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DIY Favor Acetate Boxes Using a Cricut!

Learn how to assemble Cricut boxes to make adorable party favors! These cute DIY acetate boxes can be filled with anything for a custom little treat.

Are you looking for some cute and fun New Year’s Eve party favors?  If you have a Cricut, then making DIY favor boxes is pretty easy and you can personalize them any way you want.

If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine, I have printable New Year’s Eve party favors that you can use Hershey kisses with too.  For this one, I made Cricut acetate boxes with a cute saying to put the kisses in.

cricut favor boxes pinterest

For the custom graduation favor boxes I made I used a metallic kraft board, but I really wanted to try and make foil acetate boxes this time.

I love this foil acetate, it has such a fun and sparkly look to it and you all know I love anything sparkly! 

These cute little Cricut acetate favor boxes would be perfect favors to hand out along with my Free time capsule printables.

So, let’s go through making boxes with a Cricut Maker.  If you need more information on this cutting machine, make sure to check out my Cricut Maker review.

Materials Needed for DIY Acetate Boxes

acetate boxes diy

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How to Design Cricut Gift Boxes

There are quite a few different 3D Cricut favor boxes in Cricut Access to use in Cricut acetate projects.  I used image ##M31BB3. You can access my project in Cricut design space by clicking here.


When you hit “customize”, this screen will show up.  You can click on any of the writing or the image and click detach in the lower right-hand corner to change it. Change the year to whatever year it is!

If you want to make them bigger or smaller, click “select all” on the top toolbar so every item is in a box and drag the arrow buttons in or out.

Once it’s how you want it and you’ve saved it, click the “Make It” button.  CDS wanted to put the two pieces of the acetate box on separate mats.  Since the material I was cutting them out of was non-directional, I was able to rotate and move them so they fit on one 12×12 mat.

Click on the image and use the blue rotate button at one of the corners to rotate the images until they fit.

cds diy favor boxes
screenshot of cricut favor boxes

Cutting DIY Favor Boxes

Make sure to watch the quick video at the top or side to see the cutting and how to assemble Cricut boxes in action.  Or there is a longer YouTube video at the bottom of the post.

If you want to cut more than one, change the project copies on the top left of the Make screen.  CDS will first send the print images to the printer.

I printed mine on white cardstock so that it was a little thicker but you could do plain paper too.

new years party favors

Once they’ve printed, put them on a standard grip mat and set your material to cardstock, load the mat, and cut.


Follow prompts from CDS to cut the rest of the materials.  Make sure to change the material setting in between the different materials.  I just typed “acetate” in the search bar to find foil acetate.

cricut foil acetate box
cricut favor boxes

CDS will prompt you to insert the 01 scoring blade.  Remove the fine point housing and replace it with the scoring blade.

scoring cricut foil acetate
cricut gift boxes acetate
changing cricut blades

Once the scoring is done, your Cricut will pause and start blinking.  CDS will prompt you to insert the fine point blade. 

DO NOT remove the mat.  Simply remove the scoring housing and put in the fine point blade housing and then push the flashing light to resume.

cricut foil acetate box
write function cricut

For the writing image, CDS will prompt you to insert a pen in the clamp B.  Open the clamp, push down the pen until it clicks and then close the clamp.

unnamed file
diy favor boxes with bow

How to Assemble Cricut Boxes

I used a tape runner to glue the printed image on the shadow box.

cricut favor boxes
cricut favor boxes

For the bow, glue the short piece in the middle of the numbers and fold over the ends to the backside.  Then fold over the sides of the bow to the backside and glue down.

cricut favor boxes
cricut favor boxes
cricut favor boxes

Then glue it on the ribbon.

cricut favor boxes
cricut foil acetate gift boxes

For the acetate boxes, there will be a film on the back side.  Remove the cut images from the film backing.  Fold down on all the score lines to crease them better.

diy acetate boxes cricut

You are going to glue the three tabs.  Put glue on the bottom and press the smaller’s sections’ bottom tag firmly onto the square bottom of the large piece.

diy acetate boxes cricut
diy acetate boxes cricut

Now the two foil acetate sheets will be connected.  You might have to play with a little to figure out how it folds up together.  The long wing pieces stay out until the end.

You want to attach the parallel box sided together by gluing the tabs that fold down onto the inside of the corresponding sides.

diy acetate boxes cricut
diy acetate boxes cricut

Make sure to watch the video for this part because it’s hard to explain and take pictures of!!

Adding the Finishing Touches to the Cricut Favor Boxes

Add some Hershey kisses inside the box.  Close the DIY favor boxes by clasping the wing pieces on the top.  There is a little slit on each wing that fits right over the top half circle.

how to assemble cricut boxes
how to assemble cricut boxes

Now just use the tape glider to tape on the printed New Year’s image and box to the acetate boxes and you’re done! 

how to assemble cricut boxes
how to assemble cricut boxes
making boxes with cricut maker
making boxes with cricut maker

Now you have cute DIY favor boxes filled with midnight kisses to hand out to your party guests!

making boxes with cricut maker

If you love Cricut acetate projects, make sure to check out a cute paper cracker box from

acetate boxes cricut

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

diy favor boxes pinterest

Here is a full-length video if you need additional help.  I know putting together Cricut boxes for the first time can be tricky!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a creative day,



Friday 27th of December 2019

Looking to make wedding favors and make them more personalized. Looking to you the Cricut to save money and add some unique twist . Would you recommend buying the boxes and doing labels with the Cricut? How many boxes are can be made with the one packet of Foil Acetate? Any other tips or advice for decorations for a wedding would be very appreciated!

Thank you! Lisa

Leap of Faith Crafting

Friday 27th of December 2019

I was able to cut one box per sheet. You could probably make the boxes smaller and maybe get 1 and a half of a box per sheet. The Cricut acetate foil comes with 16 sheets per pack (4 different designs) and right now on they are $8.50 per pack so probably about .50 cents per box. Not sure how much you can buy already made ones for?? If it's a huge wedding, it would take quite a bit of time putting them all together. Doing labels with the Cricut would definitely be pretty quick and budget-friendly though! Hope that helps! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to