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DIY Foil Card: Easy and Cute Thank You Cards!

Make your own cute and beautiful foil card with three different printable thank you cards. Learn how to use deco foil to make unique cards!

Are you a fan of snail mail?  I sure am!  I love getting cards in the mail and especially love if there is a handwritten note in it.

I actually have a couple of containers full of cards I received from family and friends throughout my childhood and college.  Every so often I get them out, look through them, and smile at the memories.

I try to teach my children the importance of a nice handwritten note.  And of course, I like pretty things so when you put the two together, I decided on making some cute thank you cards.

I’ve seen a lot of cool foil cards lately and I really wanted to try out the deco foiling sheets and I’m a little in love with how easy and cute this project came out. So today I wanted to show you how to foil a card!

foil card thank you

So what is Deco Foil and what is it used for?

Deco foil is a brand of foil transfer sheets from Therm O Web.  They are meant to add a colorful pop of metallic or satin finish to a bunch of different types of craft projects.  The thirty-one different colors can be added to porous surfaces like paper, wood, and fabric.  

Deco foil has a few different types of adhesives to add foil to various materials.  I have yet to try them but I’m excited to see what they can do!

For this project, I used machines I have around the house so no cutting machine is needed!  I also have three different free printable thank you cards for you to make your own.

If you have a Cricut, make sure to check out my posts on the new Cricut foil transfer system and how to make Cricut foil Christmas cards.

Materials Needed for DIY Thank You Cards

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These are the exact products I used.

deco foil card

How to Use Deco Foil

Ok, so let’s get started on how to foil cards!

As mentioned above, you will need to use a laser printer for this to work.  The deco foil will not adhere to ink from an inkjet when heated.

You can design any sentiment or image to print or you can download and print the free printable thank you cards below. You can resize them or print them as is.

There will be a black line that you will need to cut or trim around.  The deco foil will adhere to any ink that is left on the front side of the card so I cut just inside the lines.

printable thank you cards
free printable thank you cards

You can also draw a scoreline with a bone file down the middle of the card for easier folding.

thank you card printable
diy thank you cards

Make sure the foiling sheet covers up the entire printed area and trim the foil so you don’t waste it.

foiling sheets
how to use deco foil

Heating a Foil Card

Now is the time you need to add heat to transfer the foil to the ink on the card.  I tried three different ways of transferring and I’ll show you what happened.

The first thing I tried was using my EasyPress 2.  I tried it on 300F and 325F and held in place for about 15 seconds.  Some of the foil transferred but not very much.

craft foil easy press

It had a lot of lines that went through it and it didn’t transfer to a lot of the dots.

thank you foil

So not horrible, but not great either.

Then I tried my everyday iron set to a high setting.  A little bit of foil transferred but I couldn’t get it to work well.

The best thing I tried was my laminator.  It’s just a cheap laminator I got years ago.  I waited for it to heat and for the light to turn green.

foil card diy

Then I held the deco foil over the printed part and fed it in the laminator.  Don’t push it, just let the laminator grab it and pull it in on its own.

craft foil
foil card how to

When it comes out, you’ll see that part of the foil looks melted.  Pull the foil off and you’ll see how cool it is that you now have a cool metallic and shiny card.

foil card
diy foil card

That’s it!  Fold over the card and it’s set to go! 

Make sure to watch the full video tutorial on making these DIY thank you cards at the top or side to see how quick it really was.

diy foil card

Free Thank You Card Printable

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

Click the button below to download the compressed zip file.  Open it up and print whichever card you want.

download button

If you want even more printable cards, make sure to check out my free printable cards for soldiers and printable get well soon cards!

Here is how the other foil cards turned out!

printable thank you cards

I love this rainbow colored sparkle!

diy foil card thank you
foil card
printable thank you cards free
free printable thank you cards with craft foil
diy thank you cards

If you’d like to save these DIY thank you cards for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

foil card pinterest

Here are some printable directions.

thank you foil card

DIY Foil Card: Easy and Cute Thank You Cards!

Yield: 1 card
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Use Deco Foil and a laser printer to make your own foil card. Download the free printable thank you cards to make a quick and easy cute thank you note.



  • Laser Printer
  • Laminator


  1. Design or download and print out a card on cardstock with a LASER printer.
  2. Trim the edges of the card.
  3. Trim one of the foiling sheets to fit over the printed image.
  4. Hold the foil and card together and insert into a preheated laminator.
  5. Let the laminator pull the card through.
  6. Peel off the extra foil.
  7. Fold the card and write a handwritten thank you note!


Download three different printable thank you cards on the post.

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