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DIY Light Makeover Using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze

I’m so excited about this simple and easy way to update the front of my house.  My outdoor lights get pelted by the sun and have faded miserably over the past 6 years.  I found this perfect affordable paint, Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze, that was so easy to use for this DIY light makeover for under $10!

This is what my light looked like before – I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore!  Yuck, huh??

outdoor light makeover

My hubby took them off the wall and I first wiped them down with a baby wipe which turned them into this:

outdoor lighting

I unscrewed the back panel so I could paint that separately.  I was wanting to take the glass pieces out so I unscrewed the bottom but I realized all the inside screws were rusted and not going to come out.  On to plan B!  Glad Pressn Seal Wrap to the rescue!!  I just tore pieces off and stuck it on the glass part and tucked the wrap under the edges with a small screwdriver.

outdoor light makeover

Then if there were any exposed areas I used blue painter’s tape.  I did that for all 4 sides on each sconce.  This was probably most labor intensive part but it only took about 20 minutes or so.

diy outdoor sconce

Now on to the fun part… Painting!!!  This is the paint I used – RustOleum Spray Paint Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic.  It was so easy to use and sprayed on evenly.  I only needed one can for both of my sconces and did about 2 coats on each.  I still have a bunch left in my can too.  I’m in love with this stuff!

You can already start to see the difference when I only sprayed half of it in this picture.

Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze

I waited just a few minutes in between coats and then let the whole thing dry for an hour.

diy outdoor light makeover

Then I took the wrap off the glass.  It pulled up so easy and there were no leaks under it!!

Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze

Now, you’re probably thinking, what about the bars you covered up with the wrap??  Well, those were really easy to touch up!!  I just sprayed some of the Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze paint on a paper plate and used a small paintbrush to paint them.

rustoleum lights

And there you have it!  Quick, easy, and cheap way to upgrade the front of my house!  What do you think?

Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze

Here’s before and after again:

Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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