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DIY Hershey Kiss Stickers or Candy Labels with a Cricut!

Learn how to make Hershey Kiss stickers that are personalized for any occasion with your Cricut machine. Easy and cheap party favors!

I meant to do this tutorial last year after I posted about the cute baby shower favor boxes I made with my Cricut, but…life! And I finally remembered!

So today, we are going to go step by step through how to make cute personalized stickers that you can put at the bottom of Hershey milk chocolate kisses (or your favorite flavor!) to give out as party favors or even prizes.

This project is quick and easy and budget-friendly! Perfect party favors for baby showers, wedding shower, or as Valentine’s Day treats to give to classmates or students!

I will give you the basic directions for making the Hershey Kisses labels, but you can use this method for making labels for any sweet treat.

diy hershey kiss stickers

You also don’t even need a Cricut, you can easily design the Hershey kiss labels in your favorite software and cut them out with a pair of scissors or hole punch.

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cricut hershey kiss stickers

How to Make Hershey Kiss Stickers

Yield: as many as you want!
Active Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1

Easily design Hershey Kiss labels in Cricut Design Space and then use print then cut for quick custom Hershey kiss stickers! One of the best things about making labels is that you can use your own image. For a wedding, you can even use a picture of the couple!



      1. You can use the Thank You Hershey kiss stickers I designed in Cricut Design Space by clicking here. A few other baby shower projects will open up on the canvas, but you can easily delete those off! making hershey kiss labels
      2. If you want to design your own themed stickers, first start with a circle. Click on Shapes on the left menu and select a Circle. designing kiss labels cricut Or if you have Access, you can use a scalloped edge.
      3. Change the color of the circle to the color you want the Hershey's kisses stickers background to be. I chose white.change color of label
      4. The size of the bottom of a Hershey Kiss is 0.75 inches so size your circle to a little smaller than that. I made mine 0.71 inches by changing the number in the size setting at the top. If you are using a different candy like a peanut butter cup, measure the bottom of the candy and go a little smaller.change size circle design space
      5. Time to customize! If you have Cricut Access, click on Images, and search for what you want. I typed in Thank You in the search bar and found an image that would look nice on a circle. If you don't have Access, you can upload any image or photo you have on your computer or find one over at Creative Fabrica for pretty cheap! search images design space
      6. Resize the image so it fits on the circle. designing diy hershey kiss sticker cricut
      7. Then select both the image and circle, and then click on Align Center/Center.align cds
      8. While both are still selected, click on Flatten in the lower right hand corner. This will change the images to a print and cut image, which is what we are wanting!flatten cricut design space ()
      9. Click Make It. On the Prepare Screen, increase the Project Quantity to the number of labels you need. I was able to get 88 Hershey Kiss stickers on one sheet. increase project copies cricut design space
      10. Follow all on screen prompts to send the project to your home printer first. Leave the bleed on.printing hershey kiss labels
      11. Once printed, place the paper in the upper left hand corner of a Cricut cutting mat. Select printable vinyl or sticker paper (whichever you are using) in the material setting drop down menu.hershey kiss sticker
      12. When prompted, load your mat and let the Cricut cut. Unload when prompted and you're done! Now you have an entire sheet of your own stickers. hershey kiss labels
      13. Peel off the stickers and place on the bottom of the candy and your Hershey kiss favors are ready to put in a small box or you could even just put a whole bunch in a bowl on a table. herskey kisses labels diy hershey kiss stickers
      14. Enjoy making your own!thank you hershey kiss stickers


If you don't have sticker paper, you can easily use white cardstock or even regular copy paper and adhere it to the candy with double stick tape.

If you want to see all these steps in action, make sure to check out my video tutorials over on my YouTube channel here.

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If you need more instruction on the design aspect, make sure to check out my post on how to make stickers with a Cricut and also all about print then cut!

Using different colored Hershey Kiss wrappers and images, the possibilities of DIY Hershey kiss stickers are endless on what you can make!

We also have a lot of baby shower printable games like Baby Jeopardy and Guess How Many if you are actually planning the shower.

hershey kiss stickers cricut

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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