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Meaningful and Easy Father’s Day and Bday Gifts for Dad!

Easy and meaningful DIY Father’s Day or bday gifts for Dad that you can recreate every year.

Father’s Day is coming up soon and since my kiddos were little we have been giving the same gift to my hubby and Dad.  It is a super easy, inexpensive, and meaningful DIY Father’s Day gift that the men in my life look forward to. 

These are also great bday gifts for Dad! Both of them still wear these shirts all the time and the older ones are definitely starting to look a little worn.

diy father's day

These shirts are simply a picture drawn by my kids and then ironed on to a basic white shirt.  I buy the t-shirts at Walmart or Target, trying to find ones that are soft and comfortable to wear.  

As you can see, we’ve done quite a few through the years.  It’s so cute to see their early drawings.  At one point, my hubby wanted the drawings on just one shirt so I started making the pictures a little smaller and putting them side by side.

iron on transfer paper

No real skills are needed for this project!  You just need a t-shirt, T-shirt iron on transfer paper, and a drawing.  

I would give my kids a blank piece of 8×10 white paper and they would draw whatever they wanted  Sometimes the words are a little tough to read but I just let them go.  The brighter the markers, the better.  

I always make sure the year is on it and their name so we know.  Once they’re done, I scan it into my computer.  The only edit I make is to add a black border frame around it and change it to a mirror image.  I print it on the transfer paper and then iron it on.  

bday gifts for dad

Make sure you follow the directions on your transfer paper, they are all a little different.  Usually, you will have to print the mirror image so you can do that it in your editing or some printer settings will have that as an option.

Last year was the first year I used an image from the computer and just had them write their names (the football picture in middle!).  My hubby was a little bummed.  He said he liked the hand-drawn ones better, so now I know!  

My kids are not the greatest artists so they do fight me a little now on making them but it has become a tradition and they love it when he wears them.  It also makes it easy on me since we don’t have to think up a new gift every year!

dad shirts

This past year I used my Cricut to add their handwriting to the shirt with vinyl.  Click here to read the full tutorial on how to make a vinyl Dad’s shirt!

And now that Infusible Ink is out, of course, we had to try that on our latest Best Dad Ever homemade shirt.

If you need even more inspiration, check out my roundup of easy DIY Father’s Day and Birthday gifts for Dad here!

bday gifts for dad

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope it inspires you to give some homemade Father’s Day and bday gifts for Dad!

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