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DIY Family Avengers Costumes for Cheap!

I made my family of 5, DIY family Avengers costumes for under $20! Easy costumes on a budget to pull together and fun to wear!

A few years ago I was able to get my whole family to agree on family coordinating costumes!  A miracle with my kiddos and it wasn’t easy, lots of compromise from one more than the others!  

I am not a fan of spending much money on things we are only going to wear once so I looked through old dress up clothes and was able to make these DIY family Avengers costumes for pretty cheap.  

Sorry, I made these before I started blogging so I don’t have step by step tutorials but I will give you a run down of what I did.

I also apologize for the pictures!  I think my camera was on a weird setting and I didn’t realize all the pictures I took came out blurry – Mom fail!!

family avengers costumes


My oldest son really wanted to be Hawkeye so the rest of us had to decide what we wanted to be.  It was a little tough to find a girl Avengers costumes for my daughter that she liked.  She ended up deciding on the Wasp and I was Black Widow which was the easiest to do.  My hubby was Captain America and for my stubborn little three year old, I was lucky to get a green shirt on him for the Hulk!

family avengers costumes DIY

diy Wasp costume

DIY Wasp Costume

For the DIY Wasp costume, I used an old Snow White dress and an old black cotton dress, cut them up and sewed them together.  It wasn’t anywhere near perfect but it was good enough!  

For the boots, we used an old pair of boots and wrapped yellow duct tape around them.  The wings were a couple of hangers pulled apart, wrapped together, and then covered with Glad Press N Seal.  

I attached it to black elastic that wrapped around her shoulders.  For the antennae, I cut apart a Pringles container and wrapped two sections in yellow duct tape and stuck/glued painted wood skewers into them.  The arm covers were yellow foam stapled together.

Total cost:  $4 for yellow duct tape!

hawkeye costume

DIY Hawkeye Costume

Making Hawkeye was a little more time consuming, but fun.  I started with a basic cheap black t-shirt and cut out some maroon fabric and glued it on.  

I found some cool leather looking cheap material at Joann’s and cut the shoulders out and sewed them on.  Then I just sewed the zipper on the top (it didn’t really unzip!).  

The armbands were made out of a black elastic cut and sewn or stapled together and the black leather material sewn with velcro attached to it.  

For his arrow carrier, I used another Pringle container or cylindrical cardboard shipping container (can’t remember which I had) and wrapped black electrical tape around it.  Then attached a long strip of the black leather with staples so he could wear across back.  The bow and arrow set I found at the dollar store along with black sunglasses!  Add just plain black jeans and that’s it!  

Total cost:  About $8!

diy costumes

diy avengers

For my Black Widow costume, I just wore black jeans, hubbies belt, and a long sleeve black sleeve shirt.  I attached a few black elastic bands around my leg and bought some fake knives at the Dollar Tree and put them in the bands.  Same for the waistband, I used a black elastic band with a white piece of felt over it.  No cost and easy!!

Family Avenger Costumes

DIY Captain America Costume

Captain America started as a basic blue t-shirt from Joann’s.  I cut a white heat transfer vinyl star with my Cricut and ironed it on.  

The red, white, and blue stripes were felt sewn together and then glued on the shirt.  I stuffed a few plastic bags with tissue paper and taped them inside the shirt to make it puffy.  He wore a long sleeve white shirt underneath.

Total cost:  $5 for the shirt and felt!

My little Hulk was not very cooperative at that age (and still isn’t!) but at least he kept the green long sleeve shirt on.  That was a win in my book!

There you have it!  5 Easy DIY family Avengers Costumes for under $20!!!  Woo Hoo!

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