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DIY Full Size Bed Frame with Storage

Hi Friends!  I am finally finishing up redoing my youngest son’s room.  

His poor room still has been a nice lime green wall color since his older brother was a baby!  So, it was definitely time to get it up to six-year-old standards which of course means Minecraft!  

The main thing I wanted to do was get his bed off the floor and to add some storage for all his cars and legos.  

I searched around Pinterest and came upon a perfect DIY full size bed frame with storage!  

I’m not even sure why I even look around when I always end up at Ana White’s website.  She has everything that’s cute, functional, and pretty easy to build!

I’m a little embarrassed to show you the before picture.  This was in the worst of it with all his toys all over the floor.

diy full bed frame with storage ana white

We started off by painting the walls with Minecraft blocks.  Check out my tutorial here on how to do this!   I also made some easy TNT curtains.  

For the bed, I started out going to Lowe’s to buy all the wood.  It only cost around $100!  Not bad, huh??  Check out Ana White’s website here to see full tutorial.

diy full bed frame with storage ana white

A few extra points that made things a little easier for me.  I turned everything on its side and used my nail gun to hold the sides in place while I drilled pilot holes and then screwed them together.

diy full size bed frame with storage ana white

After I built all three sections of the DIY full size bed frame, I sanded them with 120 grit first and then 220 grit.  Then I stained the sides that would be showing with Colonial Maple, just because I’m a little lazy and it’s for a six-year-old!

diy full size bed frame with storage ana white

I moved them upstairs in three separate pieces.  

One thing I would recommend is to not cut the slats until after you have the three sides built.  Mine were about an inch too short.  

Not sure what happened there but since one side of the bed was going up against the wall it didn’t really matter.  

This is what it looks like all put together.  The unstained part is about an inch away from the wall but like I said with the bed on it, you don’t even see it.

diy full size bed frame with storage ana white

That’s it!  Nice, huh?  Only took me a few hours over a couple of days.  It is so hot here in Northern Cali that I could only do a little part at a time during the morning hours.

Here’s the final DIY full size bed frame with storage bins!  It holds all his stuff nicely and keeps everything off the floor (at least for now)!

diy full size bed frame with storage ana white
diy full size bed frame with storage ana white

Thanks for checking out my post!!

leap of faith crafting
DIY Bed Frame with storage Ana White

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  1. Great Idea. All the room under the bed is wasted space 😛 Love it!

  2. Lindy Geyer says:

    Looks great! Cleanest I’ve seen his room in yrs. Fantastic idea for easy storage for toys is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to