to Christmas over here… Woo Hoo!!  I absolutely love decorating for Christmas!  I’ve also been having lots of fun creating new decor – the possibilities are endless. 

I love how my latest project came out so I thought I’d post a DIY Christmas wood sign tutorial in case you feel inspired!

I have a ton of other DIY Christmas decor so make sure to browse through it for more ideas!  If you have a Cricut or another cutting machine, also make sure to check out Cricut Christmas ideas to make now.

diy christmas wood sign tutorial

Another option I have made for countdown to Christmas is with window cling!

This is really not as hard as you think!  I will take you step by step through it so don’t worry!  Here we go…

Materials Needed for DIY Christmas Wood Signs

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  • Piece of Wood – I had a spare piece lying around but you can get one at a hardware store and they will even cut it for you.  The piece I used was 13 inch x 24 inch
  • Paint – You need chalkboard paint for the black so you can write the number with chalk and erase it.  I used this one.  Then any kind and color you want for the words and star.  I love using Chalk paint for the top color so I can distress it.  I used Parisian Grey Folk Art  
  • Stencil – I cut my stencil out of vinyl on my Cricut Explore Air.  (This is an absolutely amazing machine!!  Check out my review here and see what it can do!!)
  • Twine or decorations – optional

Making Countdown to Christmas Sign:  PVPP Method

Prepare your wood and vinyl.  Cut your stencil out and weed off the extra vinyl from your design.  I found the three wise man image on google, but I think Cricut Access has something similar.

countdown christmas sign with vinyl

This method is the PVPP method of painting a wood sign…  Paint, Vinyl, Paint, Paint.  I love this method and use it in painting most of my home decor signs like my laundry room DIY wood sign.

 If your wood is rough, sand it so it’s smooth.

Paint:  Since I wanted two different colors (black and red) I measured how big the letters section was and drew sections on my board.  

I just used the chalkboard paint for both black sections but you can use regular black paint for the bottom.  I painted 2 layers of each color.

DIY Christmas wood sign tutorial

 Vinyl – After the paint dries, you are going to apply your vinyl stencil.  Apply transfer tape to your vinyl and put it on the wood.

 Click here for my tutorial on applying vinyl (this tutorial was for a tile but it is the same process).

DIY Christmas wood signs with vinyl
applying vinyl Christmas stencil
applying vinyl stencil to wood

Scrape it down to make sure it’s nice and stuck.  

diy chalkboard sign tutorial

Paint – Then you are going to paint a light layer of the SAME color paint over the stencils in each section.  

So a light black paint layer over the top and bottom sections and a light red coat over the words.  This seals the edges so the top layer of paint doesn’t seep under.

painting a christmas sign with red paint
pvpp method for painting a christmas sign

Paint – After the paint dries, you are going to paint the entire board with your top color.  For mine, it is gray chalk paint.

painting with chalk paint

It will look all one color, don’t worry!  You’ll see the Christmas countdown sign soon!

painted wood sign

Let it dry for just about a half-hour or so and then you are going to take off the vinyl.  

I use an Exacto knife to gently lift the edges and then my fingers to pull the rest off – do not dig the knife into the board or you’ll cause a whole or scratch the paint.

peeling stencil off christmas countdown sign
diy chalkboard sign tutorial

For the star, I just added the stencil on top since I didn’t want to measure exactly where to put the yellow paint.  Place your vinyl with the star weeded OUT wherever you want the star.  

Then before you paint, brush on a light layer of Mod Podge or Waverly varnish (this helps seal the edges so the paint doesn’t leak). Let that dry and then paint the yellow paint over it.

diy Christmas countdown sign

Finishing Your New DIY Christmas Signs

Let that dry for a bit and then take off the vinyl.  Admire your beautiful work!!  

If you would like to make it rustic you can distress the edges by taking some sandpaper and sand around the edges.  The chalk paint will sand off and you are left with the wood showing underneath.  Sand as little or much as you want!  

Then you can seal it will some chalk paint wax.  Once it’s dry you can add any embellishments you want.  I wound some twine around the top, added some bells from the dollar store, and a little burlap pouch with chalk.  

That’s it!  What do you think?  Now my kids can easily erase and put the new countdown to Christmas number on the sign.

diy christmas countdown chalkboard wood sign tutorial

If you’d like to save this idea for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

diy Christmas chalkboard sign pinterest

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a creative holiday season,

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