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DIY Labels for Fabric Bins: Labeling with Iron-on Vinyl!

Are you trying to get organized and label things? Learn how easy it is to make labels for fabric bins and storage cubes with a Cricut and iron-on vinyl!

In my last post, I showed you how I converted my dining room into my filming studio with the IKEA storage cubby I found on a Facebook group.

I had filled in all the top open cubes with all my glitter, Mod Podge, and chalk paint but I wasn’t loving how it looked in my YouTube videos. It seemed a bit too cluttered.

I decided I wanted to put some cute storage boxes on the top shelf but I didn’t want to spend extra money (recurring them of my posts, right?!!)

I searched around my house and found a few different colored fabric cubes, some from IKEA, some 31 bags, and some from home good stores. I managed to find 4 that were a similar color and light so I decided to use those.

labels for fabric bins diy

Since my memory is horrible and I will never remember what I put in them, I wanted to make labels for the storage bins. And my Cricut and EasyPress Mini made labeling fabric bins super quick and easy!

Materials Needed for Labeling Fabric Bins

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How to Make Labels for Fabric Bins

On previous craft storage boxes, I applied adhesive vinyl or tape on chalkboard paper but both always fell off. So this time I wanted to see if I could apply iron-on vinyl or htv on fabric bins even though the IKEA bins say not to iron… But I did anyway… and it worked perfectly!

In Cricut Design Space, I chose a font and typed what I wanted my labels to say and then I sized them to about 9 inches long. I used a downloaded font called Candy because I wanted the letters thick.

Make sure to toggle on Mirror Setting in the prepare screen as you do with all heat transfer vinyl.

I placed the beautiful patterned iron-on vinyl color side down on a light grip mat and had my Cricut do its thing. (If you need more help with these steps make sure to check out my post all about iron-on vinyl)

diy labels for fabric storage bins
diy labels for fabric storage bins

Weed off the extra pieces of the iron-on vinyl so you are left with just the words you will be applying to the storage cubes.

diy labels for fabric storage bins

How to Apply HTV on Fabric Bins

Now on to the fun part! As I said above, I labeled both IKEA fabric cubes and canvas fabric bins that I’ve had for a while. I’m pretty sure they were from Home Goods or Ross. Neither of them melted or had issues of any kind with the EasyPress Mini.

I started by removing the cardboard square at the bottom that holds the cube open (Or for the IKEA one, I pushed it up to the side). Then I flattened the box. All of these steps for DIY storage bin labels are in the video that is at the top of this post.

fabric cube labels
unzipping ikea drona box
I had to unzip the IKEA Drona box to flatten it.
htv on fabric bins

I turned on my EasyPress Mini to medium (pushed the button twice) and let it preheat.

Then I inserted an EasyPress mat inside the flattened fabric cube.

htv on fabric bins diy

The IKEA cube was pretty dusty so I used a lint roller to clean it off. Dog hair is everywhere in my house!

applying htv to fabric bin

I pressed the fabric where I was going to apply the label for a few seconds and then centered the HTV label and taped it down with heat resistant tape (optional, but I wasn’t sure if it would move on me!)

labels for fabric bins
diy ikea fabric bin labels

I started on the left side and just ran the Mini over the entire label so that it stayed in place. Then I went back and pressed in circular motions over the entire words.

ikea fabric bin labels diy

Making sure to press the edges of the letters well.

fabric cube labels

Since the canvas fabric bin had a little texture to it I was actually able to see if there were any sections that weren’t fully adhered because they didn’t show the texture. Like where the arrow is pointing below, you can see it’s smooth and not a little textured like the rest.

labels for fabric bins htv

After pressing it in constant motion for about 45 seconds or so I peeled off the plastic backing. If there were parts that came up a bit, I put it back down and pressed that section again.

ikea fabric bin labels htv
labels for fabric cubes diy
labels for fabric bins

Ta da! That’s all there was to it. I was able to label the fabric storage bins in just a few minutes and I love that they add a pop of fun color to my storage cubby.

diy labels for fabric bins
craft storage with labels

And right in the middle, I have my watercolor crafting sign with the FREE SVG I have available. I’m liking this setup much more than my last one! But who knows, things might change again…

And indeed they have changed! I’ve added a craft cubby to store my vinyl that I like much better!

diy labels for fabric bins

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labels for fabric bins
Yield: as many labels as you want!

How to Make Labels For Storage Bins

labels for fabric bins

Labeling fabric bins is quick and easy with iron-on vinyl and an EasyPress Mini. Learn how to apply HTV on fabric bins the easy way!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Cost of Bin


  • Fabric Cubes
  • Iron-on Vinyl


  • Cricut cutting machine
  • EasyPress Mini


  1. Design the labels in Cricut Design Space of what you want them to say.
  2. Click Mirror Setting on in the Prepare screen.
  3. Place iron-on vinyl, color side down on a mat and cut with the Cricut. Weed off extra vinyl.
  4. Preheat EasyPress Mini to medium setting (two clicks).
  5. Flatten the storage cubes and place a towel or EasyPress mat inside.
  6. Preheat where you are going to apply the label.
  7. Center iron-on vinyl with ink facing up (words should be the correct way) and use a long stroke with the Mini to adhere it in one place.
  8. Then go back and use continuous motion to adhere the word labels for about 30-60 seconds.
  9. Peel off the plastic backing and repeat for the next cube!


Watch the video to see the entire process in action.

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